August 15, 2020

You know that President Trump’s Israel-UAE peace agreement is a major, unqualified triumph when even Thomas Friedman at the New York Times has to admit that, yes, it is a “huge breakthrough,” a “breath of fresh air” and “a geopolitical earthquake.” And he’s even forced to give Trump and Jared Kushner credit for sticking with the effort. (Starting the countdown clock to the Times firing!)

Of course, he couldn’t choke this out without some requisite Netanyahu-bashing and claiming that Joe Biden is somehow a winner in this deal because “if he succeeds Trump, (he) will not have to worry about the thorny issue of annexation, and he should have a much stronger pro-American alliance in the region to work with.” Yeah, he’s really lucky that he would inherit such a strong, stable Mideast position from Trump instead of the unholy mess that Trump inherited from his immediate predecessor

In other words, if Biden wins, we’ll all be losers. He’ll probably do to the Middle East peace that Trump created what Bill DeBlasio did to the successful New York City that Rudy Giuliani created. And it will fall apart even faster.

From the economy to America's cities to foreign policy, that seems to be the theme of this year’s elections: “Hey, remember how awful things were when the Democrats ran them? Let’s go back to that!”

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  • Nadine Zerbe

    08/15/2020 10:42 PM

    No thank you, let’s NOT go back; let’s see SUPPORT for our great President so he can accomplish more great things for the America he loves!!!