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January 15, 2021

Good morning!

Blessings on you and your family, and from all the Huckabee staff!

Today's newsletter includes:

  • Scott Adams: Dems impeach Trump for what THEY have done
  • Jaw-Dropper of the Day
  • Must-Read Article
  • The Most Powerful Man In Washington
  • A Ray Of Good News
  • "Whataboutism"
  • New Podcast Episode
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Mike Huckabee

Scott Adams: Dems impeach Trump for what THEY have done

By Mike Huckabee

Scott Adams, creator of the comic strip DILBERT, has a subscriber-only service he calls “Coffee with Scott Adams,” featuring podcasts and posts from, you guessed it, Scott Adams. We recommend it as a way to challenge one’s confirmation bias and automatically boost IQ by several points, just by engaging every day. It’s on, which hosts independent "creators" (Greg Gutfeld is another) who prefer to be able to say what they want without getting black marks from the social justice warriors running Big Tech. That’s getting to be a challenge these days, in case you haven’t heard.

In Thursday’s podcast, Adams expresses a surprising lack of interest in what Congress has been doing with impeachment and the 25th Amendment to remove a President who is about to exit stage right anyway. He says: “If they want to do useless things in Congress, to me that just looks like another Tuesday. They’ve been doing useless things all year; why would this be the time they stopped doing useless things?”

He sees the people on the left as wanting to go beyond just enjoying the win. They want to “rub it in” and destroy Trump’s reputation, his family, his business, “everything about him.” And the only way that’s any fun for them, he says, “is if his supporters care.”

"I care about Trump as a person,” Adams says, “‘cause I like him,” noting that the real Trump, after you interact with him and get to know him a little, isn’t like his reputation at all. The left, he says, is also trying to grind the Trump SUPPORTERS down. It might really get to them to know that some of us don’t care more.


"If you care about this,” he says, “you’re caring about all the wrong stuff.”

Well………..let's think about that. It depends on what is meant by not caring. To not care in the sense of giving up and letting them continue to get away with what they’re doing --- that’s exactly what the left wants. To not care in the sense of staying strong –- getting stronger, even –- and pushing back against their agenda --- that’s what the left does NOT want.

Regarding impeachment, Adams asks a very good question; namely, why aren’t the Republicans impeaching Kamala Harris for the same thing Trump has been impeached for? The article of impeachment against Trump says that he “willfully made statements that encouraged and foreseeably resulted in imminent lawless action at the Capitol.” If you change “at the Capitol,” he says, to “in Portland” or “in cities across the United States,” the statements holds true for Harris as well.

"That is so completely, obviously true,” Adams says, “that how do you not put that into an impeachment?” On Day One.

He feels as if Republican politicians are letting their supporters down. Indeed. I would add that ten of them actively went over to the dark side. (And, yes, we’ve listed them.) "Can’t one Republican at least call the Democrats out on consistency?" he wonders. “Is that too much to ask for the standard to be similar for all sides; I don’t think that’s unreasonable.”

Ah, but to point out those inconsistencies –- that’s the brand new made-up sin of “whataboutism.” I’ll tell you something about whataboutism: It’s GREAT. Leftist hypocrisy is so rampant that we need to see a lot more whataboutism right now!

In fact, one Republican did have the guts to employ whataboutism to make the point about holding everyone to the same standard, but he used it on someone besides Kamala Harris. One of the best illustrations of the double standard we’ve seen in a day or two (there are so many) happened on Wednesday, when Texas Rep. Louis Gohmert stood at the podium on the House floor and said, “Here’s a quote: ‘I just don’t even know why there aren’t more –- why there aren’t uprisings all over the country, and maybe there will be.’ Or, 'Sadly, the domestic enemies of our voting system and honoring our Constitution are right at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue with their allies in Congress.’ We were called ‘enemies of the state.’

"Those are all quotes from our Speaker,” Gohmert continued. “Now, on our side, we didn’t take those quotes to be impeachable because we didn’t think she surely meant that. But by the Democrats taking this action [impeaching Trump], you’re telling me, ‘No, when WE [Republicans] say those, we actually MEAN to incite violence.’ That’s what this action is saying.”

The first quote Gohmert offered was said by Speaker Nancy Pelosi in June 2018 in regard to President Trump’s “child separation” policy at the border. The second was also uttered by her, in August 2020 when the GOP expressed opposition to universal mail-in voting. (We've since seen what happened with that. I digress.)

