August 17, 2020


From Diane H:

Please don't get too political!!! You have stood out as a commentator because of your fairness and honesty. I am so sick of politics driving everything in this country. Please just present the facts. I'm tired of seeing Democrats just involved in painting the Republicans black. And I'm getting just as tired of Republicans bending over backwards to paint the Democrats in as bad a light as possible. PLEASE don't make this your game too. This is being written in response to many of your columns recently not particularly this one. I know it's a war but Republicans are doing their part in escalating it.

From the Gov:

Thanks for writing, Diane, and I'm sorry to hear you feel I've been less than completely fair and honest in recent days. I think the best way to counter false arguments is with as much fairness and honesty as there can possibly be. Right now, the voting public is being deluged with false arguments and wrong information –- even the so-called “fact-checkers” are tainted by politics. And, yes, that does get wearying.

Let me assure you, I am still trying my best to be fair in my comments and 100 percent honest and accurate when presenting the facts. Unlike just about every major media outlet, which typically gets fooled by jumping on every anti-Trump story out there, I haven’t had to retract stories in my newsletter as “fake news.” We try to make sure that every story we bring you is the real deal.

If my tone seems more strident lately, and if politics appears to be “driving everything in this country,” it can’t be helped right now. This is happening because we’re in the last few months of one of the most significant fights for power that our country has ever seen, possibly even more so than when Hillary was running in 2016 (and that’s saying a lot). It’s perfectly fair and honest for me to say that the Democrat Party is now openly controlled by far-left socialists who seek to destroy everything America was built on. Just look at their list of demands. Or ask their leadership to denounce even violent pro-communist groups such as Antifa and BLM; they won’t do it. This really is so serious that it’s impossible not to be political, and, yes, even partisan. When I say Democrats absolutely cannot be allowed to win this one, I am not playing a “game” or merely “painting” them as villains.

Just turning on the news and seeing what is going on in our major cities, and in government from Congress all the way down to some city councils, is disgusting and horrifying. To observe that is not to “paint the Democrats in a bad light.” Why should I “bend over backwards,” as you put it, to paint them in a bad light when they are doing a spectacular job of it all by themselves? I’m not bending any which way at all, just being honest about what I see and what I think it means for the country if it comes to pass.

Diana, this is not "my game." So much is at stake, it’s impossible not to be political now. And what’s happening is real. For some, especially those centered in Washington, DC, and paid handsomely to play it, politics IS a game –- some see it as a blood sport –- but, trust me, this is all real. What’s happening in New York, Chicago, Minneapolis, Atlanta, Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, San Francisco and coming soon to a city near you...IT’S REAL. It affects people’s lives; sometimes it ends people’s lives. What I say about it is opinion, of course, but my opinion is based on fact, which I give you as well.

My staff and I are working hard, swimming through this toxic environment to give you the information you need. Much of it isn’t being widely reported but is true nonetheless. We are dismayed by how utterly misinformed many Americans are going to be when they cast their vote. The media have worked overtime to present one side, and, given what we know to be true on a variety of issues, we usually have to turn them off before our heads explode. No, we don’t want to be the “Republican” counterpart to what we see on the Democrat side. We do take the higher ground, in that we want you to know what's really going on.

You say you know this is a war. Please understand that we are not the aggressors in this war; it is being waged against us and America as a nation. FIGHTING BACK IS NOT THE SAME AS ESCALATION. The left will not stop; if we don’t fight back and end up losing this, we'll essentially be run over, along with our values and our cherished rights. We will lose such basic rights as freedom of speech, self-defense (along with defunded police departments), worship, property, and equal justice under the law, which is already pretty shaky as it is. We will have open borders and packed courts. History will continue to be torn down and rewritten. We will have essentially one-party rule and no compromise. “Equality of opportunity” will be twisted into “equality of outcome” for racial groups. There will be little we can do to stop full-term and even just-born infants from being killed or allowed to die untended. And the bureaucracy that abused its power to spy on Americans and create the fake “Russia” story will go unpunished and be free to continue violating the rights of those they don't like.

