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November 22, 2022

So much that’s in the news right now was timed for release immediately AFTER the midterm elections.

Yesterday, in fact, we had a list of these. But for the moment, let’s focus just on stories relating to the authenticity of Hunter Biden’s laptop, the cover-up of that story, and the significance of what was found on it. We’re hearing a lot about the laptop just now because John Paul Mac Isaac, the Delaware computer repair shop owner who came into possession of the abandoned laptop, is doing interviews to promote the book he’s written about his experience, “AMERICAN INJUSTICE: My Battle to Expose the Truth.” The book becomes available from the publisher today, November 22.

After, it should be noted, the midterm elections.

On Monday, Mac Isaac went on FOX News for an interview with Bill Hemmer in which he said he’s been working with members of Congress on their investigation into the laptop that's planned for early next year. He said he’s provided them with clean copies of the laptop’s hard drive and told them about every interaction he’s had with the FBI.

Of course, it’s essential to get to the bottom of what the Biden family was doing with China, Ukraine and other foreign entities. But also, Mac Isaac said, Republicans should hold “the FBI accountable for colluding with our mainstream and social media to block a story, a real story with real consequences.” He expressed optimism about the Republicans who will be running the committees in January and the “resources and tools” they have for investigating this. Just last week, Kentucky Rep. James Comer, who’s expected to chair the GOP-led House Oversight and Reform Committee, said they’ll be investigating not just Hunter but in particular President Biden.

“This committee will evaluate the status of Joe Biden’s relationship with his family’s foreign partners and whether he is a President who is compromised or swayed by foreign dollars and influence,” Comer said. The White House responded as one might expect, by accusing the GOP of trafficking in “long-debunked conspiracy theories” (huh?) and engaging in partisan attacks against the President’s family.

Mac Isaac’s life has forever been changed, simply because an apparently inebriated Hunter Biden dropped off his water-damaged laptop and failed to return to the store for it. The repair technician was afraid for his safety and turned to the FBI. But then, when he saw that they failed to turn over the laptop as exculpatory evidence in President Trump’s impeachment trial, he went to Republicans in Congress and to Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani --- who, incidentally, just got a big “never mind” from investigators who’d tried in vain to find something to charge him with.

No doubt you’ve heard the story Mac Isaac tells about the chilling conclusion to the first visit he received the FBI, an exchange that was probably his first hint that he shouldn’t trust them. He says he joked as they were leaving his shop that he’d change their names when he finally wrote his book about this. “Agent Mike” turned around as they were headed out the door to comment that “in their experience, nothing ever happened to people that don’t talk about these things.”

“I’ve been dealing with retaliation on multiple fronts for the past two years when what I did was leaked to the country,” Mac Isaac said on FOX NEWS. “I’m expecting it, and I’m going to expect it to continue.”

Recall that when Miranda Devine at the NEW YORK POST broke the laptop story just a couple of weeks before the 2020 presidential election, it was suppressed as “Russian disinformation.” Mac Isaac was falsely implicated as a criminal and an agent of Russia and had to close his shop and flee the state.

Last year, Mac Isaac gave an interview to The Lindell Report (yes, the platform run by the MyPillow guy) on how his life had changed. As testament to the magnitude of that change, this was a remote interview from somewhere outside the U.S. The interview starts about 15 minutes in.

CBS NEWS waited until after the midterm elections were over to even admit that the laptop is real. This ridiculously late-to-the-party report is reminiscent of SNL’s old “Weekend Update” joke that Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead.

What a waste of the great Catherine Herridge’s strong journalistic talents to keep that story under wraps for so long. It seems they held her off covering it for TWO YEARS. But on Monday, they spent nearly six whole minutes on the story. Herridge had (finally?) commissioned an independent forensic review of a copy of Hunter’s hard drive given to them by Mac Isaac, and they’d concluded there was no evidence of any tampering.

This was a big turnaround, as CBS, in October 2020, claimed without evidence that the contents of the hard drive had been stolen by Russia. They scoffed at Miranda Devine’s NYP reporting, dismissing it as “suspicious” and saying the “story’s sourcing has also raised questions about its authenticity,” and they praised social media’s censorship of the story because it “contained hacked and private information.”

But even in this new report, Herridge added this disclaimer: “After two years of scrutiny, the laptop has not produced evidence President Biden directly benefited from his son’s business deals.” Really, Catherine, has that aspect of this story been seriously scrutinized? Don’t worry, it certainly is going to be, no matter how many years it takes for CBS NEWS to report on the findings.

The NEW YORK POST's headline writer had some fun with this story.

As reported Thursday, leftist activist David Brock is leaving the Soros-funded anti-free speech organizations Media Matters, American Bridge and other operations to concentrate on fortifying President Biden against the upcoming congressional investigation. To that end, he’ll be serving as president of Facts First USA, which will attack Republicans involved in the oversight.

Hunter's attorney, Chris Clark, told CBS NEWS that Mac Isaac did not have Hunter’s “consent to access his computer data or share it with others.” Good luck with that argument; there’s boilerplate legal copy on the paper he signed to drop the laptop off that, from what Mac Isaac says, covers him. And, of course, the laptop had been abandoned by Hunter for over 90 days; he hadn’t come for it or paid his bill.
Oh, by the way, if the name Chris Clark sounds familiar, perhaps you're recalling a story we did about his eyebrow-raising connection to the 'Justice' Department. Clark's with Latham & Watkins, a firm that apparently works full-time defending Democrats.  The current head of the DOJ's Criminal Division (appointed the day Biden was inaugurated), Nicholas McQuaid, used to be a partner with Clark there, and they worked on cases together.
Anyway, CBS co-host Gayle King mused, “Hmm...could be a lesson to pay your bills. $85 could have changed everything had the bill been paid.” And I’ll bet she and just about every other Democrat wishes he’d paid it so everything on the laptop would’ve remained secret. But that to me is the most thought-provoking part of this story, as it suggests that what we happen to learn about what goes on in Washington DC is surely just the tip of the iceberg. If Hunter had just thought to drop by the shop, pay the $85 and pick up his laptop, we never would’ve known about anything that was on it. How much else don’t we know?

Not surprisingly, Glenn Greenwald has the perfect take on the media’s cover-up of the laptop story. It would be well worth your time to follow his long thread, presented here…

Greenwald notes that not one media outlet that spread the CIA pre-election lie about the laptop being “Russian disinformation” has retracted it. (You’d think some of them might, now that even the midterms are safely over.) Talk about election interference –- did you ever see this short video spreading that lie?

Greenwald has other examples of unrepentant media bias; I hope you'll check out his entire thread. As he says, “Watch one lie after the next from liberal media corporations --- liberal pundits who always claim they need to censor the internet to stop disinformation when ‘they’ are its most destructive purveyors of it. Not one of these scumbags acknowledged their lie.”

Finally, legal professor Jonathan Turley has an excellent piece about the Associated Press’s ludicrous denial of any evidence that Joe Biden discussed Hunter’s business dealings. The AP is trying so hard to insulate the President from this multi-million-dollar influence peddling operation, it’s just embarrassing.

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