March 25, 2021

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  • Bible Verse Of The Day
  • Biden's Approval Rating Drops
  • New Podcast Episode
  • Senate Democrats Give Female Athletes One Option: Written Testimony Only
  • Virus Theory Is Not So Crazy Now
  • The "Biden-Harris" Administration
  • RIP George Segal
  • You need to show an ID to get vaccinated, but not to vote
  • A Reader Writes Back...
  • America The Beautiful


Mike Huckabee



Biden's Approval Rating Drops

By Mike Huckabee

Rasmussen Reports’ daily presidential approval poll shows that President Biden’s approval and disapproval ratings are tied at 49-49%. His approval rating among likely voters has dropped three points just since Friday. No wonder the Democrats want to change voting laws so that likely voters ballots are swamped by unlikely voters’ ballots.

Worse, Biden’s “strongly approve” rating is only 32%, while his “strongly disapprove” rating is 42%, giving him a Presidential Approval Rating of minus-10 points.

The article at the link goes into detail about why this might be, and reminds us that Trump also had high disapproval ratings. But the media gave Trump coverage that was more negative than their coverage of the coronavirus, while they’ve acted like press agents and defensive linemen for Biden. It shows that even in a world where the left tries to bully, intimidate, prosecute and cancel Americans for speaking their minds, you can’t stop them from thinking they smell a rat when it’s obviously stinking up the place.

In a separate Rasmussen survey, 67% of voters, including majorities of all groups (even Democrats) call the current surge of illegal immigration at the border a “crisis.” 53% agree that Biden has caused it with his policies and rhetoric (I assume the rest just haven’t been paying very close attention.) And 65% of voters agree with the statement, “At no time is it right to break the law and come into the United States illegally.”

That might be why some people are theorizing that the Democrats want to replace those voters with people who break the law and come into the United States illegally.

New Podcast Episode

By Mike Huckabee

This week on The People's Podcast, Governor Huckabee reflects on the tragic shooting spree in Boulder, CO, honoring the victims and heroes who lost their lives. He also sets the record straight on the type of firearm that was used, since we know the media won't -- they're too busy spinning the tragedy to further the Left's gun control agenda. Later, he catches up with Customs & Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd about the ongoing crisis at our Southern Border, and how Biden's reversal of Trump's policies is taking a toll on communities, law enforcement, border patrol, and the migrants themselves.


Senate Democrats Give Female Athletes One Option: Written Testimony Only

By Mike Huckabee

In a telling example of just how far under the bus Democrats have thrown women’s rights in their rush to pander to the transgender lobby, Senate Democrats pushing the so-called “Equality Act” not only want to let biological males compete in girls’ sports, now they won’t even allow female athletes who’ve been harmed by that policy to speak about it.

They were only allowed to submit written testimony. Given the Congressional Democrats’ history of passing things without even reading them, I’m sure they paid lots of attention to those written statements.

Try to imagine what the media would say if Republicans told women who objected to their policies to sit down and shut up.

Virus Theory Is Not So Crazy Now

By Mike Huckabee

Remember how the mere suggestion that the COVID-19 virus might have escaped from a lab in China was treated as such a crazy, racist, debunked conspiracy theory that the mere mention of it was enough to get you banned from social media, publicly smeared and driven out of your job? Well…not so fast.

A group of 26 scientists, social scientists and science communicators signed a letter to the science journal Lancet, arguing that the World Health Organization lacked “the mandate, the independence or the necessary accesses” to determine whether or not the virus could have come from a lab. That’s not to say that it did, only that the adamant denials that it did are not supported by solid research. You know, like real science should be.

Read the article at Technology Review for a good summary of the latest data on the virus’ origins, and to see the shocking extent to which dispassionate scientific inquiry about a disease that was killing thousands of people was circumvented by politics. In the midst of a worldwide pandemic, legitimate questions were not asked because scientists were afraid they’d be accused of justifying Trump’s rhetoric, and leftwing media outlets attacked any questions about the virus coming from a lab because Trump said that first and they had to bring him down.

