September 30, 2021

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Blessings on you and your family, and from all the Huckabee staff! Topics include:

  • Bible Verse of the Day - Matthew 6:33
  • New podcast episode
  • Corrected: Remember Alan Jackson in your prayers
  • Spending fight
  • Immigration update
  • Schlichter: Stick to your principles
  • “Elections Have (Dire) Consequences”
  • Why is Biden getting in their way?


Mike Huckabee


New podcast episode

Governor Huckabee discusses the irresponsible tax cuts and spending proposals being put forth by Joe Biden and the Democrats. He then sits down for a chat with Texas Representative Kevin Brady.

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Corrected: Remember Alan Jackson in your prayers

By Mike Huckabee

Country music icon Alan Jackson revealed that for ten years, he’s suffered from Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, a degenerative nerve disease that has advanced far enough that he now has difficulty keeping his balance when he stands onstage.

Fortunately, he says it’s not deadly, but it is similar to dealing with MS or Parkinson’s. And he’s keeping his sense of humor, joking that it’s ironic he has a disease that’s known as “CMT.”

Read the full story at the link. I think you’ll appreciate his comment about traditional country music and other traditional things that are getting buried these days. And I hope you’ll remember him in your prayers.

Spending fight

By Mike Huckabee

West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin and Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema continue to bravely endure the rhetorical flamethrowers of their party’s dominant Loudmouthed Wacko wing for their refusal to dive headfirst into fiscal insanity and blow $3.5 trillion on the Democrats’ leftwing wish list bill.

But as admirable as their stand is, and America is blessed to have any bulwark in place against the dangerous leftward lurch that most Democrats are trying to impose, it’s important to remember that they aren’t fiscal conservatives. Manchin made it clear that he’s not opposed to spending a big pile of money we don’t have; just to spending a mountain of it.

J.D. Rucker of LibertyDaily has a good article quoting what Sen. Manchin said and analyzing what it really means. Rucker reminds us that the “small,” “bipartisan” “infrastructure” bill (I use all those quotes because you could make an argument against each adjective) is described as costing “only” $1.2 trillion, but in their spending frenzy, Democrats have forgotten that even one trillion bucks is still a heap of money. (Proponents argue that some of the $1.2 trillion isn’t new spending but things like previously-allocated unused COVID relief funds. So if we take deficit spending meant for one thing and spend it on something else, then it doesn’t cost anything! There’s DC economics in a nutshell.)

Biden recently said that “trillionaires” are doing fine, apparently not realizing there’s no such thing as a trillionaire. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is the richest man in the world with a net worth of $177 billion, but he’d need more than five times that much to have even one trillion dollars. If the Democrats confiscated the entire wealth of the 10 richest people on Earth ($1.15 trillion), they’d still need to scrape up another $50 billion just to cover their “small” spending bill.

Are you starting to suspect that they can’t really cover nearly $5 trillion in spending just by “taxing the rich?” The only good news if this passes is that you’ll soon discover YOU’RE “rich.”

Rucker notes that Democrats decried the “massive” cost of Trump’s $20 billion border wall, and now they want to spend 175 times that (none of which, needless to say, will be used to finish the border wall.)

Rucker also explains that this detachment from fiscal reality is due to most Democrats and too many Republicans embracing Modern Monetary Theory, which is the belief that the government can pay for anything simply by printing as much money as it wants, and this won’t harm our economic health in any way. Sure, everywhere it’s ever been tried before, it’s led to ruinous hyperinflation and the collapse of society, but they insist that can’t happen here. It’s odd to me that they hate the very idea of American exceptionalism, yet they believe that in this one way, we’re the exception to every ironclad rule of economics.

Here’s another way of dealing with our debt that’s so crazy, even the Biden White House claims nobody is considering it (for now, anyway.)

That link also talks about the fight over raising the debt limit and features our Quote of the Day, from Texas Rep. Jodey Arrington: “It is not our duty to raise the debt limit; it’s our duty not to spend so recklessly, irresponsibly, and egregiously that we bankrupt this country.”

On a side note: I misspoke recently in saying that only a Senate filibuster could block the “infrastructure” bill if the House passes it. I forgot that with the help of some “Republicans,” it already passed the Senate and there won’t be any reconciliation. So if the House okays it today, Biden will sign it. But Speaker Pelosi is still trying to muster the votes to pass it because Democrats on both the far left and the center are threatening to withhold their votes for conflicting reasons. So Pelosi might be forced to delay it again.