A number of Democrats who weren’t listening to Gohmert very closely apparently missed his point --- inadvertently proving it --- as Twitter went crazy with demands that he be sanctioned, arrested, and/or kicked out of Congress for inciting violence. This led one Twitter user to offer this hilarious deadpan tweet: “Gohmert said something that has those on the left demanding he be arrested or kicked out of Congress, but it turns out he was just quoting Nancy Pelosi.”

It won’t surprise you that even “journalists” mistakenly attributed the quotes not to Pelosi but to Gohmert. “Holy s---,” CNN analyst Asha Rangappa tweeted. “Is [Gohmert] encouraging MORE ‘uprisings’??!? Did I hear that right??????????”

"You did,” replied LAW & CRIME columnist Elura Nanos. “His testimony should be used to immediately expel him.”

Some reportedly have deleted their tweets and acknowledged their errors. But none, to our knowledge, have called for Pelosi’s expulsion from Congress for inciting violence.

Anyway, Gohmert was making the same point about Speaker Pelosi that Scott Adams made about VP-elect Harris. Whataboutism --- we love it.

As Adams says in his podcast, “If you impeach Trump for this exact behavior, you HAVE to impeach Kamala Harris, or at least attempt to...If it’s not even introduced as an article of doesn’t feel like trying. It looks like they’ve just given up.”

There’s one difference Adams doesn’t mention: Kamala Harris wasn’t Vice President yet when she incited violence. But that brings up another point: Democrats heard her incite violence, more than once, as a candidate, and voted for her, anyway. That shows their hypocrisy even more. If they can vote for a person whom they know incited violence, how can they impeach someone else for doing what they consider to be the same thing?

Maybe Adams doesn’t care much that Democrats in Congress are acting like the useless time- and money-wasters they are and impeaching Trump right before he leaves the White House. But he does seem to care quite a lot about holding people to the same standards regardless of political affiliation. And truly, that’s what will be the most important consideration, long after Trump leaves office.

And now, for your entertainment pleasure, here are more tweets from numb-headed leftists who went crazy thinking Gohmert, not Pelosi, was the one inciting violence.


Jaw-Dropper of the Day

By Mike Huckabee

Twitter put out a series of tweets this week strongly condemning Internet shutdowns and blocking of social media and messaging apps, saying they are “hugely harmful, violate basic human rights and the principles of the Open Internet.” Twitter added, “Access to information and freedom of expression, including the public conversation on Twitter, is never more important than during democratic processes, particularly elections.”

Of course, they were talking about the elections in Uganda, but I have a dream that maybe someday, Twitter will think we deserve free speech and an open Internet in America, too.

Must-Read Article

By Mike Huckabee

Blogger Natasha Crain knocks down three straw men arguments that have been concocted to attack Christians for supporting Trump.

As I’ve said from the moment Trump entered politics, I don’t approve of everything he does or says by a longshot, but I also don’t expect any human being to be perfect. I don’t look to politicians as saviors, I already have a Savior. All I expect of them is to be servants. It’s not as if we have a smorgasbord of choices for President. If I waited for a perfect person to come along, I wouldn’t be voting until Jesus returns.

Christians have the right to make their voices heard, and they have to choose the candidate who is closest to their views. Trump was the only candidate who protected unborn life and First Amendment religious freedoms and who stood by Israel. Are we supposed to vote for people who push unfettered abortions, who want to force nuns to pay for them, and who think churches aren’t essential but liquor stores are?

And for those media ranters and political snakes who think that we should have opposed Trump because he’s a hateful, dishonest, intolerant, lying narcissist, I have to ask: have you looked into a mirror lately?

The Most Powerful Man In Washington

By Mike Huckabee

As I predicted right after the Georgia runoffs put the Senate into a 50-50 tie, moderate West Virginia Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin just became the most powerful man in Washington. And he’s apparently starting to realize it himself.

Manchin is reportedly working to consolidate moderates in the Senate, and he’s made it clear that he’s still opposed to doing away with the filibuster and other radical Democrat ideas like stacking the Supreme Court. If he sides with Republicans and both sides hold firm, those moves will lose 51-49. Also, a report that he’s open to making DC and Puerto Rico states may have been overstated: he said he’s “open to hearing the pros and cons,” but just a couple of months ago, he said he’s not convinced that’s the way to go.

