January 25, 2018

It’s always baffled me how politics can override medical common sense. For instance, giving a minor a Tylenol without parental permission can get a school nurse fired, but it’s okay to arrange an abortion for that same minor without even telling her parents. A similar PC force-field has been erected around hormone-based drugs, whether they are given out by clinics or schools for contraception or intended to block puberty in children who think they’re the opposite gender. Doctors who protest that there may be dangerous side effects get attacked for being politically-incorrect.

Well, at the link is a sobering personal testimony from someone who is still suffering serious, even tragic side effects of a hormone drug, and they’ve now touched three generations. Every Halloween, parents fret over someone giving their kids candy laced with drugs. Yet we let authorities hand out hormone drugs like candy to our kids, and we’re not even supposed to question it?


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    01/26/2018 09:22 PM

    Wow, what a sad testimony on our politically correct baloney. Great point, a school nurse can't give out a Tylenol w/o parental permission, but the female student can get an abortion (which will affect her psyche for the rest of her life) without parental knowledge in many states. yah, our priorities aren't screwed up....... Nooo.......

  • Tricia Chancey

    01/25/2018 12:54 PM

    Gov Huckabee
    Thank you for informing us! I have never heard of this but I do believe it.
    Until our President Trump can clean up the deep state, then he can take on the fact that the FDA is controlled by the big pharmaceutical , then we will continue to suffer. I know Dr William Thompson , senior of CDC took heat for coming forward with how our vaccines cause autism!!! Google it. Our government has reached a point to controlling the masses by drugs and whatever means they think is in their best interest. Most of the RX I have taken has done more harm than good. We need to have all naturals covered by our very expensive medical plans ( nothing more than a big pharmaceutical kick back) so we can be cured. Our food is poisoned by Monosanto, then we are given RX to help relieve symptoms but not cure us and all the while our government officials pocket the kick backs!!! Do I have proof? Well, most of society has awaken from this slumber and we are seeing truth!