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November 13, 2023



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But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.

Romans 5:8 KJV

It’s the “next phase” of the Biden investigation, and many are compromised and scared

Once again, why is wealthy Hollywood entertainment lawyer/producer Kevin Morris playing the role of Hunter Biden’s “sugar brother,” paying off Hunter’s roughly $2 million tax bill, footing his $20,000/month rent on a Malibu beach house, and covering his reported $1 million-a-month legal bills to feed a team of hungry attorneys?

Not surprisingly, that same mystery has been messing with Jim Jordan’s mind as well.  The chairman of the House Judiciary Committee brought up Morris’ name this weekend on SUNDAY MORNING FUTURES with Maria Bartiromo.

“I want to talk to Kevin Morris,” Jordan said.  “I want to talk to the guy who paid Hunter Biden’s taxes, just to come out of nowhere, pay all this tax burden that Hunter Biden had.”  He didn’t mention all the other astronomical bills that continue mounting in the wake of this human money pit.

So, why hasn’t a subpoena been issued for Morris?  Our guess would be that the committee is still awaiting bank records having to do with his payments.  After all, the drawn-out procedure for obtaining bank records is what had held up the subpoenas finally issued for Hunter, James Biden and business associate Rob Walker (for starters).

Jordan said there are a number of additional people they’ll need to talk to.  “We will continue to do we look at this case and gather the facts.”

When Maria asked Jordan if the “Justice” Department might be able to interfere with subpoenas and keep those people from coming in and talking on the record, he said he didn’t think so.  “I mean, everyone else has come forward...In the Judiciary Committee, we’ve deposed seven different people who were involved in the investigation of Hunter Biden.  I think they will come forward, and we will get that information.”  He said that even Hunter’s attorney Abbe Lowell has acknowledged that Hunter “is eager to discuss these matters.”  (Note:  Sure, he is.  Lowell did qualify this by saying “at the right time,” which I’d guess is sometime in 2035.  Rich Lowry said on FOX NEWS SUNDAY that Hunter would have to be “a moron” to testify. Well…)

Hunter can’t discuss these matters AND plead the Fifth, so we’ll see.  Hunter calls this investigation “another political stunt.”  Karine Jean-Pierre furthers that impression by continuing to lie, saying no evidence has been turned up.  In case you need a quick refresher, here’s the real story of the real evidence, as outlined by Ted Cruz on Sunday…

If Hunter plays on his addiction --- get ready for that --- and claims he can’t remember anything from that time, his story will still be told by financial records and other people’s testimony.

Jordan said the “crux of the matter” is going to be the Burisma income to Hunter.  The importance of that really just boils down to “four central facts”:

1.  Hunter gets put on the board of Burisma Holdings (and is paid about $83,000 a month).

2.  He has no qualifications at all to be on the board of a Ukrainian energy company.

3.  He’s asked by Burisma executives to weigh in with “DC” to take pressure off the investigation they’re under.

4.  Five days later, VP Biden flies to Ukraine and “starts the process” to get the Ukrainian prosecutor fired, using our tax money for leverage, threatening to withhold money that had already been approved by Congress.

A related scandal implicates our own “Justice” Department in its effort to sweep this under the rug, Jordan said.  When the IRS and FBI were investigating Hunter’s taxes, they let the statute of limitations run out for the key tax years (2014, 2015) when Hunter received his Burisma income, because, as Jordan said, “they didn’t want to get back into this issue and Joe Biden’s actions that benefited his family.”  As Hunter’s former business partner Devon Archer told the committee, Joe’s family had been “making money off the ‘brand.  The brand is what they were selling.”’

We would add that this is what a quid pro quo looks like (remember that term from when Nancy Pelosi impeached Trump just for questioning Biden’s actions in Ukraine?) It’s what bribery looks like.  There may have been other quid pro quos as well, such as Joe’s action on his first day in office to end the China Initiative, which had been intended as a crackdown on China’s spying and theft of intellectual property, but money connections are very difficult to prove in court, even if they seem obvious.  There might have been multiple quid pro quos, but all Congress needs for their impeachment inquiry is ONE.  So expect the Judiciary Committee to focus on Ukraine, as Joe’s actions to quash the Burisma Holdings investigation while his son was raking in money from them seems relatively easy to put together.

