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August 16, 2022



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Sad anniversary

Today marks 45 years since the world lost the “King of Rock and Roll,” Elvis Presley. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long because his image and music are still such a constant presence in our lives. For instance, right now, one of the biggest movies at the current box office is the biopic, “Elvis.”

There’s a new book out that purportedly reveals some of the health issues he was dealing with in his final days before he died at 42, which now seems astonishingly young, considering all that he accomplished in such a short life.

But as sad as this anniversary may be, Elvis fans like me prefer to focus on the positive, and all the joy and great music Elvis brought to us. That’s why this week is designated as “Elvis Week,” a week to celebrate his life and art. So be sure to tune in to “Huckabee” on TBN this weekend, when I’ll have the perfect guests to help us do just that.

Frantic spin

For example, first they accused him of trying to cover up his alleged foul deeds by not releasing the search warrant documents. They’d barely made that accusation before Trump called for all of the legal documents to be made public and Breitbart published the warrant. So they turned on a time and accused him of leaking it to Breitbart to dox the FBI agents whose names were on the warrant, information that would have become public record the second it was released anyway.

Why, yes, these are the same people who are fine with doxing conservatives, even revealing the home addresses and schools of the children of Supreme Court Justices they don’t like.

Then Trump said they took his passports. First, they called him a liar. After the FBI admitted they took three passports, the media quickly pivoted and accused Trump of whining because two of the passports were expired anyway. So the real story is “Trump didn’t know his passport expiration dates off the top of his head, what a LOSER!” instead of “Why did the FBI take three passports, especially if their search warrant was specifically for classified government documents?”

The way this is playing out, I would suggest that upon taking power, the new GOP Congress that will be investigating this mess demand that the passports be yanked from everyone who’s had a hand in it, so they can't flee to Rio.

And you liberal media people might want to sit down. It’s obvious that all that spinning is making you even dizzier.

FBI admits "over-collecting" evidence in "GET TRUMP" action

Oops! In breaking news, the FBI has admitted it “over-collected” evidence in its raid on Mar-A-Lago. John Solomon has the story, saying he’s confirmed the ‘Justice’ Department called someone on Trump’s legal team and said they were “obligated” to return Trump’s passports and other items “outside the scope of the subpoena.” They also acknowledge that there may be privileged materials that will have to be segregated and returned.
Some FBI agents have told Solomon that this warrant was already “remarkably broad.” We see from what they took that this raid was characterized by a “lack of precision.” (Well, it was TRUMP, so who cares?)

While some top legal analysts are thinking the raid on President Trump’s home was to find “evidence” tying him to the January 6 riot, there’s something else they might have been looking for --- to hide.

It may be that the ‘Justice’ Department’s interest, at least in part, was in documents involving the Russia Hoax --- and their role in furthering it. This observation comes from Kash Patel, whom Trump designated as his representative to the National Archives. Patel says they’ve been locked in a “bureaucratic battle” over documents. As the WASHINGTON EXAMINER reported, “Because there appears to be an ‘ongoing’ investigation, [Patel] argued, ‘you will never be allowed to see the Russiagate docs or any other docs that President Trump lawfully declassified, and they will hide it from the public.’”

Trump was apparently declassifying documents relating to the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane investigation, and he certainly had the authority to do so. But some are claiming he didn’t follow the “formal process.”

When Patel appeared with Devin Nunes on SUNDAY MORNING FUTURES this weekend, it was noted that the same cast of characters involved in the Russia Hoax has been “promoted up” and is currently working at the White House and DOJ. Certainly those same people are behind this, too. Recall that Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco, Biden national security adviser Jake Sullivan, and Biden domestic policy adviser Susan Rice were mentioned as the “big three,” but there are more swamp creatures, notably attorney Michael Atkinson, acting Assistant Attorney General Mary McCord, and John Carlin, who was chief of staff to Robert Mueller at the FBI and now reports to Lisa Monaco. Michael Atkinson is the lawyer who kicked off Trump’s first impeachment by introducing the bogus letter of complaint from “whistleblower” Eric Ciaramella about Trump’s phone call with Ukrainian President Zelenskyy.

