August 21, 2018

The Democrats’ and the media’s (pardon my redundancy) attempts to “Bork” Justice Brett Kavanaugh have been so transparently lame that they’re just making themselves the butt of jokes.  The desperate smear campaign against Kavanaugh, an incredibly well-qualified, straight-arrow, religious family man, is like trying to convince us that Mr. Rogers was “literally Hitler!!!”

They’ve had to get down in the mud and wallow around in public, trying to convince us that Kavanaugh lied to Congress (he didn’t); that his wife’s personal emails should be fair game; that the name “Brett” isn’t appropriate for a Supreme Court Justice; that his schooling was too elite (unlike the current SCOTUS Justices, who all attended Harvard or Yale); that the sports reporting he did for his college paper decades ago might hint that he believes in unlimited presidential power; and my favorite, that he spent too much on Washington Nationals tickets.  I guess you could make the case that that reflects poorly on his judgement of baseball teams. 

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There’s a term that’s become popular recently in politics: to “beclown oneself.”  Although Kavanaugh’s pursuers have done a great job of putting the red noses and floppy shoes on themselves, a number of conservative commentators have had a field day helping to point out their hilarious antics.  But like the clowns in a low-rent, one-ring circus that’s about to go out of business, the laughter their pathetic, worn-out routine evokes isn’t intentional, it’s sarcastic.

Of course, Hollywood has also pulled on a costume, only in one case, it was a costume from (say it all together with me), “The Handmaid’s Tale.”  Liberal celebrities keep insisting that piece of ridiculous fiction is going to come true any day now because of Christians daring to vote.  News flash: there is a religion out there that does treat women like property, beat them if they get out of line and force them to cover themselves from head to toe.  It’s called “radical Islam,” and liberals rush to court to defend it every time Republicans challenge it.

If journalists and celebrities had to undergo the same kind of scrutiny as Kavanaugh before they were declared qualified for their jobs, most of these media outlets would be blank paper or dead air. 


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  • Orville Ochs

    09/03/2018 01:06 AM

    I don’t understand their thinking! Liberals and the media are doing everything they can to destroy the constitution, keep open borders, give everyone the vote (citizen or not) so they can have all the authority to do what they want in hopes of
    making dependent on them. The 10 Commandments was given to us by GOD and our Constitution was authored by pastors and others because of experience with the British rule and I feel was ultimately inspired by GOD!! We Christians must make ourselves heard. I believe we should be able to discuss this in our churches in the light of
    Thank you for sharing your column!!

  • Mary Jennings

    08/21/2018 11:07 PM

    So aptly stated! Your commentary of the days' news is the ONLY source I truly depend upon. Carry on, Mr. Huck!

  • Vicky Lynn King

    08/21/2018 11:02 PM

    Kavanaugh, former law clerk for liberal justice Kennedy, is not a constitutional conservative. Amy Coney was the best choice for the job, hands down.

    "Brett Kavanaugh's defense of NSA phone surveillance looms as confirmation question" by Steven Nelson | July 09, 2018

    "Judge Kananaugh either has no respect for the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution, or he was unethically attempting to curry favor with the Republican establishment, exemplified by former President George W. Bush and his administration, which Kavanaugh had worked for as staff secretary in the White House Counsel’s office." By Larry Klayman Tuesday, 10 July 2018

    "AFA has opposed the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S Supreme Court for some very valid reasons. We are deeply concerned about how he might ultimately rule on issues related to abortion and religious liberty..." Statement on Kavanaugh nomination to SCOTUS TUESDAY, JULY 10, 2018

    "President Trump broke his campaign promise to pro-lifers when he nominated Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court..." By Cliff Kincaid

    Ricardo Davis of Georgia Right to Life calls Kavanaugh's pro-abortion position "morally reprehensible" and urges pro-lifers and conservatives to demand Kavanaugh's withdrawal and for Trump to replace him with a real pro-life nominee such as Amy Coney Barrett.

  • Robert Baxter

    08/21/2018 03:52 PM

    Your article is very true! Some are saying "Brett" isn't a SCOTUS name! Surely they jest. "Bader Ginsburg" is a good SCOTUS name? Hahahahahahahahahaha! The man likes baseball. He must be insane! Again hahahahahahah.