As I have said before under different circumstances, anyone who insists that “the science is settled” doesn’t have the slightest idea of how science works.

The "Biden-Harris" Administration

By Mike Huckabee

The White House is reportedly urging staffers in all federal agencies to refer to the current Administration as the “Biden-Harris Administration.”

I’m not as worked up over that as some people, since I often refer to the “Obama/Biden Administration,” as a way to remind people that Smilin’ Joe isn’t the moderate centrist unifier he claimed to be (and was I right or was I right?) Considering Kamala Harris’ far-left views, I think that calling this the “Obama-Harris Administration” is appropriately descriptive.

Just let me know if Joe starts calling it the “Harris-Biden Administration.” Then we might have a completely different problem.

RIP George Segal

By Pat Reeder

We’re sad to report that actor George Segal died Tuesday at 87 due to complications from heart bypass surgery.

Segal first came to the public’s attention in the 1960s, appearing in movies ranging from dramas (“Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolfe,” for which he scored an Oscar nomination) to romantic comedies such as “A Touch of Class,” for which he won a Golden Globe Award. Some other notable films include “The Hot Rock,” “Blume in Love,” “Where’s Poppa?” and “The Owl and the Pussycat.”

As leading man movie roles dried up, he increasingly turned to television, appearing in a number of shows. He became a regular on the hit NBC sitcom “Just Shoot Me” as extravagant magazine owner Jack Gallo; and for the past eight years, he’s played the grandfather “Pops” on ABC’s “The Goldbergs.” His final episode will air April 7th, and the show is planning a tribute. A number of his showbiz colleagues also offered warm memories of him online.

I know Gov. Huckabee depends on me to know obscure trivia and share it, particularly since I’m the proprietor of the Hollywood Hi-Fi celebrity singer page ( So I’ll note that George Segal was also an accomplished banjo player who loved to play and sing old Dixieland and ragtime tunes.

Those of a certain age might remember his delightful appearances on talk shows, where he would perform tunes like “(Rufus Rastus Johnson Brown) Whatcha Gonna Do When the Rent Comes ‘Round” (released as a single in 1974) with raucous joie de vivre. That was from his album, “A Touch of Ragtime, Featuring the Music of Scott Joplin” which is on YouTube in full.

He’d previously released an LP called “The Yama Yama Man” in 1967, and would later appear as a special guest on the 1987 Canadian Brass album, “Basin Street.”

And here he is on TV in 1974, doing “Alexander’s Ragtime Band” with Teresa Brewer.

George Segal did drama, comedy, sang, danced and even played the banjo. Now, that’s an all-around entertainer! Rest in peace.

You need to show an ID to get vaccinated, but not to vote

By Mike Huckabee

John Fund at National Review recently got a COVID-19 vaccination in New York City, and he noted that he was required to “present my ID twice, verify my address twice, and verify my phone number once. Anyone signing up for the vaccine is warned in advance that he will have to present identification that includes ‘a driver’s license, passport, or any legal proof of your date of birth and residency.’”

Naturally, this brought up the question of why you have to show an ID to get vaccinated, but not to vote.

The “fact-checking” site Snopes tried to argue that those are completely different issues because voting is a Constitutional right. Yeah, and as Fund notes, so is owning a gun, but you have to show all sorts of ID to buy one. The left decided same-sex marriage is a Constitutional right, but you still have to show your ID to get a marriage license.

A recent Rasmussen survey found that the vast majority of Americans, including blacks and Democrats, support voter ID laws. And studies have debunked the condescending racist claim that blacks are somehow incapable of obtaining a legal ID and that such laws depress voting numbers.

So why are Democrat politicians the only people who seem adamantly opposed to voter ID laws, even while they require them to get a vaccination shot? I’d love to ask them that, after giving them a shot of truth serum.

A Reader Writes Back...

