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May 10, 2021

The weekend brought more news related to assaults on Christian tradition. It’s an open question which is more dangerous to traditional morality and Biblical teachings:

1. Armed oppression by leftist governments hostile to expression of religious faith... (No, I’m not talking about China this time; I’m talking about Canada, where an armed SWAT team swarmed and arrested a pastor for “inciting” people to attend church. For the record, I’m not defending holding indoor gatherings without masks, but the authorities didn’t check to see if the congregants had been vaccinated or already had the virus; they just handcuffed and arrested the pastor for holding the service.)

2. Or liberal church leaders themselves, who are so eager to embrace the latest, leftist “inclusivity” trends that they will trample Biblical doctrine to do so?

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  • Anita David

    05/11/2021 01:47 AM

    Know that we are in one of the most dark and evil times in all of human history - never was the Christian beliefs ever massacred, corrupted so evilly blasphemed and destroyed in such a way - do you realize if even DARED do such a satanic thing as the unrepeatable "drag sunday" or a homosexual candidate for the ministry we'd have mass riots breaking and tearing down walls - MEN WHERE ARE YOU - PLEASE STOP, PLS STOP ALLOWING AND START FIGHTING BACK AND FIGHTING FOR YOUR AND MY GOD!! THIS IS BEYOND INSANITY AND DIRECTLY FROM THE THE EVIL ONE - SATAN!!