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January 29, 2024

DC District Attorney Matthew Graves, who oversees all the January 6-related cases, has made no secret of his animosity towards all who participated that day in support of President Trump.  And if you thought the DC jury pool was similarly biased and that it was impossible to get a fair trial there, a new survey shows you were right --- that the level of bias among potential jurors living in Washington DC towards anyone who participated in the January 6 protests is off the charts.

Edward Jacob “Jake” Lang, a January 6 defendant who has been detained in a DC jail for THREE YEARS WITHOUT TRIAL --- that alone should tell you all you need to know --- commissioned the survey by Triton Polling and Research, with the results to be used in court to support a motion for change of venue.  It was paid for through the January 6 Legal Fund, so if you’ve given to the January 6 Legal Fund, you’ve done a good thing.  ALL the J6 defendants deserve a change of venue!  The ones already convicted and sentenced in DC courtrooms who were denied changes of venue should get new trials.

Read the shocking-but-unsurprising poll results here.


RELATED READING:  Speaking of prosecutors infected with Trump Derangement Syndrome, emerging evidence shows that in the “classified documents” case, Special Counsel Jack Smith has collaborated with President Biden’s in-house lawyers and multiple government agencies --- the National Archives (NARA), National Security Council, FBI Counterintelligence, the intel community at large, the Secret Service and the Department of Energy --- going back to 2021.  In a must-read article from Julie Kelly, you’ll also see that the fingerprints of Obama holdover Lisa Monaco, second in command at the DOJ --- well, we theorize first in command --- are on this as well.

As Kelly reports, “...the Biden regime worked behind-the-scenes to initiate the classified documents case,” and she outlines how it was done, through NARA, with whom Biden officials were in “constant communication.”  Well worth your time…

Kelly also details how Fulton County, Georgia, DA Fani Willis received two letters from White House counsel.  And as you know, her “special” special prosecutor, Nathan Wade, met with White House officials twice in 2022, including the same day Attorney General Merrick Garland announced the special counsel appointment.

Smith is trying to keep the various “classified documents” communications under wraps, but let’s hope Florida Judge Aileen Cannon will act on behalf of transparency.  As Kelly writes, “If Cannon permits the unsealing of most of the exhibits the defense filed, the Biden White House will have another crisis on its hands.  And Jack Smith will once again be exposed as nothing more than a partisan tool of the Democratic Party.”

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