Another great newsletter! I look forward to your daily news. You have a great staff too. I love the "America The Beautiful" since I can't see them in person.

Thank you!

America The Beautiful

God's creation is all around us. To learn more about Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park, visit its website here.

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Comments 1-17 of 17

  • Doug Miller

    03/25/2021 07:44 PM

    Maybe a woman Republican Senator should read out loud all of the written testimony from the women athletes. Congressional Demoncrats’ are afraid the women athletes will upstage them in their theatrical performances. After all, athletes probably draw more media attention than political theatrics.

  • George Curl

    03/25/2021 05:05 PM

    As a retired teacher/coach/administrator in public schools I am appalled at the current trend to place men in women's sports. Men are biologically different, regardless of hormone injections or puberty blockers. Why did we fight for Title IX, if Democrats (who originally wanted it) are now going to change direction and deny women the right to compete against other women? The International Olympic Committee is darn sure not going to allow men in women's events,

  • James Johnson

    03/25/2021 04:13 PM

    Governor, I am a seventy-year-old reader of your newsletter. I love your section on America the Beautiful. I have personally witnessed most of the parks you provide pictorial review of in that section, but most assuredly appreciate the "rewarming" of those leftover memories. This is a beautiful Nation Under God, and we should continue to honor "His" grace granted upon us with the beauty of the bounty he bequeathed us. Thank you for your participation in that and everything else you do for "US."

  • Dr Harold J Sherrington

    03/25/2021 03:57 PM

    Your articles are always on target and welcomed. Is a lot easier to drop the Biden from the Biden-Harris letterhead; that was the aim the moment Biden won the nomination. Reallly, is Obama's third term withthe idea and hope Harris will run and win in 2024. Is too bad the two candidate to the senate from Georgia did not win because that would have been the easier way to put a brake to the extreme democrats. The moment the presidency was stolen back in November, it was my hope Trump would protest for a couple of weeks and then just say "My team of lawyers will take it from here and I'll just campaing for the two Georgia candidates". That was another way to cause a nightmare for the democrats
    By the way, I enjoy your TV programme on TBN - a Catholic who enjoys TBN and CBN.
    Thanks Governo Huckabee

  • Scott Schroeder

    03/25/2021 02:16 PM

    Dear Governor, Why are there 2 Joe Bidens? I see 1 Joe stumbling and bumbling around airports, saying "uh" 25 times while trying to answer a simple question, unable to remember the name of the Pentagon or Secretary of Defense, can't pronounce names of Texas Democrats and is many times squinting with a look of confusion asking Nancy or Ron what he should do next. When there is a big event like today's press conference after 64 days, however, a different Joe shows up with some energy, able to at least put some words together to make sentences and really big eyes. I am not a doctor, but that change in his eyes is astounding. It changes from a Clint Eastwood slit squint to a child on Christmas morning dinner plate saucer size amazement. Does anybody else notice this dramatic change? I'm having trouble believing it's just because Joe had a Red Bull. Has anyone asked the White House if Joe is on prescription medicine to improve his mental abilities on those special televised events? Please help me understand why we seem to have 2 Presidents and I don't mean Joe and Kamala.

  • Rosalia Li Bassi

    03/25/2021 02:06 PM

    Truthful comments, a breath of Fresh air. Now regarding the Id for vaccinations and not for voting: it shows how the Democrats feel about the minorities: they are an inferior class, incapable of finding out how to get an Id. When are people going to wake up to the disdain they feel toward any minority: Black, Hispanic, whatever you are. If you are other than democrat, you are ignorant and stupid. Worthy of a disdainful glance at voting time. Such demagoguery !! This is my opinion. Insulting and dismissive .

  • Robin Carley

    03/25/2021 02:04 PM

    Re: You need to show an ID to get vaccinated...

    I live in Dayton, KY and I received my J&J Bat Flu vaccine in KY yesterday morning. I could write a book on how difficult it has been to sign up online for the vaccine, but I digress and it is a story for another time.