This is all extremely important, and politics will decide it. It’s not a game –- we have to fight back. If you don’t like politics, you’ll just have to wait it out. And that, Diane, is my fair and honest assessment!


Do you wonder how a bunch of young Americans who not that long ago were bright-eyed children eager to learn have become a mob of angry, violent leftist radicals who hate their own nation, history and culture? They were taught to be that way in our schools when parents weren’t paying attention. Here’s an article by a former schoolteacher who explains precisely how it happens:

You can add this anti-American indoctrination to a growing list of reasons why many parents are coming up with creative alternatives to putting their kids back in public school -- and the teachers’ unions, with their threats of strikes and ridiculous political demands that have nothing to do with virus safety are just accelerating that process. It's no wonder that some teachers are reportedly worried about giving online classes for fear parents will listen in and discover what their kids are being told.

At this link, the National Review takes a look at some of the proliferating alternatives to public school, from “hybrid homeschooling” to “pandemic pods.”

And here’s another chilling incentive for parents: a 2015 survey by the Nehemiah Institute found that 90 percent of church-going Christian teens who attended public schools abandoned their faith to embrace a secular worldview. That’s no surprise when you read what the former teacher said about how he was encouraged to read kids stories from all different cultures around the world, until he tried to read them a story from the Bible and was shut down immediately.

Perhaps the best piece of advice in this article is that “every church should start a school.”


I’ve been preaching for years about the importance of getting enough vitamin D, which most people don’t if they spend all their time indoors or only go outside when they’re slathered in sunscreen. That’s not to diss sunscreen, but to emphasize the importance of getting enough vitamin D from some other source. And here’s yet another reason you might want to take megadoses: it could help keep you from catching the COVID-19 (Chinese) coronavirus.


Saturday was a landmark anniversary: the 75th anniversary of V-J Day (Victory over Japan.) There’s some dispute about the actual date: Japan surrendered on August 15th, but because of the time difference, that was August 14th in the US. And September 2nd is officially referred to as V-J day because that’s when Japan signed the surrender document, ending World War II. But whichever day you prefer, it must be remembered and commemorated, especially this year. The number of living veterans of the war in the Pacific is dwindling; and this year, because of the coronavirus, public events were not as large or widespread as these heroes deserved, and their advanced ages meant that most couldn’t leave their homes to be honored.

We must remember V-J Day not only for the sacrifices and heroism of our military, but also to ensure that the conditions and actions that led to the horrors of World War II never happen again. Today, there is a vast coordinated effort to erase and rewrite the history of the United States, and to cast this great nation’s heritage as nothing but racism, oppression, and colonialism. That is a scurrilous lie. Yes, there are dark passages, but no other nation in history has ever strived so hard, or sacrificed more blood and treasure, to advance justice and free people from bondage, both here and around the world. In the 1940s, the United States and the Allied coalition literally saved the world. And having defeated the most dangerous foe of all time, we didn’t act as conquerors or colonizers. We left only enough troops to oversee the rebuilding and keep the peace, while most of our military came home, shed their uniforms, and went on with their lives.

At that link is a story about some of the veterans of the Pacific campaign who are still with us 75 years later. But I noticed that the writer has also internalized, perhaps unwittingly, some of the attempts to rewrite history to cast America in a negative light. The article describes the atomic bomb attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki as the point where “nuclear weapons were first -- and so far, solely -- used in anger…”

There’s no question that those bombings were horrific in their destruction and loss of life, and they certainly carried a sobering lesson that we should avoid ever using those weapons again. But it’s flat wrong to assert that they were “used in anger.” They were used in war, which is a very different thing.

It was a war we didn’t start or seek; Japan thrust it on us with the attack on Pearl Harbor. Even after Germany surrendered, Japan’s military leaders refused to stop fighting, and they still had a 2-million-man military to defend their homeland. A D-Day-like invasion of Japan was predicted to cost at least a million casualties. Truman faced one of the most difficult choices of any President in history: use the awesome power of a nuclear weapon – which wasn’t even fully understood at the time – or keep fighting island by island, door to door, for who knows how long or at what cost of lives on both sides. Here’s some more background on what he was facing.