Jordan said they expect to get the depositions done during November and December, and then decide early next year “whether the actual evidence warrants going to articles of impeachment.”

But what about China and those other potential quid pro quos?  “Given China’s goal of overtaking the United States as the number one superpower,” Maria asked, “is [the President] compromised in terms of making the right decisions for America’s national security, based on money he’s taken from Chinese Communist Party members?”

(It’s shocking, isn’t it, that Americans should ever have to be asking a question like that?)

Jordan said that regarding the money from Chinese energy company CEFC, “we’re digging into that as well,” as Congress has the constitutional duty of oversight.  “We’re driven by the facts, not the politics as the Democrats are as they attack President Trump,” he added, mentioning the obviously political hit job currently going on in a Manhattan courtroom.

He seconded what Trump had said concerning what this is really about:  They’re coming after him because he’s fighting for us.

Speaking of Biden and China, the President is meeting with China’s President Xi AGAIN this Wednesday, this time in San Francisco, and Miranda Devine said Sunday that he’s supposedly going to “mention something about Iran.”  (By the way, this is why San Francisco has temporarily hidden away the homeless camps and given the city a spit-and-polish, where mostly there had just been spit.) Devine asserted that Xi “has the measure of Joe Biden.  He knows that he’s a bought-and-paid-for asset according to all the evidence we’ve seen.”  She’s apparently had no trouble seeing the China Initiative as a quid pro quo.

Devine, who broke the original Hunter laptop story in the NEW YORK POST ahead of the 2020 election but got her story suppressed, also appeared with Bartiromo to report that Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer’s issuance of subpoenas in the Biden financial case has gone to a “very aggressive level.”  They’re in “the next phase” of the investigation.  She said the Bidens know Comer has the goods on them.

“And this is why you see Hunter Biden’s lawyer panicking, writing to the Speaker, Mike Johnson, and saying, ‘Call your dogs off.’”  (Yes, he did that.)  She also pointed to “hit jobs” against Comer in the so-called prestige media.

Devine also said Comer has also set his sights on one of the President’s donors.  No, she’s not talking about Kevin Morris, but about a wealthy Delaware car dealer who happens to be a Ukrainian and “has a lot of interests in Ukraine that are being protected by American weapons.”  She said she’s been told “by people in Delaware who are frightened to speak out” that this man will have some very interesting things to say.

She explained that the Democrats’ persistent denial of the Bidens’ wrongdoing is because there were a lot of people “compromised by the fact that they’ve covered up for the Biden family.”  That includes officials in the DOJ, FBI and CIA, who ignored, buried and suppressed the evidence.  She should know.



RELATED:  Now that you’ve read about the “Justice” Department working so hard to protect the Bidens for as long as possible, here’s a story, reminiscent of IRS official Lois Lerner investigating Tea Party groups, about the IRS opening an investigation into the tax-exempt status of the American Accountability Foundation (AAF), an organization that dared to release information on some of Biden’s nominees and issue calls for them to be withdrawn from consideration.

AAF President Tom Jones said, “This sudden request by the IRS is not random.  The IRS is demanding ‘correspondence files, emails and information posted on a website that relates to current public elected officials’ – clearly a sign that they are targeting our research and education activities.  It’s a deliberate attempt to punish and suppress AAF’s activities.  It is surely no coincidence that AAF – the very organization that exposed the weaponization of the IRS – is now a target of it.”

The DAILY CALLER has more…

ALSO RELATED: As mentioned above, when San Francisco officials knew that the President of China was coming, they somehow managed to remove all the homeless people from the streets and clean them up in just a couple of days. Which has a lot of people, including liberals at the New York Times, asking the obvious question: If they could clean up the city and restore law and order that fast for a communist dictator, how come they couldn’t do it for their own residents who’ve been suffering this lawless, filthy nightmare for years?

