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January 26, 2022

Aaron Babbitt, Ashli Babbitt’s husband, has been on a mission of discovery to piece together the evidence on what really happened inside the Capitol on January 6. As you know, his wife was the only direct casualty of that day’s violence, shot dead by Capitol Hill Police Lt. Michael Byrd as she attempted to climb, unarmed, through a broken-out window in the door to the Speaker’s Lobby. Last week, after viewing video shot by self-appointed “documentarian” John Sullivan, Aaron concluded that Ashli was not even part of the riot –- that, in fact, she had been trying to stop the riot.

After forcing himself to watch and analyze that agonizing video over and over, he concluded that she was crawling through the window to get away from the rowdy crush of people outside the door. With the training she’d had as an officer herself, she knew things were getting out of control, and she wanted to get to safety. Aaron also says she was claustrophobic, severely enough for them to have to leave events because of large packed crowds.

Aaron has since had the opportunity to examine additional video of the riot and shooting, and it shows much more detail, which reinforces his conclusion that his wife had been trying to stop what was happening.

He had already seen that the man who broke the window by punching it and repeatedly hitting it with a riot helmet, identified as Zachary J. Alam, was delayed in his own attempt to crawl through the window when his glasses got knocked and he had to reposition them. The new video shows that Ashli was the one who hit him in the face, after grabbing him in an apparent attempt to stop him.

The video shows that for several minutes before she was shot, Ashli shouted at the rioters to stop vandalizing the Capitol, her face registering great distress. Video also reveals that she was shouting at the police guarding the doors to call for backup. She also shouted at Alam as he was breaking the glass: “Stop it!”

Newly-reviewed video shows Ashli grabbed Alam’s backpack and hit him in the nose with a left hook, knocking his glasses out of position on his face. As Alam reset his glasses, Ashli started to climb through the broken-out window. Of course, that’s when she was shot. Accounts differ as to whether Byrd shouted any warning before he fired; if he did, it might have been impossible for her to hear.

Witnesses think it’s likely that Ashli, in delaying Alam’s scramble through that window, unwittingly saved his life before she lost her own.

Babbitt told The Epoch Times, “As we keep seeing these videos and it’s all coming into play and it’s literally laying out everything I’ve said from day one, that she’s a good person, that she loved this country, she was law enforcement, pro-law enforcement, wasn’t breaking anything, didn’t hurt anybody --- we’re seeing it now.”

Additional video shot by journalist Tayler Hansen has shed even more light on what happened. Amazingly, it shows Ashli yelling at the three officers guarding the door to call for help. When they didn’t, she berated them for their inaction. “You’re a fraud!,” she yelled. “You’re a [expletive] fraud! You’re wrong!”

Some in the crowd started chanting, “Break it down! Break it down!” Ashli yelled, “Stop that!”

Another video, shot from another angle and farther away, shows that Ashli was not the woman who shouted, “Take it down,” as has been erroneously reported.

Aaron knows his wife was no insurrectionist. “We’re going to get to the bottom of it,” he said. “We’re going to get it out there.”

It’s now clear the situation had gone from calm to mayhem in just a few minutes. “I think she just realized she was in a bad spot, something wasn’t right,” he said. “She had her wits about her. The frustration came out when she punched him [Alam] in the face, because he deserved it. He deserved it from a man, not the little woman there in that small hallway.”

The strangest thing to us about this whole scenario is the cops’ inaction. Some had left their post by the door, and the three who remained were just standing there. Aaron doesn’t understand that, either. “He [Alam] deserved it from a cop,” he said, “but none of that was happening. For a former law enforcement person to be seeing this happening is like mass confusion, ‘What is going on here right now?’”

This would have gone against all her training and common sense. Ashli, 35, was a military police officer in the Air Force and National Guard for 14 years, after enlisting at age 17. Ironically, she actually served in the National Guard for the District of Columbia, which DEFENDS THE NATION’S CAPITAL. She was not there to tear it down.

From cameraman Hansen: “She was not a terrorist, she was a vehement supporter of law enforcement who took major issue with those who didn’t do their jobs on January 6th. The family should be heavily compensated by the mainstream media and the government for the propaganda they’ve pushed surrounding Ashli.”

The new information related above comes from a premium story from Joseph Hanneman in The Epoch Times.

According to The Epoch Times, Zachary Alam was arrested on January 30 of last year. This past November, the DOJ issued a “superseding” indictment that charges him with 11 counts, including assaulting, resisting or impeding police with a dangerous weapon; civil disorder; and destruction of government property. He’s due in court in February for a status conference.

Stills show him wearing a MAGA hat under his fur one. He had previously been in jail and refused to turn himself in because he didn’t want to go back.

Here’s more, from a local story out of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where he hid out.

We also found a legal document online, a petition for Alam’s release on bond dated June 4, 2021, saying he’d been detained since February 6. (Don’t know if he was released.) So he doesn’t seem to fit the category of those mysterious individuals who encouraged the breach of the Capitol but weren’t detained. So far, we haven’t been able to find out anything about who else he was with that day.

. . . . . .

