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July 13, 2021

Mass protests are continuing in Cuba against the repressive communist regime, but the government is using special forces to crack down on the protesters. Despite the attempted media blackout, there are reports of a growing list of “missing” persons.

Sen. Ted Cruz lambasted President Biden for his weak sauce response and reminded him that he said just the day before that he stands with the Cuban people and their right to peaceful assembly. So what is he going to do about the brutal crackdown?

Former President Trump also stood by the Cuban protesters and urged Biden to put some starch in his spine and do likewise.

Reminder: last April, candidate Biden said he would reverse Trump’s tough-on-Cuban-communism policies and return to Obama’s policy of engagement with the dictatorship. So how’s that working out? We should add this to the ever-growing dumpster fire of Trump policies that Biden reversed, only to have them blow up in his face.

As the world watches, and I hope continues to pray for the safety and success of the Cuban freedom fighters, here is an explanation of why they’re finally turning on the government (and no, it’s not because of COVID, although it is refreshing to hear Democrats finally admit that Cuba doesn’t have the world’s greatest health care system.) These are the words of Cuban freedom activist Marcell Felipe, who says that no matter what the media try to tell you, “The Cuban people have rejected socialism and the socialist regime for the longest time, both in exile, here in Miami, and directly on the islands”:

“The [regime] controls the means of production. The flip side to the government providing everything is that you depend on the government for everything. So they have every means of control and not just with bullets and threats, but with food. If you protest, we take away your food. And part of what we are seeing is that the government’s inability to provide even the most basic foods is now resulting in the people no longer having anything to lose.”

Instead of Critical Race Theory and other anti-American propaganda, those are words that should be taught to every American school child. Maybe then, they'd stop falling into the trap of believing the scurrilous lie that socialism is “fair” and takes care of everyone.

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