Far from being made in anger, that was one of the most agonizing and carefully considered Presidential decisions ever made. Historians can argue forever about whether it was the right decision, but they don’t have the lives of millions of people hanging on the outcome of their debate, as Truman did.

Finally, as we salute American heroes of World War II on the 75th anniversary of V-J Day, here are some photos from commemorative events that were held in Great Britain and Japan.


V-J Day isn’t the only major military event that occurred on August 15th. Saturday was also the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Warsaw in 1920 (also known as the Miracle of the Vistula.) Chances are that you don’t even know about this, but it was one of the most important and consequential battles in history.

With the communists having taken over Russia and Europe still weak and shattered from World War I, Lenin began a push westward. But the Polish Army not only beat the Red Army, they forced Russia to retreat and abandon its plans to move into Western Europe. Imagine how world history might have been different if the Soviet Union had dominated the entirety of Europe over most of the 20th century. That’s a victory worth remembering and celebrating, and throwing a big salute to our friends in Poland.


A new Pew Research Center survey proves that those white liberal arts majors who are burning down black neighborhoods while claiming to be championing black lives aren’t the only white liberals who presume to speak for minorities. There’s been a lot of pressure lately from the left, especially in the media, to use the term “Latinx” (or to be even more pretentious, “LatinX”) as a PC, gender-neutral term for all Hispanics. If you don’t use it, white liberals accuse you of being a bigot and disrespecting Latinx (sorry: “LatinX”) culture. But did anyone ask Hispanics what they think about this?

Well, the Pew Research Center finally did, and here are the results.

44% prefer the term “Hispanic.” 24% prefer Latino/Latina (did the people pushing the gender-neutral “LatinX” even consider that Spanish is a romance language, which means every noun has a gender?) 11% prefer to be identified by their specific native country. 5% prefer Chicano/Chicana. As for “Latinx,” less than 3% prefer that, and 23% have never heard of it.

In attempting to defend this neutering of one of our great romance languages, an immigration attorney writing in The Hill argued that the survey talked to too many older immigrants, when it’s young, American-born Hispanics who prefer “Latinx.” Which sounds like yet another example of a small group of “woke” liberals trying to impose their preferences on a large group of minority citizens. Sounds kind of racist, doesn't it? He also argued that since the survey had a margin of error of 5%, “Latinx” might be preferred by as many as 8%.

Three observations: 8% is still pretty darn few. Since 6% of Hispanic-Americans (God bless them) just prefer to be called “American,” with the margin of error, that could be as many as 11%, meaning that far more Hispanics prefer to be called “American” than “Latinx.” Finally, with 3% support and a margin of error of 5%, that could also mean that zero percent prefer “Latinx.” The fact that the left wants to impose an awkward, arbitrary term on an entire minority population, when it’s possible none of them actually want it, is a perfect example of the condescending sense of privilege our current class of “liberal activists” exhibit.


No, President Trump did NOT vow to “terminate Social Security.” He wants to help people struggling with the coronavirus lockdowns by not collecting the Social Security payroll tax for the rest of 2020, and he said he’d like to terminate that tax permanently. That would mean finding other funding sources, but he didn’t say he wanted to terminate people’s Social Security checks. And since the fund currently has a $2.9 trillion surplus, it can go for a while without collecting the tax.

The claim that Trump wants to terminate Social Security is being promoted by a partisan group called Social Security Works, but there is zero truth to it. Even USA Today sided with Trump on this.

This phony claim is as reliable an indicator that an election is nearing as falling leaves are a harbinger of autumn. I’ve been on this planet for six-and-a-half decades, and not an election has gone by in all that time that Democrats haven’t claimed Republicans want to take away grandma’s Social Security check. Yet over my entire lifetime, Social Security checks have never failed to go out, even during government shutdowns, or been reduced, and now I’m old enough to collect one myself.