    Neither my husband nor I had to show our ID’s, I even had it ready for submission and they said they did not need it. Only our insurance cards were necessary, I guess so that the pharmacy could process the paperwork and be paid for administering the vaccines to us.

    Not all states are requiring ID’s.


    Robin Carley

  • Floyd A Unger

    03/25/2021 01:54 PM

    Thank you

  • Phil Chermak

    03/25/2021 01:08 PM

    Michael, you have a platform, the visibility and the credibility to influence the hundreds of thousands of us that follow you. Of absolute and prime importance (prior to 2022 mid-terms) is the guarantee of integrity and accuracy of our elections; otherwise discussion of anything re IDs and voting irregularities is just that, a passive discussion. As far as I can tell, not much of anything is happening in DC to investigate and affect reforms that assure election veracity (beyond the prosecution of Powell and Wood). We need someone to take the lead and organize the millions of us, we the frustrated, unhappy voters, to engage our representation to make that a priority (election reforms). How can we be assured that future elections won’t be just as suspect as 2020? Can you please write a piece on the topic or better yet, host someone on your show (like Ted Cruz) to discuss this issue and what we the electorate can do (must do) to ensure this is addressed and resolved? The clock is ticking; 2022 is right around the corner!

    Enjoy your show, enjoy your wit, and enjoy your frank honesty in a culture that now creates its own truth!

  • William Fuhrer

    03/25/2021 12:41 PM

    Alinsky's guidelines for MORALITY and TRUTH MAKE THE MOTTO: trust but verify is needed when applyed to voting. The new branch of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY is the anarchist party

  • Richard Rothwell

    03/25/2021 12:30 PM

    Since HR1 is great then why not use it he same principles for “common sense” gun control. No ID to buy, no verification of address, someone buying multiple guns, felons able to buy. Best way is look at the illegal voting rules and convert that to gun purchase rules.
    I am a 2nd Amendment person 100%

  • Vernon Thompson

    03/25/2021 12:30 PM

    To My NV Senator Rosen
    I am sorry Senator but your response to my question about HR-1 is alarming and sends cold chills down my spine. First, the use of the term “comprehensive” usually means it is loaded with goodies that could never pass by themselves. Just take a look at the 2 recent bills passed which masqueraded as COVID relief – they were loaded! COVID Relief was an afterthought!
    I have serious questions about the stated purpose of the Bill. Enhance voting rights and increase government transparency? Really?
    • How does automatically registering to vote anyone who comes in contact with a government agency help? Any citizenship verification?
    • How does Universal Mail-In Ballots help when the Bill allows unlimited Ballot Harvesting help? Looks like an open invitation to massive fraud! No controls!
    • Forbidding Voter ID only adds to the concern.
    • How does any of the Bill ensure election integrity? The opposite appears to be true.
    Just look to the West to California. They have managed to parlay Mail-In Ballots, Ballot Harvesting, and Jungle Primaries into a One-Party State. Take a real close look at what happens when power and control is concentrated in one place with one Party. On one end you have the very rich and Big Tech types. On the other end you have the Illegal Aliens feasting off the CA taxpayer. In the middle you have an ever shrinking Middle Class who is overtaxed, over regulated, is victimized by poor government policies, and are looking for a way out – many are leaving!
    For the past five years we have witnessed a quest for Power and Control that seemingly has no bounds. HR-1 appears to the last step to have a One-Party Country. I think that is the wrong approach as I see every evidence that the Radical Socialists in the Democrat Party are hell bent on destroying the country that we once knew. It appears that true Bi-Partisanship is but a fantasy!
    If you vote for HR-1 which I suspect you will, you don’t represent me or millions of others like me. I can only hope that the electorate will have a long memory and properly reward you come the next election! Not “For the People” more like “For the Politician.” At what point do you become part of the solution instead of continuing to be part of the problem?

