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July 25, 2022



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Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Matthew 5:3 KJV

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Huck’s Criminal Mastermind

Today’s Huck’s Criminal Mastermind is the 23-year-old La Vergne, Tennessee, man who was arrested after police discovered he had two sealed indictments against him related to child rape. They might not have discovered that if they hadn’t needed to run a routine background check on him after he requested to go on a ride-along with police. I assume he did get to find out what it’s like to ride in a police car.


I’ve been wondering when the horrific move to indoctrinate and sexualize children under the guise of LGBTQ rights would finally cause gay people to revolt, and that time may be here, as Megan Fox of PJ Media reports.

Even as social media platforms yield to the demands of the tiny minority and ban the word “groomer,” we all know what’s going on no matter what you call it, and many gay people are fed up with being associated with it. One of them is Jaimee Michell, who started a group called “Gays Against Groomers” that’s growing quickly online.

The group says there are millions of rational gay Americans who “want nothing to do with this Alphabet religion and join the fight with parents and concerned people everywhere to protect children. We also aim to return sanity and reclaim the community we once called our own.” To the wokesters, they wrote, “Stop using our community to shield groomers and pedophiles. We never consented for you to bastardize our name with your sick ideology and behavior…Anyone with an iota of common sense knows this is extremely dangerous and should be illegal to do to minors. It’s time the vast majority stands up and stops playing along with this sick nightmare.”

It's certainly a welcome development, and along with the coming election (let us pray) may be a sign of the end of letting the stub tail wag the dog. There’s more at the link, including a video interview Megan did with Michell, who naturally is getting lots of online hate from all the right people, but I hope knows better than to care.

Proof they are lying

If I told you that Biden Administration officials are lying when they claim to be trying to bring down higwh gas prices to help struggling American families, you might think I’m just launching a partisan attack. So how about if I point you to some quotes that prove they’re lying and when their guard is down, they’ll come right out and gloat over the fact that you’re suffering pain from high gas prices, which has long been their stated goal to force you to stop driving gas-powered cars?

You Can’t Win With Wokeness

The White House is trying to promote the idea of President Biden being strong and vigorous by claiming that he’s continuing to work a busy eight-hour day even while quarantining with COVID. But now, he’s getting attacked from the left for claiming that he’s working while sick. on the ridiculous (and racist) theory that hard work and “urgency” are negative “white” values, a Yale medical professor blasted Biden for working while sick with COVID, saying it “epitomized white supremacy urgency in the workplace.”I could point out this professor is doing the same thing by working while obviously sick in the head, but I’ll just note instead that nobody seriously believes Joe Biden works a busy, eight-hour day, whether sick or healthy. All that story epitomizes is the universal truism that politicians lie.

Missing the boat

Last week, I mentioned that eight New York Times columnists had written articles on the topic of things they’d been horribly wrong about (I know, they could fill the paper with those every day.) I mentioned a couple, like economics savant Paul Krugman missing the boat entirely on inflation, and Bret Stephens realizing how badly he’d slandered Trump voters. Since the Times is behind a paywall, I didn’t want to get too deep into this, but Western Journal has more on their well-deserved mea culpas, and you can read it for free:

Needless emergencies

Karol Markowicz at the New York Post has a good article on how the Democrats, especially President Biden, declare needless “emergencies,” like the “climate change emergency” or the abortion “women’s health emergency,” so they can grab power and impose their agenda without going through Congress, aka “the people’s elected representatives.” They seem to try it these days every time they fail to get what they want from Congress or the courts. Despite all their railing about Trump, this is the real danger to “our democracy.”

As she notes, trying to keep Americans panicked to increase your own power isn’t news. Indeed, it was described about a century ago in one of my favorite, oft-repeated quotes, from newspaper man H.L. Mencken:

“The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) from an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”


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Comments 1-10 of 12

  • Robin Rebhan

    07/28/2022 09:00 AM

    RE: "Proof they are lying". On my way to and from work I have noticed not less vehicles and traffic jams on the road. What I have noticed is in Albany County, NY ( democratic county ) is much longer waits at traffic lights even when there is no traffic from the left or right at intersection. That is traffic being brought to a stop for no reason at all and numerous vehicles burning gas for no reason just waiting for a green light and no vehicles going through the intersection at all from any direction. It was never like this before gas price hikes.
    Just a side note: If I had an all electric car. How do I charge it during a northeast ice or snow storm where we can be out of electric power for a few days to a week or more? And I know you southerners can be out of power for longer periods of time after a big storm or tornado or hurricane. How do you rebuild without gas or diesel powered vehicles and equipment?