Here is today’s link to continuously-updated news on the war in Israel from Fox News…

Some of the stories you’ll find: For all the deluded protesters who think that Israel is committing genocide because when they kill Hamas terrorists, some of the human shields they’re cowering behind are also inadvertently harmed, maybe this will rip their blinders off (but don’t count on it.) The IDF released video showing a Hamas terrorist firing an RPG and an anti-tank missile at Israeli forces from the DOOR OF A GAZA HOSPITAL.

The IDF also announced that it had killed Ahmed Siam, a Hamas commander who was holding about 1,000 people hostage in a Gaza hospital.

And footage is circulating online that purportedly shows Hamas militants shooting Palestinian civilians who are trying to flee a pediatric cancer center. Hey, all you boneheaded college students chanting “From the river to the sea”…those are the monsters you’re siding with.

CNN cut ties with a Gaza-based journalist they’d been using after he was photographed embracing and receiving a kiss from the local Hamas leader. You have to be a lot more subtle than that about your biases if you’re going to work for CNN.

The open anti-Semitism and threats and violence against Jews continue to rage. A black-clad person was caught on video attempting to break the window of a Pennsylvania business, apparently because the owner displayed a pro-Israel sign. Idiots continue to rip down posters advertising for information on the whereabouts of children kidnapped by Hamas terrorists. And in New York City, a pro-Palestinian mob ripped down American flags that were put up to honor veterans on Veterans Day, as authorities stood by and did nothing.  

Conservative commentator Benny Johnson called it a “Hamas-surrection,” while podcaster Graham Allen tweeted, “These people hate America. They are RIPPING DOWN OUR FLAG and replacing it with the Palestinian flag ON AMERICAN SOIL.”

It should worry every American to see how Democrat officials are apparently so afraid of offending their anti-Israel constituencies that they allow this to go on, even as the Biden White House is pressuring Israel to call a ceasefire and let the Hamas barbarians who slaughtered their people get away and live to do it again.  If they’re that weak and that afraid to stand up and defend America on our own soil, what would they do to protect us from an October 7th-style attack? We already know that even securing the border is too much to ask of them.

It's also a sad and sobering day for London, as what Hitler couldn’t accomplish with bombs, the left has accomplished with “education” and open immigration.


Remember Linda Sarsour, the woman honored by the Obama White House as a “Champion of Change,” and who has always been a vicious anti-Semite? Well, she just found a disgusting new way of telling us what she really is.

Matt Vespa at reports that MIT officials backed down from taking disciplinary action against pro-Hamas student protesters who have threatened Jewish students and staffers because they discovered it might cause “visa issues” for foreign students here on student visas, and even get them thrown out of the country. To which I offer this one-word response: “GOOD!!”


But here are three stories to restore your faith in humanity. Sunday, hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets in France…not to support Hamas, but to protest anti-Semitism.

More than 300 UCLA faculty members actually worked up the guts to sign a letter demanding that the administration denounce pro-Hamas protests that incite violence against Jewish students and teachers.

And the Jewish owner of Manhattan’s Caffè Aronne was facing possible closure after six anti-Israel employees quit over him hanging posters of Israeli hostages. But he said he’s been inundated with love from New Yorkers volunteering to help. He’s even had surgeons and attorneys offering to make espresso, pour wine, wash dishes or just do something to help. He said, "It's just been so heartwarming to really see New York come and support us. It's phenomenal."


Senator Scott suspends his campaign

Last night on Trey Gowdy’s Fox News show, Sen. Tim Scott announced that he is suspending his campaign for President.

Scott said, "I think the voters, who are the most remarkable people on the planet, have been really clear that they’re telling me, ‘Not now, Tim.’" He also said he won’t be endorsing any other candidate and that “being Vice President has never been on my to-do list,” so he’s not interested in being anyone’s running mate.

