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July 10, 2024

I have loved the Oak Ridge Boys for decades.  Who didn’t?  They have been “America’s Band” since the 60’s and the current configuration has been together over 50 years.  But this past year has been a tough one.

First the incredibly talented wife of Oaks member Duane Allen died this Spring.  Norah Lee Allen was a major Nashville talent in her own right, having been the 1st call background vocal singer for almost every Nashville recording star forever.  She was known for her incredible vocals and her contagious personality. 

Then just 2 weeks ago, Rusty Golden, the son of Oaks member William Lee Golden died unexpectedly.  He was an amazing vocalist, keyboardist, and recording artist on his on and with the Golden family.  He was just on my TBN weekend show a few weeks ago.  What a beautiful human being.

And then today I heard the news that Joe Bonsall had died from complications from ALS that he had been battling for the past few years and which had forced him to retire from the band late last year.  I kept in touch with Joe as long as he was able to respond, and in fact, just a few days ago, I wrote an endorsement for his biography which is scheduled to be released this year.  Joe was (as are all the members of the Oaks) the real deal.  Gifted by God as a singer and entertainer, he had a vivacious spirit and loved life like few others.  He was a joy to be around.  I always was a bit star struck to be around the Oak Ridge Boys and yet they were simply great guys who loved their audiences so that at least 4 generations of fans have packed auditoriums and arenas to hear their “American Made” music. 

I love those guys.  I truly do.  They have been among the most frequent guests on my television show for a simple reason.  I just never could have them often enough because they always brought their A game and knew how to take an audience and lift them to the ceiling!  Few bands have had the lasting power or the influence of these 4 great guys.”

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  • Jerri Browning

    07/10/2024 07:23 PM

    How can I get your newsletter to my email? T/y Blessings!

  • shermalyne chambers

    07/10/2024 02:27 PM

    I have injoyed the Oak Ridge boys for many an year...loved hearing them in Branson plus, plus, plus....! Still have their music !!! sc