October 4, 2017

Here is the latest on what we know about Stephen Paddock, the man behind the shooting in Las Vegas that has now left 59 people dead and over 500 injured, some critically. Las Vegas Police are deliberately not revealing a great deal of information because the investigation is ongoing. If anyone else is involved, they don’t want to tip their hand (they’ve also launched a second investigation into who leaked a photo of Paddock’s body to the media).

His alleged girlfriend was initially cleared of any involvement in the attack, but she’s been brought back from the Philippines and is now being called a “person of interest.” So far, no motivation for the mass killing has been found or at least revealed. ISIS took credit, that claim was dismissed as unfounded, but then they claimed it again. Whether there is any validity to it is still an open question, although Paddock’s brother claims he had no particular political or religious affiliations.

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What he did have was a huge arsenal of weaponry and ammunition that must have cost a lot of money and taken months to assemble, leading to the assumption that he had been planning this attack for quite a while. It’s believed that he illegally converted a semi-automatic rifle to an automatic rifle. And police say the death toll might have been much higher except he miscalculated. They believe his room was so filled with smoke and noise from his shooting that he mistakenly thought the police were closer than they were, so he committed suicide before they actually arrived.

Those are the major developments since yesterday. There can be no rational explanation for what happened, but we are still awaiting even an irrational explanation. Let’s hope the media will allow the police to do their job and not get in the way. If anyone else was involved, don’t let leaks or the pursuit of a story help that person escape justice.



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  • Annita Louise Whisman-Rackley

    10/06/2017 01:19 AM

    I reserve the right to be wrong, but I can't help wondering if he was some sort of Manchurian candidate.

  • william dalton

    10/05/2017 09:04 PM

    i personally think he had help its hard to believe one person could shoot that many times in the short time frame

  • Amanda Kohls

    10/05/2017 10:55 AM

    Is it possible this was set up by someone on the Left to push their political agenda?

  • Carol Donaldson

    10/05/2017 07:34 AM

    There have been reports that the Girlfriend came into his life at about the same time ISIS says he converted to Islam.
    There is speculation that he lost a lot of money gambling over the last 3 years and was angry about that.
    Some reports claim he had cameras set up to record his slaughter. And some kind of a device to let him know when the police were closing in.

    Then there are dozens of conspiracy theories.

    If we can't trust the NYPD to tell us what was on Anthony Weiner's laptop, how are we to trust LVPD to tell us what really happened there?? Once Politicians and Lobbyists and Uber-Rich step in to "protect" (with influence or ??), how will we ever be sure we're being told the truth? It's a SAD fact of life that ethical behavior of politicians, elected officials, and Media has become so warped that they're more interested in protecting the guilty than prosecuting them, if it means exposing their own complicity and agenda.

    You're a good man, Mike Huckabee, please stay true to your high standards of morals. Thank You!

  • Karen Kreuter

    10/05/2017 06:31 AM

    How did he get all the guns up there w/o being noticed? Over how long? When did he check in? Wasn't there maid service? He would have had to keep out maids for awhile.... shouldn't that have tipped off anyone? Hotel security? What took 70 minutes for police to arrive if the resident above told them he knew where the shooter was? There aren't a ton of casings on the floor unless police took some. Are there supposed to be burn marks? Is this really Mike Huckabee? I love you!

  • Lynda Nedrow

    10/05/2017 05:06 AM

    You are a careful person, please make sure that you carefully avoid targeting someone without cause. Saying that she was ruled out, but now is a 'person of interest' makes it sound like she's suspected of being involved. We don't know that. Right now the authorities just want to find out what she knows. Until and unless some evidence arises, let's not throw her under the bus. The woman's poor ex-husband has already had to fend off death threats because of careless media reporting.

  • Marsha Dyer

    10/05/2017 04:56 AM

    This multi millionaire obviously had a gun hobby and just happened to be in Vegas during the time of The Great Las Vegas Gun Show on Vegas Blvd. A place where vendors display their wares for other gun enthusiasts and to sell them. Google the Vegas Gun Show and see if he was their on the 26th of Sept., or there abouts. It's just possible that he was and that would explain him having all those weapons in his room....if he even did.
    Personally I think he was set up for an ugly fall. Please let me know what you think, because you said you read all comments. Thank you. God Bless you Mr. Huckabee.

  • Susan J Foegen

    10/05/2017 02:33 AM

  • Frances Plott

    10/05/2017 02:27 AM

    This is probably a deep state operation.. President Trump should be aware that the country isn't buying this lone wolf story and it just doesn't add up...needs investigation at the highest level..please let the truth come out.