  • Vernon Thompson

    03/25/2021 12:28 PM

    “Harris-Biden Administration.” Nah! After invoking the 26th Amendment for Dementia Joe we will go straight to “Harris-Pelosi Administration.” No stopovers!

  • Jerry

    03/25/2021 12:16 PM

    When people are young issues are not explained or taught honestly take for instance the Union role in the workplace vote by the recommendation of the Union vote the Democratic ticket and the Administration will be helpful to the needs of the worker. Not completely true look at the role of the Union today. Are the kids in school? Are people working on the pipeline? Are people working on the southern wall? Are oil and gas workers going to stay working when permits expire? Dear Biden voters and Harris voters was really that important to get an incompetent Deep State member elected President or a Female of color Vice President that important all these two are doing is living in the past and want to return to the mistakes made 200 years ago 100 years ago 50 years ago and repeat them. Why is it so important to repeat mistakes when just 2 years ago this was the most fantastic place to live and work and live, in pease and prosperity where people loved each other more and the love for each other was growing, dear Biden voter why was it so important to kill that way of life????????????????

  • Lawrence Foster

    03/25/2021 11:47 AM

    So the White House wants us to refer to the Biden-Harris" administration? Sorry, not me.

    My 50 year plus career with the Defense Department forced me to take assignments in Washington DC on several occasions, where I learned first-hand what Biden was like. The first time was just shortly after Joe Biden had become "famous" for his hair-plugs, which he got Blue Cross to pay for by subtly threatening them with long and expensive hearings on the Federal Employee Health benefits program if they did not cooperate and pay. Joe was considered a bit of a fumble-mouthed clown, who would repeatedly hold up the AMTRAK train to Wilmington so he could get home (often forcing other passengers to be delayed. One woman had over $200 dollars in "late fees" at child care because she could not pick up her children on time.) When Biden was kicked upstairs to be the Vice President the joke in Washington was that with the post of resident village idiot open in the senate, the dems needed to steal the senate race in Minnesota so Al Franken could take over Joe's seat as resident idiot.

    Harris, who has admitted getting her start in politics by sleeping with Oakland Mayor Willy Brown, the local democrat Kingpin, is equally impressive for the wrong reasons. She made her reputation as a State's attorney on the other side of the country by letting off felons who were caught with a hand-gun, if they showed up with an expensive lawyer paid for by the local drug dealer, while putting people in jail for minor amounts of marijuana. She was so roundly rejected by her state during the 2020 primary that she got zero delegates, and dropped out to avoid embarrassment.

    So No "Biden-Harris administration for me. "Sleazy Joe and the Bimbo" is what I'll call 'em. When the American people have had enough, and come out in the streets to demand their resignations, it will make a good chant - "HEY HO SLEAZY JOE, YOU AND THE BIMBO NEED TO GO!"

  • Stephen Russell

    03/25/2021 11:36 AM

    Solving border crisis:
    Use drones & overfly migrant camps.
    Use Zoom lenses on optics from afar to probe camps
    Tap USBP bodycams?
    Only way to see inside other camp sites along border.
    Reapply Trump politices again & beef up

  • Stephen Russell

    03/25/2021 11:31 AM

    Mask issues:
    How many wear masks over 8 hours & are NOT HC workers.
    How many wear masks & are HC workers?
    How long can U wear a mask (hours time) 4,8,3 etc?
    Does wearing mask effect your work ( non HC workers)
    How do HC workers know when to change masks?
    Ive heard long term wearing effects C02 levels?

    Me I wear mine only on errands : shopping only, in public
    Outdoors NO unless dining outdoors
    I find I cant wear Cloth masks since it feels Im suffocating & would wear for Winter vs summer but have to use blue paper thin so I can breathe.
    What I find funny is to see those driving solo with masks & those outside on walks with masks on
    I feel for Uber & Lyft, limo, taxi drivers alone
    But Ive seen Amazon & UPS drivers wear masks while driving on routes & only drop off boxes at front doors NO contact>

    Can we get some agreement on masks minus input from Fauci.