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  • Diane W Hawkins

    08/23/2020 04:59 PM

    Thank you, Mike, for your excellent rebuttal to my letter. Thank you for caring enough to respond. I especially like your response to it being a war and in a war you have to fight back aggressively. Yes, I hate that it is a war--but you are correct! And America is worth fighting for--so thanks for fighting! It means a lot to hear that your organization is still marked by honesty and not having had to retract articles that weren't true. That is the integrity that I have always counted on with you.

  • Robert and Denise Wright

    08/23/2020 12:48 AM

    In reference to your response to Diane H's letter...Governor Huckabee you hit a home run with the bases loaded!
    Great response letter!
    I've copied it and will be putting it on my news feed for my Facebook friends to read!
    Thank you and God bless you and your staff for the fine work you do for us.

  • Tammie WHB Cade

    08/20/2020 08:56 AM

    Alright. Everyone makes a mistake. Let do better next time. In your case, keep up the good work.

  • Shauna dickerson

    08/19/2020 10:19 PM

    Seriously Diane H, don't worry about Gov. Huckabee being anywhere wrong in his reporting of the facts. If I Ever want to know the real story, I go to my favored Huckabee News letter. The political atmosphere, fostered by the Democrats is so toxic right now, it's hard to see the facts anywhere because of the smoke and mirrors out there. So steer clear of Anything reported by Anyone proud to be left, progressive, or liberal. It will All be skewed and not in a good way.

  • Dona Kirk

    08/19/2020 02:25 PM

    Mike Huckabee you are simply the best, please keep doing what your doing. I’ve learned about more history from you than I ever did in school. God Bless you sir!!!

  • Lora Lowery

    08/19/2020 01:14 PM

    I appreciate your newsletter.
    If you can get messages to Trump campaign-they Require my mobile number or won’t accept my surveys or responses. As an 75 he’d old handicapped widow, I don’t give out my number. I’m not able to constantly be answering robo calls or texts. I don’t mind doing surveys otherwise.

  • Angela Rodrigo

    08/19/2020 12:46 PM

    Mike. I try to let my family realize the importance of our up coming election. They hate trump because of his actions and I can understand it, however, I try to let them see the good that has been done. I agree his tweeter action are not acceptable and I am not on it. What or how can I do a Facebook response without making them worse. I can't understand how they are using actions as an excuse. Can you advise me as the media has distorted their minds and way of thinking. I am praying. There has to be something I can do. God help me.

  • Johnnie Woolarfd

    08/19/2020 12:10 PM

    Even though so much of what you write is upsetting, please do not stop. We need to hear the truth. Thank you.

  • Michelle

    08/19/2020 11:36 AM

    Hi Mike,

    Oh my gosh, I just want to scream. Now my Dad who I love but who hates President Trump stated that now the Republicans are all sayings the Russian scandal is true. He said even Marco Rubio said the Mueller findings were true. He said that the Russians are helping Trump get re-elected. Please, please help me. He’s not a believer in Christ either, so I know my father can be deceived. I truly believe that. I’m writing to you because you are the only I know to get the truth from . Where is this new story coming from now?!?!

    Please help.


  • William Schlumpf

    08/18/2020 10:24 PM

    If we don't stand our ground the left will just take more of it as it has been doing for generations. Politics has permeated everything, even the Chinese Politivirus. Thanks for your daily commentary. It is one of the few I can trust.
    PS. Daily Politivirus deaths in Sweden hit zero the beginning of August. There have been some revisions days later to 1-4 per day but zero death days are becoming more frequent. The trend is clear.

  • Alma Walker

    08/18/2020 07:44 PM

    Governor, there are many of us who read your blog that are grateful for the information you post. Your skin is too thick to prevent from posting the truth. The people who take issue with it do not have to read it.
    Please keep on keeping on!!

  • Alan Taylor

    08/18/2020 05:45 PM

    Hi Mike! I'm concerned about your newsletter, that perhaps the opposition is messing with it, if that's possible. I never know when I'm going to get it, morning or afternoon, or evening. Sometimes I don't even get it at all. Like today, its 4:45 p.m. Central Time, and I haven't gotten a morning or afternoon edition yet, and it's almost time for the evening edition! Just thought you should know!