We’ve long wondered how some individuals –- Chris Wray particularly –- got recommended for appointments in the Trump administration. This piece explains: “...None of it could have been carried out if there was not someone very close to President Trump, someone very much participating in the effort, who was whispering in his ear about making appointments that were specifically designed to allow the effort to continue.” So...who is THAT? We don’t know, but surely Trump does.

For when you have time, the piece is a must-read. “No action took place inside Main Justice that was not controlled by this group. Nothing,” it says.

Of course, the President is supposed to have unilateral authority to declassify documents. This report from the WASHINGTON EXAMINER suggests how difficult it was for Trump to get cooperation from the DOJ in the so-called declassification “process.” At one point, Trump reportedly just said, “I hereby declassify the remaining materials in the binder. This is my final determination under the declassification review and I have directed the Attorney General to implement the redactions proposed in the FBI’s January 17 submission and return to the White House an appropriately redacted copy.”

One of the items recovered in the raid of Mar-A-Lago was a binder of materials. I wonder if it was the same one?

Trump said Monday that agents confiscated three passports (two apparently were expired) during the Mar-A-Lago raid. “This is an assault on a political opponent at a level never seen before in our Country. Third World!” And, truly, what do they think he is, a flight risk?

We continue to see reports that Magistrate Judge Bruce Reinhart signed a warrant that allowed agents to search Trump’s office and “all storage rooms and all other rooms or areas within the premises used or available to be used by POTUS and his staff.” In other words, the whole place. As for materials that should have been covered by attorney-client privilege, FOX NEWS reported that the ‘Justice’ Department “denied a request by Trump’s legal counsel to have a third party review the documents.”

We join legal experts and President Trump himself in calling for the affidavit --- the document that was supposed to spell out “probable cause” to Judge Reinhart --- to be released, unredacted. Now we see that the ‘Justice’ Department is still trying to keep it under seal. Assistant U.S. Attorney Juan Antonio Gonzalez said that making the underlying affidavit public would risk “the integrity of an ongoing law enforcement investigation that implicates national security.” Sorry, Mr. Gonzalez, but it’s far too late ro risk damaging the integrity of this investigation. I, for one, don’t think national security is imperiled at all. I think law enforcement is trying to protect the security of its own backside.

We’d better not complain too loudly, though, about the raid or the documents being withheld. Why, the “journalists” on CNN will go after us for “aiming to malign” the FBI. Brian Stelter said, “The reason I’m bringing it up, let’s just call it what it is, MAGA media’s hatred of government is reaching a new high. When you have a combination of these FBI stories and the IRS getting a lot more funding, this a new peak in terms of that anti-government sentiment. So it’s no wonder that there’s concerns inside government about security and about threats.”

Stelter greatly exaggerated the connection between the alleged attacker at an FBI field office and his posting on Trump’s social media platform, Truth Social. Actually, he had only been on the platform for a few days.

As you know, we don’t condone violence at all. But do the idiots at CNN ever think about WHY there might be a surge in threats against the FBI right about now? They’ve lost their minds.

The DAILY CALLER also reports that a group of conservative organizations has written an open letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland and FBI Director Christopher Wray, rebuking both for politicizing their respective agencies. The letter demanded the release of “all documents related to the raid on President Trump’s home in Florida as well as the confiscation of Congressman Scott Perry’s cellphone,” stating both actions “undermined the rule of law in America.”

“In overseeing these actions,” the letter said, “you and FBI Director Christopher Wray have grossly failed in your mission to oversee an impartial and equal application of the law.”