  • Jim Greer

    07/26/2022 11:51 AM

    FINALLY!!! Somebody who agrees with me. Jaimee Mitchell said that rather than keep adding letters and symbols onto whatever or whoever certain people “feel” they are or want to be identified with, let’s jus simplify things and call them The Alphabet people.

  • George A Reynolds

    07/26/2022 11:20 AM

    Dr. Deborah Birx, who had been on President Trump's COVID task force (headed by VP Pence), now says the effectiveness of the vaccines (was overplayed". If the vaccines were "overplayed", is the vaccine mandate no longer in effect? Will all those who were fired or released from the military for non-vaccination be restored fully to their jobs?

  • George A Reynolds

    07/26/2022 10:56 AM

    Here is a link to an eye-opening opinion piece by Christopher Adamo, author of _Rules for Defeating Radicals: Countering the Alinsky Strategy in Politics and Culture_ (in case you hadn't seen it already).

  • Harry Winkler

    07/26/2022 08:46 AM

    It is clear from day 1 of the Biden term that Biden wasn't doing anything except signing 17 XO's none, I am sure, that he read or understood. Biden is a 50 year politician that, obviously, thinks like a politician. Trump was a 50 year businessman who thinks like a business man. A businessman moved America forward a politician is sinking democracy. By the way this sham January 6 committee is comprised of 100% politicians. What is so hard to understand. Term limits end of story.

  • Jerry

    07/26/2022 07:13 AM

    The Bible has mentioned Babylon as possibly being America the US and a huge statue of a woman stands in a harbor the stands for freedom today one of the freedoms pornography the sexual revolution the sexual appetite has no boundaries in today’s America children animals same gender sex opposite gender sex it seems as like our borders they have no rules. Within a matter of time America will have a President that worked her way thru the open sex market with sexual encounters with a married man happen all the time today however our possible next President had practiced prostitution to get where she holds the title of Vice President and maybe President. The Bible had predicted centuries ago that the Statue of Liberty maybe the Whore of Babylon imagine Kamala Harris President of the Untied States imagine the disposal of a once great nation we are getting closer to that disaster Americans need not worry about a nuclear waste land the bomb is already in Oval Office

  • Judy Radley

    07/25/2022 08:45 PM

    Also, the Dems. want to keep Biden hidden now, which is so close to the November election. So don't be surprised if we don't hear about any more speeches by Biden until after the November election. The Dems. know they are on really thin ice, caused by climate change of course, and that they will be drowned out if they let Biden talk any more before November elections.

  • Judy Radley

    07/25/2022 08:40 PM

    Maybe the Real reason behind saying Biden has covid, is so that the Dems. can keep him hidden now from making anymore gaffes they call, but what we know as trues blurted out, so that the dems. can keep up their facade of 'caring about democracy' when in reality, they are tearing it down and replacing it with totalitarian communist socialist Marxist govt., everything and anything that is against a Republic government ruled By The People, For The People, and Of The People, and not a government ruled by more government power and control, but a government ruled by less government power and control. Conservatives believe in a government controlled by the reverence to God, and not to man or society. That is how the U.S. Constitution was written and based on, reverence to God, not man. And THAT is why the Democrats are against it, because its basis is based on God's power, not man's. That is also why coinage is inscribed with In God We Trust, because without it, like bitcoin or cryptocurrency, it has no value, just artificial value that can be wiped away by any electrical failure or technical failure, which is also why the Democrats and Soros and et al, are pushing for more artificial value instead of true value. And how do we know Soros didn't get all his billions by stealing from the Jewish people, all the artifacts that he cooperated with in stealing from the Jewish people by Hitler's orders? He knew exactly what he was doing, and got rich from evil means, now he's infected the rest of the free world with his own sickness and disease that he spread that is worse than any covid can cause!

  • David Berry

    07/25/2022 08:16 PM

    Sir, gas might have been $2.39/gallon when Biden was sworn in - but it was $1.89/gallon when he was elected. Of course it started rising because Biden promised to shut off fossil fuels, halting all investments.
    Fossil fuels are a Godsend, think about where we would be without them.
    Love your writings!

  • James Drury Jr.

    07/25/2022 07:33 PM

    Thanks Mike & Staff!