But as a postscript, we’ll tell you who WAS just sentenced: our friend Brandon Straka, founder of the #WalkAway Movement. Though he did not enter the Capitol that day, he’s been sentenced to three months of home detention and a $5,000 fine. “Even if he didn’t personally engage in violence or property destruction during the riot, Straka encouraged and celebrated the violence of that day,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Brittany Reed wrote in a court filing.

Straka’s attorney said they were violating his First Amendment rights and “attempting to make a public spectacle of a prominent Trump-supporting influencer.” As if anyone in our system of justice would ever do that.


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Comments 1-10 of 19

  • Stephen Osterday

    01/27/2022 10:11 PM

    Ashli's shooter must be prosecuted and her husband should be compensated at the highest extreme possible. This while thing is just a shame and a blight America will never forget.

  • Phillip Hartman

    01/27/2022 02:16 PM

    What a sad story about this woman who was killed for no reason. Where Is Liz Cheney and her opinion of this tragic episode of Jan 6th. She has the power to do something about this injustice but she is to busy going after Trump. She will never be elected by this citizens of Wyoming again. Keep up the good work in support of our Country Mike, with respect Phil Hartman in Wyoming

  • saveourcountry

    01/27/2022 12:53 PM

    The police should never have shot her. It just does not make any sense. Unarmed citizen shot to death by capital police, why?

  • Patricia Bock

    01/27/2022 03:28 AM

    January 6 riot is one that the FBI stated that no Republican planned it. The elephant in the room was that they did not state that no Democrat planned it. Antifa Utah man was arrested for being in the riot on that day. Antifa was there with their equipment for rioting in plain sight. Wearing a MAGA hat did not define who attacked the Capital that day!

  • David McGillvray

    01/26/2022 10:37 PM

    Dear Gov. I only saw the short video of Ashley try to go through the window. But the first thing I thought was that she was trying to get in to warn whomever was on that side of the doors. Or if not that she would have been an effective deterrent to any of the other nefarious individuals going in. Having been a Military Police Officer, even retired, she would have felt an obligation to protect. I'm retired (20+ years) and like her took an oath to protect the constitution from all enemies foreign or domestic, as an enlisted I said that oath more than once, never at anytime did we or any service member take an un-oath.
    (Conspiracy theory note: The jerk that shot her probably had voices in his ear, to make sure she didn't get in.)

  • william p appelt

    01/26/2022 10:03 PM

    Thanks to you and Epoch Times and any one else that is willing to share a better side of the "insurrection". There were bad actors right there at the door of the crime. John Sullivan has been pointed out by Epoch Times very early after the incident as an instigator with a video, no doubt, to film what he hoped would in fact be an insurrection. His partner(some woman) was instructed to video him and the activity while he narrated what he saw. He was also videoing on his way through the door into the Capitol and talking loudly to get other hyped up as if he wanted them to follow his lead. Alum was also very willing to do damage as these more recent articles explained.
    Kudo's to a small woman with a very Patriotic heart. So sorry to see it end so badly. I could just imagine her saying what Nathan Hale said before he was hung, " I only regret that I have one life to give". She did not see it coming but she did mumble something about it being alright before she died.
    I wish so badly that this will come into the light of a righteous investigation along with all the other lobsided accusations. Someone needs to answer and pay for the wrongs or we will never come out of this in a proper way.
    Sincerely, Bill

  • John Keytack

    01/26/2022 08:59 PM

    Ashli was murdered in cold blood. It was a cold blooded murder...period.

  • Trish Davison

    01/26/2022 08:07 PM

    Besides the travesty of justice going on by keeping people in jail still, Ashley Babbit's murder is the saddest tragedy of this event. My heart goes out to her husband, and I sincerely hope he will get to the bottom of it, and somehow there will be some justice for him and those that loved her. The other thing that is horrible about this event is the incredible lies the leftists and MSM hang on to and repeat about this peaceful protest. Too many instigators that were in attendance from the left that incited and exacerbated the people's emotions, IMHO. This was caused by Nancy Pelosi's deliberate lack of planning to help keep it peaceful as it would have been had Pelosi accepted the help that was offered. (Yes, this is my opinion and I truly hate what these people [leftists] are trying to do to our once great country!!!)

  • Patrick Canan

    01/26/2022 06:36 PM

    What happened to Blue Lives Matter? What is the relevance of Ashli's background or what a careful study and re-study of videos and audios reveals was taking place outside the House chambers that Officer Byrd was pledged to defend? Are you really suggesting that police be held accountable for knowing the personal histories of their attackers? Should Officer Byrd have known that Ashli was an ardent QAnon follower? Would that even be relevant? Why did Ashli walk with a mob that chanted "Hang Mike Pence"? It would be nice if one of our political parties respected the challenge facing outnumbered police.

  • Rhonda Kusaj

    01/26/2022 05:22 PM

    I absolutely Love your show, newsletter and guest commentary on the news shows. I recently got an email from TBS. It said if I donate, they will send me a free Huckabee hat. I did and received the hat. Inside the label it read, made in China. I was so disappointed. I believe that if I had ordered a hat through your tv show website, the hat would have been made in America. Just wanted to let you know.
    I look forward to the day that I can be in the audience of your fantastic show! All the best to you and your family! Go Sarah!