Finally, Margot Cleveland has done it again, with an amazing story tracing the raid on Trump’s home back in time, at least to the beginning of this year, when the National Archives retrieved 15 boxes of materials from Mar-A-Lago, with Trump representatives “continuing to search” for more records. This retrieval, done under the direction of David Ferriero, was supposed to take only records related to the duties of the President. Records NOT to be included were diaries, journals or personal notes, “not prepared or utilized for, or circulated or communicated in the course of, transacting Government business.” Also NOT to be included were “materials relating to private political associations” or “relating exclusively to the President’s own election to the office of the Presidency.”

Cleveland’s piece goes through the negotiating (and leaking) process finally leading to the search warrant. And, just as we suspected, after the raid took place and wasn’t, shall we say, well received, DOJ leakers spun the “nuclear secrets” tale. She explains how we may deduce, in part by contrasting the treatment of Trump vs. that of Hillary and Obama, that “the DOJ’s launching of a criminal investigation --- and its use of a grand jury --- to target former President Trump was a political witch hunt.”

“No matter the excuse provided for the raid,” she says, “...the reality remains that the Biden administration launched an unnecessary grand jury criminal investigation into Trump based on a referral from a partisan archivist [Ferriero]. And all Americans of goodwill see the obvious difference in the government’s treatment of Clinton, Obama and Trump, proving the purpose of the investigation was to ‘get Trump’ and not the documents.”

Finally, once again, here’s where to go at FOX NEWS for updates on the aftermath of the Mar-A-Lago raid.

Another California recall effort fails

My condolences to all the people of Los Angeles who will be killed, raped or robbed between now and November, 2024, when they’ll finally get a chance to vote their far-left, criminal-loving and releasing DA George Gascon out of office. The petition effort to get a recall of Gascon on the ballot failed under highly dubious circumstances.

I already wrote about the petitioners fighting the county Registrar-Recorder’s attempts to conduct the signature verification process in a closed room with no monitors. Now, the office has announced that even though the petitions had nearly 716,000 signers, the RR disqualified nearly 200,000 for various reasons, meaning it fell short of the 566,857 needed to get on the ballot.

A previous check of the petitions found a far smaller bad signature rate, but the county disqualified a whopping 28% of them. By contrast, the same office disqualified only 2% of signatures as non-matching on mail-in ballots in the 2018 general election. I can only imagine what Stacey Abrams would say if a Republican won an election due to officials disqualifying 28% of the ballots for his black Democrat opponent.

In response, Gascon tweeted, “Grateful to move forward from this attempted political power grab-rest assured LA County, the work hasn’t stopped. My primary focus has been & will always be keeping us safe & creating a more equitable justice system for all. I remain strongly committed to that work & to you.”

Oh, I’m sure his work hasn’t stopped. People like this guy sure hope so:

Better put more locks on your doors and look into whatever shards of the Second Amendment you’re still allowed to exercise in L.A. And until 2024, let this be a very hard lesson for Los Angeles voters: be diligent in learning who and what you’re voting for BEFORE you fill out the ballot. You might also want to look into getting a new Registrar-Recorder.


Rushdie Update

The more we learn about the young man who “allegedly” (he’s pleaded not guilty) stabbed Salman Rushdie multiple times in front of a crowd that had to pull him off the author, the less this is looking like he’s a lone wolf who just suddenly took it into his head to attack Rushdie for no specific reason. Although I’m sure the media will continue to pretend to be utterly baffled about his possible motive.

Latest Trump news

Latest news to undermine the “Trump had dangerous nuclear secrets so it was urgent to raid his house right away to save America” narrative:

The Wall Street Journal reports that AG Merrick Garland deliberated for weeks over whether to approve the application for a warrant to search Trump’s home.

So they waited 18 months and then deliberated for weeks on whether to ask for a warrant that wasn’t served for days to retrieve documents that it was urgent must be returned RIGHT NOW or the world might blow up! Sure, that sounds plausible.

