December 2, 2019

Hop, hop, hop! The kangaroos running this impeachment court are hopping like mad. To make the biggest jump of all --- the impeachment itself --- they have to build substantial momentum.

Hop! On Monday, members of the House Intelligence Committee are expected to view Adam Schiff’s draft of their impeachment report.

Hop, hop! On Tuesday, the Committee is scheduled to vote on the report.

Hop, hop, hop! On Wednesday, the House Judiciary Committee, chaired by Jerrold Nadler, holds its first hearing, using the Intel Committee's draft to “consider formal charges.” The committee will bring in four "academic" types to explore the Constitutional grounds for impeachment. That should be rich; there will be no actual evidence; just lots of speech-ifying to stoke Democrats’ partisan desires. At this writing, the Republicans have been allowed one such witness, one out of four, to argue the other side; perhaps they will be given more, but I guess it’s up to Nadler, who seems to be making the rules up as he goes along, just as Schiff did.

Over a couple of weeks, the House Intel Committee heard from twelve witnesses, 30 hours total, but all were “hearsay” witnesses except for U.S. Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland, who might be better described as a “presumption” witness. He didn’t know that the President desired a quid pro quo; he simply presumed. This after the President had told him in no uncertain terms that he wanted “ quid pro quo.” It was from Trump's own mouth: He wanted Ukrainian President Zelensky to “just do the right thing.”

Nadler sent a letter to the White House informing them his committee has set a deadline of this Friday to say whether or not the President will be participating in the hearings by having counsel present, cross-examining witnesses or presenting exculpatory evidence. Ranking Republican member Doug Collins of Georgia also received a letter asking him if the Republicans want to subpoena any witnesses to testify on the President’s behalf. Friday is also the day for Republicans on the Judiciary Committee to introduce any exculpatory evidence and to declare the witnesses they plan to call. (!!!)

The following Monday, the Judiciary Committee is scheduled to “consider the referrals.” Gosh, think they’ll decide to impeach Trump? The suspense is killing me. (To give an idea of the larger picture, this is also the day that Inspector General Michael Horowitz releases his report on the FBI and FISA court, and two days before he testifies before the Senate.)

All of this has been scheduled when neither the President nor the Republicans on the Judiciary Committee have even seen the Intelligence Committee report and don’t know who Nadler's impeachment witnesses will be. Once that is known, they will have mere hours to put a case together. Some are arguing that any participation in this sham by the President, even just sending an attorney, tends to legitimize the process. Others say there is nothing the President can do that will legitimize this lousy and utterly partisan process and that it would be foolhardy not to have a lawyer present. Incredibly, he’s been denied any legal representation at all until now.

But in breaking news Sunday night, counsel to the President Pat Cipollone showed that he falls into that first camp.  He has sent a four-page response to Nadler's letter, refusing to participate in this week's impeachment hearings.  In a scathing reply --- and we know he can write one --- he said that "...this baseless and highly partisan inquiry violates all past historical precedent, basic due process rights, and fundamental fairness..."  It goes on:  "You scheduled this initial hearing --- no doubt purposely --- during the time that you know the President will be out of the country attending the NATO Leaders Meeting in have given no information regarding your plans, set arbitrary deadlines, and then demanded a response, all to create the false appearance of providing the President some rudimentary process."

White House: Trump will not take part in Judiciary Committee’s impeachment hearing

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Comments 1-25 of 54

  • Betty

    12/03/2019 11:35 PM

    It saddens me to see this sham impeachment hearing put out by Democrats. They can’t do anything on their own to help our nation but play false games. They are shameless.

  • rodney burke

    12/03/2019 10:10 PM

    refusal is smart. There is no reason to tell this joke anything. They have nothing and will GET nothing. DT should hold them in utter contempt as that is how they regard not only him but us as well. Nadler will drive the final wedge and his impeachment dreams will dissipate like smoke from a fire. The plan is about to implode and we all can laugh ourselves silly when it does.