Immigration update

By Mike Huckabee

Among the many people being threatened by President Biden with termination if they don’t get vaccinated is our already overworked and undermanned Border Patrol.

It might be prudent for Border Patrol agents to get vaccinated, though, considering the staggering number of potentially COVID-infected illegal immigrants that Biden is allowing to stream across the border for them to deal with.

In a related story, here’s how much illegal immigration has exploded under President Biden, and how much it threatens to alter America (which many believe is the real goal of the Democrats): just during fiscal 2021 alone, we’re on track to have so many illegal immigrants enter America that their total number will be greater than the entire populations of 11 US states.

Schlichter: Stick to your principles

By Mike Huckabee

Another great column by Kurt Schlichter on a very important lesson for Republicans: no matter what a GOP candidate believes, the Democrats and the media will always portray him/her/xir as “literally Hitler.”

The worst way any Republican can respond is by compromising principles to try to win their favor. That’s like throwing raw meat into shark-infested waters. Kurt’s advice is the same that I’ve been giving for years: stick to your principles, be true to yourself, and when they launch ridiculous slanderous attacks on you, laugh at them. Leftists have no sense of humor, certainly not about themselves, so mocking them is their Kryptonite.

And if you’re scared of the Twitter mob saying bad things about you, remember these two words: “Who cares?” Roughly 90% of tweets are generated by about 10% of Twitter users, and most of them are far to the left of the majority of Americans. Also, having a social media account doesn’t mean your opinion carries any particular weight. Twitter and Facebook banned the President, but they allow anyone else with an Internet connection to have an account for free. If talk is cheap, then how much is free talk worth?

“Elections Have (Dire) Consequences”

By Mike Huckabee

Maybe this will help Americans make the mental connection between voting for Democrats and the ensuing terrible consequences. Despite nearly 6 million people finally getting off the expanded and extended unemployment benefits, initial weekly jobless claims rose more than expected to 362,000.

Maybe it would help if the President stopped firing people for declining vaccinations in industries with critical worker shortages.

If that doesn’t convince Americans, this should get their attention: Dollar Tree is going to start charging more than a dollar for some items.

It’s being spun as a positive (they can carry higher quality goods, etc.), but we all know the real reason: Bidenflation. Due to labor shortages, higher fuel costs and other consequences of terrible Biden Administration policies, prices are rising so fast that by the blessed time he leaves office, the only thing you’ll be able to get for a dollar is two quarters.

Why is Biden getting in their way?

By Mike Huckabee

There’s an old saying: “Help or get out of the way.” Most of us realize that the Biden Administration badly failed to do its duty and evacuate Americans and Afghan allies from Afghanistan. But why are they not only not helping those who have stepped up to do what they failed to do, but actively trying to get in their way?

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  • Rhonda Rozinek

    10/01/2021 09:37 AM

    Most would agree that we are living in "unprecedented" times. We are Americans. Let us cleave back to the roots and foundation of America. Let us forge the new and "unprecedented" solutions to the many issues we are facing. Rhetoric has served its purpose. We are Americans as one nation under God. GOD bless America.

  • Milton Woodham

    09/30/2021 10:27 PM

    You posed the question : Why is Biden getting in their way"? I'll give you the short direct answer---we are a nation of fools and are governed by idiots.

  • Mary Jo Hines

    09/30/2021 09:51 PM

    I believe that the reason the Biden administration has continued to block the return of citizens and allies from Afghanistan is that they do not want all of those eyewitness accounts of the chaos.

  • Sharon Faulkner

    09/30/2021 07:17 PM

    With all due respect to you and Mister Schlicter why is it that Republicans always have to gallop to the rescue like the 7th Cavalry , stand firmly like Wake Island or the Alamo and the Democrat don't have to do anything but cringe and cave to their party bosses and whoever's pulling their strings because let's face it they are the ones who want to transform our country into becoming part of a global Reich. Are there no Christian , observant Jewish or patriotic and pro-life Democrats ?
    And remember they are the largest party so expecting Republicans to constantly throw ourselves on the spear whileDemocrats just sit there and do as they're told like stuffed toads is unfair.
    Martyrs are fantastic human beings but let's be honest we don't want to swell their ranks.