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February 10, 2022
| attempted to debunk the story that the Biden HHS will advance "racial equity" with grants to “help” drug addicts by providing them with new crack pipes. They branded the story “Mostly False,” calling it a “grossly misleading and reductive presentation of what was a real substance harm reduction grant.”

What was their problem with it? Well…the grants cover more than crack pipes! The smoking kits are just one of 20 things funded by it (but they are funded.) They're also providing “rubber mouthpieces for glass pipes, in order to prevent burns and cuts; brass screens, in order to filter out potentially harmful contaminants or debris; as well as disinfectant wipes.” And among the non-crack pipe-related funding, there are “syringe services programs.” Finally, “the purpose of the program was to reduce harm and the risk of infection among drug users, not to advance racial equity, although that was a secondary consideration.”

So, they’re not MERELY providing new crack pipes, they’re also doing other things, including helping make your old crack pipe safer! Plus, for those who are too concerned about their health to smoke, there are free needles! And “promoting racial equity” was not the SOLE reason for giving our free drug paraphernalia – although it was a reason. Well, then, that’s completely different!

By the way, our write-up of this story clearly said that the funding was for “’smoking kits’ which will INCLUDE new, sanitary pipes” as well as “clean syringes.” Some of the sources singled out as purveyors of falsehoods also included that apparently crucial “context.” We also mentioned that some blue cities had abandoned such programs after discovering they only enabled worse drug addiction. Our point was that public funds should be spent on helping people get off drugs, not enabling them to smoke crack and shoot heroin “more safely.” I don't care how much tax money is budgeted toward free crack pipes. None of it should be! Whoever came up with this must've been smoking crack. 

It appears to me that this story was rated “Mostly False” because it contained “misinformation,” which the left has now redefined to mean “true stuff that we’d prefer people not talk about.”

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  • Carol Mathews

    02/11/2022 02:04 AM

    Does it occur to anyone that the entire smoking kits are to make being a drug addict more common and as the information about the President's son Hunter is coming out all over the place and the investigations into his undercover dealings with China for the 'Family,' that this is a plan to make him less offensive if even the government thinks drug addicts are only "misdemeanor" problems. If there are many government sponsored addicts being enabled by our tax dollars, then anything Hunter is accused of would be more normal and understandable and crimes of less importance no jail time. All crime is being reduced to misdemeanor for democrats and all criminals are just being misunderstood. No jail time or persecution for Hunter because he is just like all the other criminals running around free to keep doing what criminals do.

  • John Nellessen

    02/10/2022 11:33 AM

    Thanks for your newsletter Governor - appreciate your honesty & accuracy more each day. My only response to the above story (other than total disbelief that reasonable, sane people would even think of such a program), is to ask for line item control over where our tax money goes. How hard would it be to put line items on a tax return and we could tell the government what percentage of our taxes should be spent where. Then the government might finally know the mandates and priorities Americans really want!