And in case you missed it: If Republicans criticize the FBI raid of Mar-A-Lago, Democrats and their flying monkeys of the media will accuse them of attacking law enforcement (pretty rich, coming from the “defund the cops, they’re all racists” crowd.) But here’s a reminder that the corruption in that agency didn’t just suddenly spring up last week at Donald Trump’s house.


This Should Boost His Approval Rating

President Biden is fighting back against Republican complaints about the new Democrat bill that hires 87,000 IRS agents. He claims the massively increased audits will not target small business owners, farmers, ranchers and others earning less than $400,000 a year. To back that up, he got three former IRS Commissioners to vouch for the agency’s integrity. Because if there’s anyone the American people trust…

Maybe he could get Lois Lerner to testify about how the IRS never targets people for their political views.

Other Democrats and their ventriloquist dummies in the media are also ridiculing Republican concerns about giving $80 billion to the IRS to hire 87,000 new agents and tax auditors.

As you can see at the link, they call such concerns “ridiculous,” “preposterous” (that’s a lot of polysyllabic words, considering their target audience), and “a load of malarkey.” That last Bidenesque phrase came from California Rep. Katie Porter after she was asked by MSNBC to “fact-check” the Republican claims about the IRS. So now you know what MSNBC considers to be a “fact-check.” 

Connecticut Rep. Jim Hines said, "This notion that IRS auditors are somehow black helicopter, AR-15 wielding police officers that are going to come down your chimney and go after you—it’s utter nonsense." I direct him to the recent story about the IRS buying up $700,000 worth of bullets and advertising for job applicants who are capable of carrying a firearm and willing “to use deadly force, if necessary.

And of course, the media parroted this balloon juice for their masters. NBC’s Chuck Todd mocked, "I think Chuck Grassley was one of them, I heard others who were suddenly like conflating and the IRS agents are going to suddenly act like FBI agents when they come—and you know my answer to people afraid of more IRS agents is, well, you know, then don’t cheat on your taxes." Funny, I remember when people who didn’t commit serious crimes didn’t have to worry about the FBI showing up at their homes carrying guns. And CNN’s Brian Stelter said of the concerns about the IRS’s massive expansion, “MAGA media’s hatred of government is reaching a new high."

Okay, then, I’d like to point out to the IRS that it’s reported that Chuck Todd and Brian Stelter both make an annual salary of $1 million, and that Todd’s net worth is estimated at $2 million and Stelter’s at $10 million. Therefore, they are squarely in the pool of people you are supposed to be targeting for audits. Get to work giving them a financial colonoscopy.

But Chuck and Brian, don’t worry. There’s no reason to be concerned if you don’t cheat on your taxes.


Interesting stories

We’ve been so preoccupied recently with the descent of the US into a banana republic that we’ve let a couple of interesting stories slide by that deserve your notice, or at least your derisive laughter. Like the one about the Atlantic writer who tried to equate the Catholic Rosary to an AR-15 rifle.

In leftists’ tiny, fevered brains, all religious believers are dangerous fanatics plotting to take over the government so they can impose their warped religion on everyone else by force. Or maybe that’s just gaslighting propaganda to cover up the fact that that’s exactly what they are doing while accusing us of it.

And in another story too crazy to pass up, Harpeth Hall, an elite, all-girls college prep academy near Nashville, set off a backlash among parents by announcing that it would accept admission applications from “any student who identifies as a girl.”

But inevitably, knuckling under to insane woke trends only breeds impenetrable confusion. The school tried to reassure parents that it was still focused solely on girls by adding that any student who “communicates a desire to be identified as male or adopt he/him pronouns” may not be served well at Harpeth Hall.

So because they are focused solely on serving girls, any male who identifies as a girl can attend, but any actual girl who identifies as a male may not. I haven’t seen anyone this confused since our newest Supreme Court Justice tried to define what a “woman” is.


Add to the list of multi-vaxxed and boosted COVID-positive people the CEO of Pfizer (maker of the vaccines) and as of this morning, First Lady Jill Biden. I don’t know if she’ll have to quarantine. Who will help the President wrestle his jacket on?

