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July 9, 2024

Let’s just say it:  We expect the Democrat Party to cheat like crazy in November.  The only logical reason they would’ve worked so tirelessly to set up a system this vulnerable and this opaque is so they can cheat more easily, more undetectably, and on as large a scale as they might need.  No other explanation makes sense.

If we didn’t have a system deliberately set up to facilitate cheating, everyone except those out of the country, traveling or too infirm to make it to the polls would be voting in person on a paper ballot that’s hand-counted right in front of poll watchers from both parties.  After all, the pandemic that upended our system in 2020 is OVER.  Absentee voters would have to request a ballot, and their signatures would be verified.  There would be no drop-boxes, no mass mailings of ballots to everyone dead or alive listed on the voter rolls.  There would be no private funding from the likes of Mark Zuckerberg.

We’d be doing it the way they do it in, say, France, even though we lament the outcome of their election last week.  This is about process, not outcome.

To the Dems, it’s all about outcome.  Do you think Marc Elias and his brigade of attorneys jet from one battleground state to another out of some profound sense of idealism and fairness to both sides?  Is it their high legal principles that cause them to search endlessly for ways to bypass state legislatures and change the rules in ways that just happen to facilitate cheating and discourage detection?  Let’s take a look.

At Democracy Docket, associated with what is now called Elias Law Group (established by Elias after leaving the Clinton-associated law firm Perkins Coie, which Hillary’s campaign paid --- in expenses noted as “legal services” --- for the Steele dossier), they make themselves sound so gosh-darn idealistic, all about protecting voting rights and stopping “voter suppression.”  But this is all partisanship.  Their articles feature headlines such as “The RNC’s platform escalates attacks on voting rights” and “Newly liberal Wisconsin Supreme Court reinstates ballot drop boxes ahead of 2024 elections.”   You know they popped open the champagne for that one.

“Democracy is on the docket,” they say.  But this isn’t about democracy; it’s about electing DEMOCRATS.  On the Elias Law Group homepage, the firm is described as “a mission-driven firm committed to helping Democrats win, citizens vote, and progressives make change.”  Note that first on the list is “helping Democrats win.”

Something tells me that if they could challenge or cancel YOUR vote somehow, they’d do it in a heartbeat.  In the name of “democracy,” of course.

On a positive note, we see they’re committed to “diversity and inclusion.”  Except that when it comes to politics, only progressive Democrats are allowed.

Did you know that just by trying to keep elections on the up-and-up, we Republicans are “gutting” voting rights?  Scan the stories at Democracy Docket and you will see it’s true!  In particular, Stephen Miller at America First Legal is “assailing” voting rights.  Take a look at this webpage and you’ll see what we’re up against.

One of their featured articles is “Will election denialism plague Wisconsin once again?  Officials set stage for 2024.”  What a coincidence, as we were already planning on talking about Wisconsin today.

We learn from this article that they’d wanted to get a bill passed --- it failed --- that would’ve allowed election workers to count absentee ballots before Election Day.  They had a rationale for this, of course, but what it would mean in practice is that cheaters have a clearer picture before Election Day of how many votes they might need to manufacture.

“Through a partisan lens, a decision or policy that enables people to vote easily is often viewed as favorable to Democrats,” we’re told by Howard Schweber, a retired political science professor and affiliate faculty member at the University of Wisconsin Law School.  But he’s twisted it; we GOP partisans want voting for all citizens to be as easy as it can reasonably be and cheating to be hard.  We want an honest, transparent, verifiable election.  We view a lack of safeguards as favorable not to Democrats per se but to CHEATERS.  Is Mr. Schweber implying that Democrats are cheaters?  If so, well, that’s one thing he might just be right about.

In related election news, look who we found on the roster for something called the “National Task Force on Election Crises,” a subsidiary of the Protect Democracy Project, which works to remove or label social media and news content as “misinformation.”  It’s James Baker, the former “Russiagate” FBI general counsel who left to work at the Brookings Institution and then Twitter, where he helped suppress the Hunter Biden laptop story.  Elon Musk’s incarnation of Twitter wasn’t the right place for him, to be sure, but now it seems this former top FBI official has found the perfect home for the time being, just months before another election.


(Aside:  this might be a good place to drop in a story about how far the culture at the FBI has fallen, as described by former FBI special agent Nicole Parker in testimony before Congress.)

And now, finally, to the positive election story out of Wisconsin.  Jim Hoft at THE GATEWAY PUNDIT is reporting that new technology exists to “stop the Postal Service steal” in the 2024 election.  Of course, if Marc Elias sees this, he’ll accuse us of promoting voter suppression, but all this does is help keep ‘em honest by checking addresses for mail-in ballots.  As in, are they real, and do they have registered voters living there, or are they weed-filled vacant lots?

Hoft’s premise: “Mail-in ballots from ineligible locations, in 15 counties, across 7 swing states, will determine the next President.  Several senators as well.”

 These are locations like Walmarts, gas stations and abandoned strip malls in states such as Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan.  Mail-in ballots from such ineligible locations, Hoft says, “constitute the largest single entity that can be manipulated --- and voted --- by the Left.  NGOs [non-government entities] spent every waking moment for the last 4 years registering --- often illegals --- now it’s time to harvest the crop.”

In Wisconsin, this concerns voter fraud that is allegedly facilitated by union members of the United States Postal Service.  Whistleblowers in Milwaukee, some of whom were testifying under oath, said that in 2020 and 2022, they collected undeliverable mail-in ballots and returned them to the city’s central office, where they were told to put them in a special bin.  This appeared to be an organized effort, with mail carriers testifying that the bins were turned over to leftist groups.

Ah, fresh, unspoiled ballots, ready to fill out and return!

Hoft goes into the details of the whistleblowers’ testimony and an additional form of chicanery, noting that this will never be proven for 2020 and 2022.  But what we need to focus on is now, 2024.  And the good news is, technology has come to the rescue.

“We cannot stop Post Office employees giving undeliverable ballots to Leftists,” Hoft says.  “Neither can you.  We can, and will, in 2024, stop many of these undeliverable ballots from going to ineligible addresses --- with the Undeliverable Ballot Database, keeping them out of the grasp of the Post Office.”

Jay Valentine, whose team at Omega4America created this database, says addresses are the “Achilles heel” of schemes to pad the voter rolls.  Every outgoing mail-in ballot is tied to an address.  Now, it’s easy to check, as the database makes every address in any county visible and instantly compares it to the voter rolls.  Challenges will be going not to voters but to addresses.  And when a leftist says, “Show me the fraud,” it will come up with one click.

So, good news on that front.  Countless hours of work have gone into efforts such as this to minimize cheating.  The very least we can do is cast our honest vote.


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