  • Ken Rumbarger

    12/03/2019 02:02 PM

    Could this process have gotten anywhere near this far without the complicity of CNN, WaPo & NYT? Among others. I used to think our government had to become like Russia before our media could become like TASS, Pravda & Izvestia. With our usual American ingenuity we have managed to do it the other way around.

  • Alan Doud

    12/03/2019 01:45 PM

    I am so tired of this impeachment threat hanging over our heads. I was a former democrat supporter and trust me I am done with their cheating, lying and deceiving nonsense. They made their own rules with the last administration. Over the years their propaganda has served them well. However, I hope the people will wake up. Knowing how loyal democrats can be it is unlikely that they will recognise the dangers ahead supporting these folks.

  • Donna Stepp

    12/03/2019 08:17 AM

    Very frightening...the rule of law is under attack. This impeachment sham undermines our entire system of laws which in turn destroys the republic. The will of the people is being overthrown by a few. We are being intimidated into compliance with all that we do not stand for - justice, laws, innocent until proven guilty, individual freedom of expression & beliefs ---Very sad!

  • Daniel Frawley

    12/03/2019 05:50 AM

    The White House should not participate in the house's farce of an inquiry.

  • Renee Nunamaker

    12/03/2019 02:45 AM

    I agree with President Trump he has made the right choice I am fed up with the socialist democrats it’s over.

  • Gary Stilwell

    12/02/2019 11:31 PM

    A valiant rebuttal by the counsel---but, why didn't the statement include the fact that the whole thing violates the Constitution---Article II, section 5

  • Carl Smith

    12/02/2019 10:07 PM

    In Reply to Kay DeWitt comments-Amen for Dobson sharing his message. The problem is the Pulpit was silenced by the 36th POTUS by Threats to remove the Church's Tax Exemption. [ One little freedom at a time goes unnoticed UNTIL].Then add that the 'Press' ( aka the Media) is totally Corrupted by Group Think and seem to all be reading from the same Socialist Play List. It's become a sport--I can Out Lie your Lie with a bigger fabrication.

  • Sharon Anderson

    12/02/2019 09:58 PM

    This disgusts me more every day! The Democrats do not care about anything dealing with the American people. They are such fakes. Need to be replaced.

  • Carl Smith

    12/02/2019 09:50 PM

    I am losing confidence in Even FOX News and am having to resort to Fox Business for unbiased Facts. Letting a Leftist distort the timeline of events and read between the lines is akin to Shifty Schiff Faking a monologue of the phone call, I know Fox is having a hard time finding enough leftist morons to quiz but they have thier paid regulars to rely on.
    I understand that MS Kwong of Newsweek was Fired while the Editor Skated? Can't even cover your mistakes with rewrites anymore?

  • joseph orsini PhD

    12/02/2019 07:53 PM

    The evidence thus far has been anti-Trump. Cipollone should present exculpatory evidence so it will be picked up by the press so the public will hear it. All the bad-mouthing Trump has received for 3 years is adding up.

  • joseph orsini PhD

    12/02/2019 07:49 PM

    Ukraine investigation = "SOMETHING OF VALUE"? ONLY if it finds Biden is doing wrong. If the investigation cannot find anything, or finds he is innocent, then it is not valuable, it is costly!

  • Paulette Taylor

    12/02/2019 07:32 PM

    If Congressman Nadler wants an expert witness on the Constitutional definition of impeachment, then he should call Alan Derschowitz. Better yet, the Senate Republicans should consult the LEGAL Constitutional expert.

  • Sarah Faith Snyder Buntin

    12/02/2019 07:16 PM

    Oh Yea, Another Witch Hunt! On The Tax Payers Dollars! Nader said, after his inquiry he was going to recommend impeachment. Where is the Due Process in That? No Biases here?

  • Kay DeWitt

    12/02/2019 06:42 PM

    Years ago, a pastor of the church where I was attending and playing my violin, said to me, "there 's always a tear in your music," and what just made me think OF this just now is that it occurred to me that, whatever I write in these comments, "there's always a tear", IN my comment, for our dying kids....

    Here in Charlotte we hear of a kid being shot to death every three days and so as the temperature of my grief rises with every additional loss of one of our (His) kids, so does the temperature of my righteous rage rise every time I hear of one more thing the Democrats are doing to reach their goal of impeachment!