In all sincerity, of course, we wish both of them a full and speedy recovery. But have you noticed lately that with all these announcements of prominent people getting COVID, there hasn’t been the sense of worry, fear and potential doom that such news used to elicit? 

That’s because, despite the continuing fear mongering of many people (including those who’ve recovered from COVID themselves), we are beyond that. We now have treatments, and many people have either been vaccinated or already had COVID (or, despite earlier "expert" claims, both) and have some degree of immunity or protection. The strains of COVID may be more contagious, but are weaker, which is typical of viruses, and was accurately predicted long ago by many medical professionals who were censored on social media for spreading “disinformation.”

In light of all these new realizations, last week, the CDC quietly changed its COVID guidance. Among the once strictly-enforced policies that have now been reversed are the “six foot rule” (which we said at the time was pulled out of thin air and based on no real science at all), testing and quarantining for people who test positive but have no symptoms, most mask mandates, and preferential treatment for those who are vaccinated.

That last one resulted in many Americans losing their jobs and well-earned military benefits, and it was grossly unfair. We’re now starting to see a number of lawsuits over that, at least one of which by employees of a large health care group has already been successful. 

Another CDC change is admitting that prior infection provides some immunity, a claim that used to get you banned from social media. Denial of that fact led to many medical professionals being fired for declining vaccines, despite the fact that they had already been infected while they were heroically acting as first responders. Their shameful treatment by the government, media and their employers was another gross injustice that must be rectified.

The backlash against COVID overreach also includes a group of highly credentialed doctors and scientists who are suing the Biden Administration for colluding with social media platforms to censor their free speech. They were blocked for expressing informed opinions about COVID that varied from official CDC narratives and were accused of spreading dangerous “disinformation,” when we now know they were correct. 

Yeah, that’s the problem with declaring that everything you believe is objectively true and anything that questions it is “disinformation” or a “big lie.” Wonder if there are any other areas where that might apply?

Finally, the long-overdue COVID backlash must also include an investigation by the upcoming (we hope and pray) Republican Congress into what happened to those trillions of dollars in “COVID relief” funds that the Democrats voted to spend. They apparently just dissipated into the air like virus droplets after a strong sneeze.

Math can be lethal

Math has never been a friend to leftists, but as this article at the American Thinker makes clear, math is a lethal weapon when applied to President Biden’s pipe dream of destroying the oil and gas industries and forcing everyone into electric cars.


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  • Jerry

    08/17/2022 10:16 AM

    Manchin and the Dems did not disappoint the bill signed yesterday a fraudulent title of the bill is the normal template of democratic policies and doing business fraud dishonest it is what I expect from this anti American party the senate is a collection of anti American policies that includes many RiNOS

  • Jerry

    08/17/2022 09:17 AM

    The democrats have found their perfect candidate to run for president in lizard Cheney the trump hating American hating loser would be perfect for the Democratic Party she has a bit more intelligence than Harris whom has zero likeably a huge revenge agenda and her hate factor is at the top of the charts this miserable life hating prospect would be the perfect person for the democratic wish list for president the deep state could rest while lizard lis does all the dismantling of America on her own and her dad could help with all his experience of finding weapons of mass destruction fame another hater from another generation there she is Obama go get her

  • Joseph Stonelake

    08/17/2022 08:49 AM

    This PROVES it was and is a HUNTING EXPIDATION!!!

  • Jerry

    08/17/2022 08:18 AM

    Democrats do not want to make America great they want revenge for making America great president trump made America great democrats have a hate crime mentality against Americans living a great life or a good life the democrats wants a good life for themselves only. Hispanics are viewing this and disagree with that policy I am hopeful every American citizen would want a good life for all the good life for all makes this the most powerful country on the planet Americans again can be more helpful to all today the American is struggling to help themselves

  • Jerry

    08/17/2022 07:57 AM

    Minneapolis public school district wants racial discrimination to continue,the community of a black population does not believe non black people can teach black students to read and perform the basic education requirements to complete the credits to graduate. The community may have a point with the Minneapolis school system having students for 12 years and reading at an elementary level the community needs a reason to why the students are out performed by other school districts around the state. To fire non black teachers makes so much sense the tactic should create positive new results quickly time will tell .