If he wants to hear a couple of cons, how about “Adding four Democrat Senators would negate all his power in the Senate” and “The state that elected him voted for Trump over Biden by more than two to one”?


A Ray Of Good News

By Mike Huckabee

Finally, 2021 brings a ray of good news: CNN announced that it’s shutting down the service that for years has piped CNN to captive audiences in airports.

As a frequent traveler, I can say that nothing would be more welcome news than never again being forcibly subjected to CNN, short of never again having someone crush my knees by leaning back the seat in front of me. It’s a toss-up as to which is worse torture.

CNN is blaming it on the big drop in air travelers due to COVID-19, which is prompting a lot of comments about every dark cloud having a silver lining. But leave it to the satirical site The Babylon Bee to predict the news before it’s made. Last March, they ran this story: “CNN Ratings Collapse to Zero as Coronavirus Fears Empty American Airports.”

And if you have a few minutes to spare and could use a laugh (and who couldn’t right now?), scroll back through some previous Babylon Bee stories involving CNN, and remember the days when they were being ridiculed for excusing violent protesters and those who incite them.


By Mike Huckabee

I recently told you that the left is claiming that bringing up their year-long defense of riots, assaults on federal property and violent attacks on police officers is just “whataboutism,” and I explained that that term means “I find it inconvenient to have you point out my hypocrisy.”

Well, there actually is a serious definition of the term, and this excellent essay by William Voegeli at City Journal explains it. It also explains why the term does not apply to the left’s attempts to dodge responsibility for their clearly hypocritical rhetoric.

New Podcast Episode

This week on “The People’s Podcast,” Governor Huckabee talks with attorney and former DOJ prosecutor James Trusty about last week’s riots, this week’s impeachment, and the importance of reason, evidence, and fidelity to the law in our current era of hysteria. The Governor also responds to some online outrage he received this past week after condemning the rioters at the Capitol, and spoiler alert: He isn’t issuing any apologies.

To listen to Governor Huckabee's Podcast, please go here---->

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  • Sheila Moore

    01/16/2021 09:43 AM

    Appreciate the truth!

  • Jerry

    01/16/2021 07:22 AM

    Is it true when Biden is convicted by the 25th amendment or violating the. Constitution or is jailed for corruption with Harris becoming the first female president does the speaker of the house Nancy take the Vice President position

  • Melodie Beard

    01/15/2021 08:24 PM

    Thank you for standing up for conservative values and our President ? love your updates!

  • Jim & Pat Hopkins

    01/15/2021 08:23 PM

    Would like to begin receiving your newsletter

  • Gail Breeden

    01/15/2021 06:46 PM

    Does my President Trump have a plan in the works or do we as Americans have to brace for 4 yrs + of a obama administration I pray God intervenes for President Trump, so much stuff I do not know what is truth and what isnt it is all mind boggling

  • Kellie Skelton

    01/15/2021 05:54 PM

    Thank you for this newsletter. Sounds like most of these people agree with me that Biden will never be my president: we need to face the hypocrisy with strength of a lion to not let them get away with this nonsense. I’m praying we can impeach Biden/Harris/Pelosi and jail the Obamas and the Clintons as well. Clean house and take names!!!!

  • Graham Jarrett

    01/15/2021 05:47 PM

    These calls from the Left are nuts. What the country needs first is for Biden to stop pussyfooting. He will have no agenda and no ability if he does not get off his backside and call on the nation to quit the cancel culture and insanity

  • Paul Kern

    01/15/2021 05:42 PM

    Today's article was a breth of fresh air. I find most Christian broadcasting folding to the left. As dry and boring as CNN
    I have seen my church denomination folding and giving in to illegal orders from Marxist governors. Like many I have seen churches in my state of Washington bend the knee to Caesar
    As far as the RNC I foresee a Sovirt style election in 2022 by the criminals who have the keys to the kingdom
    I only voted for a president. Not God whivh many see Joe as the Second Coming. I will vote in the next election but for a new party. We now have a Democrat/Republican/ Marxist party.