  • Benita Miller

    08/18/2020 04:55 PM

    Everyone has a right to their opinion, however, I don't agree with Diana. I refuse to stick my head in the sand and praise the Lord my children believe the same. I see you as a good warrior passing on wisdom. So thank you, Gov. Huckabee.

  • Carl "T" Smith

    08/18/2020 04:53 PM

    Are you being too Political? If my fading mind serves me, the Church was the place we went to for not only spiritual rejuvenation but was a Community/ State/National bulletin board. It was a CIVICS class, which has been abandoned because it TEACHES, us to THINK. Civics was always two sides of the same coin but that goes against the Great Philosopher Howard Zinn, and his distorted view of U.S. history which has contaminated education. One of the most rewarding Church experiences I ever had was a 'Bible Study' Church and every sermon was given and used the Bible as the Text Book and questions were mandatory because our Teacher was reading the same text we were and he was giving his 'opinion' or 'Interpretation'. I'll use a non-biblical example found in the 1stA. of the Constitution that is still contensious. Congress shall make no law respecting an(the) establishment of religion, The Federalist Papers contend that there was much discussion about an or the and an won out. When LBJ threatened loss of Tax-exempt status IF the churches used the pulpit to POLITISE. This was AFTER Prayer was banned in School and we see how that has panned out. The reading of the bible extolling us to turn the other cheek is fine until you run out of Cheeks! How long did it take before the Christians stood up to the invading muslims and turned their plows into swords? What the Left ( Progressive/ Socialist) are conducting since 1912 is SLOW socialism but was kicked into overdrive when Obama was elected. ( This is NOT a RACIST REMARK-The TRUTH is The TRUTH) and he PROMISED to Fundamentally Change America and Hillary was his hand-picked successor to continue his successes. The problem was (1) she was a bad campaigner (2) America had been shaken from it's slumber. ( for many anyway) and WE(I) knew a milquetoast, Squishy, Rino was only going to be more of the same. I WAS A DENIER! I listened to his speeches and in my mind, I was saying "Sounds like a Politician - Make a Promise and then jump to the Swamp ( Septic Tank) when they told him "What to Do!" I heeded his advice "What did the REPUBLIC have to lose?" I was Baptised a Baptist, married a Methodist, and followed my Dads ( was training to be an Episcopal Minister) and along my Military travels I attended Catholic and even Jewish services, so I'm a HEINZ 57 by Choice. The people who attend services to become Judgemental are bordering on hypocrisy. There are a lot of things to dislike about Trump and the media, that used to be NON-Partisan, are now just the political arm for Socialism. I must close by saying I didn't really embrace Trump on round one. This is the first President ( JFK was my 1st Vote) that is actually doing what he PROMISED. I will vote for him again because America Does NOT NEED a POPE at this time. We need a Born Again Christian that has No Fear in Wielding the Sword. This election is a MUST win if we are to salvage this Republic. If you have enjoyed being TOLD to stay inside, wear your mask and Social Distance ( which is Un-Constitutional BTW) then by all means sit on your hands and I PRAY you're fluent in Mandarin.

  • Doyle Long

    08/18/2020 04:49 PM

    Mike, here is a new National Anthem for the pro sports teams to play before the games.

    Oh say can you believe - the Pro teams have lost their pride
    How so sadly they've wailed as they were seen kneeling
    Whose broad stripes and left-wings have turned yellow with blight
    On their arms their tattoos are so blatantly shining
    And their pockets stuffed with green until bursting with flair
    Gives proof at the sight that their WAGS are still there
    Oh say does that star strangled banner yet wave
    O'er the land of the sheep and the tombs of the brave... ©jryter-2020


    08/18/2020 04:27 PM

    You forgot to mention that Social Security Works which is basically funded by Geo. SOROS is as usual making false allegations against President Trump!