    AND, I will keep saying this until I am blue in the face.....The fact THAT the Democrats HAVE as their goal their desire to destroy a man rather than having, as their goal, to try and do something to stop our kids FROM destroying one another is, from GOD'S perspective, a far graver crime than ANY they can accuse President Trump of!

    James Dobson reechoed what is my cry when he wrote, in May of this year:
    "Let me speak candidly and passionately to people of faith throughout these United States of America. We must not remain silent as our historic liberties are gutted by the Democrats. They wIll enslave us if they prevail! We must let our voices be heard, first in the U.S. Senate and then to the world. Viva liberty! Viva biblical values and beliefs. And woe to those who would try to take them from us." ..............SO I WILL CLOSE MY COMMENT BY ASKING.....

    How many say a rousing amen TO Dr. Dobson? And how many feel moved to action TO get our voices heard?...and to be GOD'S mouthpiece to our sinsick world?

  • Patrick McClurkin

    12/02/2019 06:40 PM

    Thank you and be sure to recap Act II of this pompous farce since none of will be watching!

  • Jerry Korba

    12/02/2019 06:34 PM

    The only people that should take part in Nadler's Farce show would be Independents people that are Conservatives need not waste their time we are above this the Independents may want one chance just to make sure that the Left are not about to help them or they can't China will not allow them to represent America as a country with a Constitution China is driving the Left it is easy to see some people do not recognize what Communism looks like Hong Kong can wake up Americans! China wants you!

  • Dorothy Mintz

    12/02/2019 06:21 PM

    Mike this is really a question about President Trump going to Afghanistan with Melania also going with him as stated in your piece about it. I simply did not see anywhere else that she went with him although I know Mike Pence and his wife went to Iraq together.
    Thanks and God Bless you and your family keep up the good work.

  • Charles W. Barnes

    12/02/2019 04:57 PM

    If this is act II coming up and it isn't any better than act I, I think it would be well if act II would be cancelled. The two main actors feel better of themselves than they do about the balance of the cast

  • Helen Tritt

    12/02/2019 04:04 PM

    I wonder if the idiots in the left aisle know how to spell "witness" so they can look up the definition in the dictionary. Not one "witness" has confirmed any of the ongoing LIES ABOUT BEING A WITNESS TO ANY SCENARIO DESCRIBED. Please PRAY TO GOD that the criminals running this nefarious impeachment ORDEAL may SOON BE REPLACED BY A HUMAN WITH BRAINS!

  • Robert

    12/02/2019 03:20 PM

    Everyone says they have not broken any law, but what happen (50 years ago) if you even looked wrong at the president the FBI was at your house, so I still think they the Dems have broken laws. Put they in jail.
    Thank you for reading Gov. and man of the cloth God be with you. We love your show, keep it coming.

  • Glenn Molenaar

    12/02/2019 03:13 PM

    I think it is time to retire a bunch of loosers they wanted more pay for what? They have wasted millions of dollars on this phony impeachment SHOW. If they are so tired of a Great USA they need to hop a one way flight to Cuba or Venezuela and live the lifestyle they want for all the commoners here in the Great USA.

  • Beverley J Martin

    12/02/2019 02:35 PM

    THANK YOU dear Mr.Huckabee for taking time each day to voice your insightful view of what’s going on. As usual, you areRIGHT ON, and I so do enjoy your humor and your truthfulness. God Bless you and yours.

  • James Evart

    12/02/2019 02:14 PM

    Mike, would you mind referring to our President as our "President" instead of only using his last name? It demeans him and the office he holds while he is faithfully executing his office. Using only his last name only increases partinship, playing into the hands of those who hate and oppose him. Whether or not he has endured much pain, redicule and hatred from those who oppose him, he still deserves the honor of the office he holds and has so faithfully served in. Even Obama, while serving as our President, deserved the honor of the office he held even though personally, I could not stand the man and his deciet. Our current President richly deserves our gratitude and praise for loving and serving this country faithfully. The other did not.