  • Betty L Russow

    01/15/2021 04:08 PM

    Thank you for taking time to do your morning and evening report. I appreciate the Bible verse at the end. without God being the Rock in our lives, it would be difficult to survive. I believe that is why we have so many "crazies" spouting rhetoric; they do not have God as a guide in their lives.

  • Dale Heuermann

    01/15/2021 03:53 PM

    DC statehood wouldn't that violence article 1section 8 of constitution

  • Judy McGlothlin

    01/15/2021 03:51 PM

    The Republicans in Congress will have to deal with being in the minority for at least two years and so many of them are attempting to curry favor with the ruling party. It's disgusting.

  • William Fuhrer

    01/15/2021 03:45 PM

    Clay Christenson on Religious Freedom....on you tube is wonderful

  • Linda Wolfe

    01/15/2021 02:43 PM

    Ps 31: 18 Let the lying lips be put to silence which speak grievous things proudly and contemptously against the righteous.
    Luke 17: 7 & 8 Tells us that God will avenge His own elect which cry day & night unto Him . He will avenge them speedily.
    Father God, let YOUR JUDGEMENT come on those evil people who are doing their best to destroy this land that was built upon YOUR WORD. In the most POWERFUL NAME OF JESUS amen

  • Michele Walker

    01/15/2021 02:21 PM

    I wish CNN would get out of our schools and senior assisted living homes.

  • Julie Morgan

    01/15/2021 02:12 PM

    I don't really have a platform Gov. Huckabee, but you do. This was the heading on ATT.Net or Yahoo page (where I get my email) It was the excitement about the fact that our First Lady who has always been so gracious is being roasted for say her Be Best program about anti-bullying will continue once she leaves the White House. They are roasting her for living with the biggest bully, but in turn they are actually bullying her. This goes along with your “whataboutism” you mentioned in your report. I'm really afraid for the souls of our nation if we can't turn this thing around. Thank you for ALWAYS speaking the truth and tell Sarah I LOVED her book. It was a present from me to me.
    Melania Trump Is Getting Roasted For Her Tweet About the "Legacy" of "Be Best"

  • Floyd Unger

    01/15/2021 02:08 PM

    Thank you

  • Keith G

    01/15/2021 02:07 PM

    In your must read article, you mention trump as the only candidate to support unborn life, free speech and Israel. I disagree. There was another candidate who did as well. Maybe you have heard of him? His name was Mike Huckabee and he stands for everything trump does and more. Unfortunately, conservatives are so anti establishment right now, that even the great Governor Huckabee gets labeled as such. You should have been the president, not Trump...just saying!

  • Sherrie M Garrison

    01/15/2021 01:59 PM

    Hi Mr. Huckabee I enjoy watching you on fox and friends too

  • Sharon Faulkner

    01/15/2021 01:13 PM

    If they are so concerned about the safety of Biden und Harris have they done background checks of the National Guard called 8n? Most of the Military voted for Trump and they will be standing there armed to the teeth....

  • Bruce Vanderhoef

    01/15/2021 01:07 PM

    You're doing a good job of ignoring my comments regarding your incorrect reporting of Trump's "irresponsible" rhetoric regarding the invasion of the capitol building. No such rhetoric existed, though you stated there was. You're either morally unwilling or unable to correct your comments with a heartfelt apology. The difference between your comment and the liberal press on that topic? Sadly, not much! Time to do the right thing Mike and man up.

  • Charles Simmons

    01/15/2021 12:30 PM

    The new governing rule in USA is : liberals are forever protected from consequences of their criminal behavior while conservatives are demonized, scapegoated and targeted to suffer penalties for crimes committed by liberals.

  • Stephen Russell

    01/15/2021 11:52 AM

    Fortress DC benefits:
    Reality imposed on Cap Hill
    Leave fences , Krails up post 1-20 for nxt 4 yrs
    Total crisis day 1 on 1-20
    Reduce NG forces post 1-20?
    Remove fences around other key areas?
    Feel for residents & tourists & GWU students out of state.

  • Ronda Wells

    01/15/2021 11:43 AM

    Amen to the end of CNN in airports!! Got so tired of the constant drivel.

  • Valery Yeramianchuk

    01/15/2021 11:42 AM

    I have a simple question for you - Is it possible to collectively refuse to pay taxes on which Democrats and traitors Republicans make anti-constitutional decisions and submit millions of collective lawsuits against them in the courts ??