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November 6, 2023

As former President Trump’s show trials start heating up, his attorneys are doing a good job of shining a spotlight on the biased officials and rigged system. Elsewhere in the newsletter, you’ll find info on their claim of extensive communications between the Biden White House and the DOJ on the classified documents case. They’ve also revealed in the Colorado case where plaintiffs are attempting to keep Trump off the ballot for “inciting insurrection” that the judge who claims to be impartial gave a donation to a group fighting J6-style “insurrections.”

And the New York real estate fraud trial descended into chaos when his attorneys announced that they might seek a mistrial based on a perception of bias because of all the notes the judge is passing back and forth with law clerk Allison Greenfield. They noted that Breitbart News reported that Greenfield may have violated state law by making donations in excess of $500 to Democrats.

There was audible scoffing in the court at the mention of Breitbart (being a conservative news site, it apparently deserves no respect, even though the left can’t dispute the contents of their article, which came direct from the state election donation database, complete with exact amounts, dates and recipients.) So the furious judge pulled out another gag order of questionable constitutionality and barred Trump’s attorneys from mentioning his law clerk’s political bias and possible violation of campaign donation laws.

The big story of the day from that trial was expected to be Eric Trump’s testimony, but I never expected much from that, considering he has nothing to do with property valuations (these people really have no clue how major corporate loan contracts are written.) But he did say something worth quoting because it sums up this trial perfectly:

Eric Trump called the trial “a joke, an absolute joke,” adding, “This is a big charade that is a huge waste of taxpayer money and it’s the very reason everyone’s moving out of New York state, and I was actually one of them.”

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  • Ronald Hanson

    11/06/2023 05:32 PM

    So sadly when Presidents Trumps lawyers told them about the campaign laws broken, he shut them up, by saying your not allowed to speak of it anymore. I think they should file a lawsuit (crimminal) against them for this reason.