April 9, 2019

And then there were…nineteen?  I think. Depends on when you read this. 

Anyway, yet another candidate with more ego than experience has joined the Democratic Presidential smackdown.  California Rep. Eric Swalwell, 38, announced his run, appropriately enough, on the Stephen Colbert show.

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Swalwell’s big issue is gun control (he claims he was only joking when he said any war with gun owners who resisted confiscation of their semi-automatic rifles would be short because “the government has nukes” – so now, give him control of the nukes.)  Also, he likes to attack President Trump because “democracy has been on the ropes” – I guess he doesn’t know the USA is not a democracy, it’s a constitutional republic.  So far, I’m not very impressed with his credentials for President. 


If his name sounds familiar, you might be recalling this post from a few weeks ago:


* * *


From the “One Finger Pointing at Others, Three Back at You” Desk: California Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell retweeted a CNN story about Vladimir Putin cracking down on journalists who spread “fake news” or show disrespect for officials.  Naturally, he declared that he would do everything possible to stop that from happening here, “but you better believe (President Trump) will try.  Not on our watch!”


That prompted many Republicans’ new favorite Congress member, Dan Crenshaw, to tweet his agreement with defending the First Amendment, but with this reminder: 


“Truth is, we’ve been worried ever since: 1. Obama ACTUALLY put journalists under investigation (Not threatened on Twitter. Actually did it.) 2. Dems have been urging limits to speech on social media platforms.  That said, I’d march with ya.”


* * *


I think this exchange shows that there might be one fairly recent and youthful member of the House who actually has the right stuff for the Presidency.  Hint: it's not Eric Swalwell. 

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