  • James Drury Jr.

    08/17/2022 06:35 AM

    Thanks Mike & Staff!

  • Edward Peterson

    08/17/2022 12:14 AM

    We haven’t heard anything about the Durham investigation in ages. Is it dead.

  • Paul Kern

    08/16/2022 10:32 PM

    What a mess both parties have created. Time to retake the Bastille! Out here in Washington the never Trumpers are coming out with the left's talking points. Heard from a couple. Boy are they a sorry angry bunch. I served during during Vietnam. One foolish enough to call me a fake veteran! I was honest and called him a Satanist. That is who this bunch actually worship! Like termites they need to be sent to a secure facility. All 3 letter agencies must be disbanded if enough take over at the polls. With God's help we will

  • Judy Radley

    08/16/2022 10:10 PM

    Since back in the days when George W Bush was President, anything the opposition said, remember the Congress was run by Democrats then too? That what they would say, was the opposite of what they plan to do, i.e. 'Leave No Child Behind' education act. There were more children left behind because the powers that be, were RINO's and didn't support President Bush's plan.

    And when Obama was president, 'my healthcare plan would help all families save money and have great healthcare' quote.. sort of, then healthcare was rationed and in order to get the best, it cost you the most money for the highest tier of healthcare coverage, but with less quality, which if left alone and NOT changed, it would have been quality and quantity healthcare.

    Oh, and the IRS targeting Conservatives, I remember the IRS was to 'make sure every one paid their fair share' of taxes....but what did happen? Non-profits and Conservatives were targeted and made to pay more in taxes, and non-profits were no longer tax-free charities, they had to all pay fees, i.e. taxes in real words, and the churches had to show business plans, what the ministers were going to preach every Sunday beforehand, etc., in order to be approved by the Federal Govt. to even give a sermon.

    And today, anything that the current dictators in D.C. say, I always believe that the opposite of what they say, will be the truth. They are telling the truth, but in a way that is spun to tell a lie, and make people believe it is truth. The dictators in D.C. have made, blackmailed, the media to repeat the lies, or else! They are the misinformation dictators' mouthpiece.

    I wish more people would learn like I did, when I did, (in the 1990's) whenever a Democrat says 'they won't' or 'law won't', or 'bill won't', the opposite is true. And I have always found it to work, my logic, when I hear what a Democrat has said.

    And unfortunately, I don't think we can get out of the 'quicksand' now, the damage has been done, and it will take at least 2 generations, maybe more, to get America to where it was when President Trump was our Greatest Leader yet. (If America still exists by then.)

    I still vote for Conservative Republicans, ALWAYS, and NEVER for a RINO or supposed Republican who appears on the same line as a Democrat, like 'Working Family' or 'Independent' candidate, because it is telling that they are a RINO, and can be swayed by Democrats, and not a true Conservative Republican that will stand UP against Democrats and Far Left Radicals.

    I'm 62 years old, and have voted in EVERY General Election since I was 18, for President of the U.S.A., and I have learned by experience, how to read a ballot before marking my votes. And will ALWAYS vote in person, not that THAT guarantees my vote is counted now, thanks to the current dictator's coup d' e` tat of 2020, but I still will continue to vote in person only, until I am dead and gone. Then my life will be in the ultimate, perfect life, in Heaven with God. (But I am not going to speed up that journey, will wait patiently until God calls me home.)

  • sandra brians

    08/16/2022 09:59 PM

    I can hardly wait for an armed agent to break down my door and finish the harassment they began in 2020. I owed nothing and was 83 yrs old.