I know how hard this decision is, so I offer my best wishes to Sen. Scott and congratulate him on a good run, and for bringing some important issues and a unique and much-needed perspective to the race. The good news is that he can now concentrate full time on the Senate, where the Republicans very much need him.


40% drop

I think it’s safe to say from the 40% drop in viewership since the last GOP primary debate that Republicans are getting tired of what the RNC thinks is a legitimate debate (letting candidates call each names while liberal moderators ask them questions hot off the DNC text feed.) And after the last election, Republicans have definitely had a bellyful of the RNC’s terrible results and feeble excuses.

So when the RNC tried to flex its muscles by demanding that the candidates not attend the Family Leader’s “Thanksgiving Family Forum” in Iowa (branding it a “competing debate”), the candidates quite rightly told them to go whistle up a rope.

What do you know? The RNC decided the Forum wasn’t a debate after all. Carry on!...


RELATED: As usual, Kurt Schlichter doesn’t hide his feelings about what he’d like to see happen at the RNC…

Something the GOP and RNC had better do something about before the 2024 election: How the Biden Administration keeps winning elections by weaponizing federal agencies to turn out votes exclusively among Democrats.

Latest liberal media strategy to scare Americans into reelecting Joe Biden:

If Trump is elected, he might weaponize the Deep State to go after his political enemies, order troops to arrest pro-Palestinian protesters, deport millions of illegal immigrants and reopen a lot of oil drilling.

So in short, he might do one thing that Biden is already doing, and a lot of things Americans want that Biden refuses to do. I don’t think this is the winning strategy they think it is. They might have to fall back on Politico’s argument, which is that Biden might be incapable of doing the job, but if Liz Cheney and Mitt Romney help him, maybe he can get reelected. Of course, he’ll still be incapable of doing the job, but he’ll be reelected, and apparently, that’s all that matters to Politico.

Great News on the Legal Front:

In a supposedly “unwinnable” lawsuit, a Florida jury just awarded Maya Kowalski $261 million in damages from Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital. The claims included medical kidnapping, medical malpractice, billing fraud, false imprisonment, battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, fraudulent billing, medical negligence and driving her mother to suicide. But as this article explains, the unspoken motivation behind it was religious discrimination.

And it’s not over: there’s now a criminal complaint for sexual assault.

I hope this is just a preview of the many forthcoming lawsuits that will likely explode out of quack doctors and greedy hospitals separating children from parents and brainwashing them into irreversible and harmful “trans” surgeries.



I reported last week on a former CIA agent who pleaded guilty to drugging and sexually assaulting dozens of women across 14 years of overseas postings. I pointed out that while the DOJ was focusing on investigating every ludicrous allegation against Trump, “how did they manage to miss the fact that one of their own trusted officials was a blatant, serial sex criminal?”

Well, the Daily Caller has another example of how Trump Derangement Syndrome at the DOJ may be letting sex criminals evade justice.

The FBI admitted that they were set to arrest an Alaska man for distributing child pornography, expressing disgusting fantasies online about male children and trying to set up a date with a prepubescent male online. That is, they were set to arrest him right up until January 6, 2021, when they suddenly dropped the ball and devoted all their efforts to tracking down and arresting over 1100 Trump supporters. After nearly a three-year delay, during which he might have done who-knows-what to various children, he was finally indicted in late October of 2023.

Read the full story at the link, but prepare to be both disgusted and infuriated.


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  • Paul Kern

    11/13/2023 08:05 PM

    None of this surprise me. I know quickly about Israel having reliable sources already
    As far hospitals go there should be investigations into all major hospitals. OHSU is tthe biggest purveyor of child sex changes on the West Coast I recently learned. Should also look into UW as it is also likely complicit. Destroying God's children is a direct Satanic attack!
    As a veteran I am only sad to see the hatred of veterans even the VA and DOD encourages!
    I tried to get a Substack subscription but it wouldn't take

  • Carl Serkland

    11/13/2023 04:46 PM

    If someone else pays your taxes, isn't that a gift? And shouldn't it be subject to the Federal "Gift Tax" and/or have to be counted as income -- to be taxed?