  • Joyce Birch

    08/18/2020 03:11 PM

    Governor, what a great response. You are truly blessed. Your gift of words, wisdom, honesty, & clarity are beyond anyone's expectations of the news. I know the President is not going to touch SS or Medicare. How the left twists everything he says. The left will do everything & anything to scare seniors.
    My husband's 92nd birthday was Aug. 15. He's a veteran & a true patriot.
    I couldn't stand to watch the dem convention, but caught what Gov. Cuomo had to say & it was an outright lie & disgusting for all that the President did for NY. Watched Fox News & saw some of the clips from the speakers & came to the conclusion there was a lot of hot air being blown around.
    Also, it sickened me to see the video of the violent attackers on the man & woman in Portland. Not one democrat has come forward to stop the violence in these cities, "COWARDS!"

  • Carol J Cook

    08/18/2020 02:13 PM

    Thank you for your comments on President Truman. I'm a Republican, but I believe Truman was the bravest, most underappreciated President. Roosevelt didn't include him in anything, so when Truman was thrust into the office, he had to learn and in a hurry. He knew nothing about the atomic bomb waiting. He agonized making the decision to drop it, but if he had not, many many more American lives would have been lost. Japan swore they'd never surrender. I thank God for President Truman because he stopped the war. He was a man with courage and loved the United States. Our President Trump is a man of courage also, and he loves the people of our country. I pray for him every day, for his safety and for wisdom from Almighty God. He is not perfect, but no one but Jesus was. God uses whomever He chooses. Now it's Donald Trump.

  • Raisa Martinez

    08/18/2020 12:58 PM

    Excellent response to Diane Mr. Huckabee, these are the people I worry about. They are neither “hot or cold” but go with their emotional wind blowing that day”.
    Please continue with the sword in hand. We are not meant to be smacked around time after time. We are fighting satanic forces. In God we trust! God bless.

  • Floyd A Unger

    08/18/2020 12:56 PM

    Well said....all of it

  • Marva Cox

    08/18/2020 12:44 PM

    I, for one, am truly so very glad that I have at least ONE person reporting the news that I can count on as correct. I don't know how we could possibly learn what all is going on without people like you that we can believe in. I really don't see how anyone could ever think you would print something incorrect. I know you check and double check every thing you print. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  • Daniel Craft

    08/18/2020 12:30 PM

    I lived in Mexico for a short while back in the '80s, going to school and teaching as well. While there I learned an valuable lesson concerning language translation.
    1. Do not refer to a woman, young or older, as 'chica' unless you want your face slapped.
    2. Do not use the word 'chicano' (not a name) in public or family settings.
    That will get you escorted to the door, unless you can prove your

    Calling a woman, young or old, 'chica' is referring to her as a street walker of the night.
    Result: a resounding "SCHMACK"!!

    Uttering the word 'chicano' refers to a person who has an unsavory relationship with a pig. DO NOT SPEAK IT!!
    Result: being walked to the door and asked to find some place else to live by your host. However, innocent ignorance of the lingual meaning can only be used once. No second chances.
    As for the Hispanics in the U.S., it would be wise to find a 'nombre nuevo' to identify with.

    Just a little cultural tidbit.
    Blessings and peace. Daniel C.

  • Rallen Fontenot

    08/18/2020 12:28 PM

    Thanks again Governor for your truth! You put everything in perspective. God bless you for what you do,

  • Denise Rupp

    08/18/2020 12:25 PM

    I could hardly stand Michelle Obama's speech when she talked about empathy as if Donald Trump did not have it. Who is the only one who spoke up against the violence against people personally, looting that hurt white and black businesses, etc. where was the empathetic voice of Joe Biden standing up for people who have been abused in this violence and condemning this. I have not heard a word but Donald Trump speaks over and over again said that it needs to be stopped and wants to help. Who wants to keep police in order to protect people. Who is the one who wants to let black family's choose the school of their own choice to lift them up. As you know this list could go on and on. Maybe the democrats are not use to seeing empathy is actions more than just words!

  • Mark Mittelstaedt

    08/18/2020 12:18 PM

    Great to hear about the battle of Vistula; I had never heard of it. There's so much real history that I'm certainly ignorant of - and there's a bunch of ignorant gender studies majors who think they are capable of rewriting that. How about scholarships for STEM students only, with the amount determined by GPA. At that point, minority students who want an education will acquire useful skills. How many feminist literature students did Intel or Boeing hire last year ?