August 14, 2020
- August 15, 2020


August 14, 2020 

By Mike Huckabee


Many Americans have started boycotting things made in China, like clothes, toys, shoes and electronics. But one of China’s most dangerous exports to the US might come as a surprise: fake IDs. Just so far this year, the US Customs Bureau has seized over 55,000 fake ID documents, including driver’s licenses, and the vast majority come from China.

Customs officials say these fake IDs are good enough to fool the average person (the barcode on the Michigan licenses actually worked.) And these aren’t just associated with stereotypical “teenagers buying beer” fake ID crimes. These have been associated with immigration fraud, identity theft, human smuggling and sex trafficking. One fake driver’s license was on its way to a convicted child rapist in New York.

While all of this is chilling, and all the more reason to be extremely wary of dealing with China, what can the average American do about it? Well, maybe this story will help make young people think twice before sharing personal details with strangers and apps online. You know, like the social media apps that President Trump wants to ban because they come from China, are associated with the communist government, and are known to be gathering your personal information. Will all this at last convince young people that maybe Trump is right about something?


I have a suggested campaign slogan for the Democratic Presidential ticket: “Vote For Biden/Harris And Be Unemployed In The Dark!”

That’s not just partisan palaver. Both Biden and Harris have vowed to do away with all fracking. Biden is also adamant about making the end of coal and fossil fuels a top priority. He brushed off concerns about all the jobs it will cost, and assured us there will be plenty of good new “green jobs” created by pouring tax money into solar and wind (you remember, the same plan that worked so well under Obama/Biden, when “green” cronies were showered with our money, then promptly declared bankruptcy.)

And what would be the effect of Biden’s shutdown of the fossil fuel industry? If you liked the results of the coronavirus shutdown, then you’ll love the findings of a new study, as reported by Beth Baumann at

“According to the Global Energy Institute, if fracking were banned between 2021 and 2025, 19 million Americans would be out of jobs and the United States' GDP would drop by $7.1 trillion. Not only that but energy prices would go through the roof, ‘with natural gas prices rising by 324 percent, causing household energy bills to quadruple and the cost of living to increase by $5,661 for the average American. By 2025, the price of gasoline would double and government revenues would plummet by almost $1.9 trillion.’"

I might toss in that we would also once again be at the mercy of OPEC, and Russia would be vastly empowered by its ability to sell or withhold oil and gas to other nations.

The good news is that we would have plenty of shredded birds to eat, thanks to the millions of spinning wind turbines that would blight the land. Just don’t fire up the charcoal barbecue, though: I’m sure those will be illegal, too. As for cookin’ with gas, forget it. Even if you could get the gas, you wouldn’t be able to afford it.


Proving that the Democratic Party establishment knows that they have a tiger by the tail with their young socialist radical wing, they’re allowing AOC to speak at their “virtual convention,” but they’ve limited her speaking time…to one minute!

I can imagine the reasoning behind this: “We’ve GOT to let her talk to get all her Twitter followers to the polls, but how much damage can she do in just one minute of talking?” Which proves they’ve never really looked at her Twitter feed. It’s like she’s been practicing for years at doing the most damage to America and the Democratic Party with the least number of words.


By Pat Reeder

We are sad to report that singer Trini Lopez has died at 83 of COVID-19 complications in his longtime home of Palm Springs. He was born in Mexico but grew up in Dallas, so this is especially big and sad news for those of us here in Dallas where he’s always been considered a favorite son.

While Lopez was best known for his hit ‘60’s Latin-tinged rock versions of “Lemon Tree,” "La Bamba" and “If I Had A Hammer,” he released over two dozen albums and sold millions of records. He was a dynamic live performer and major nightclub draw, so many of his recordings were live.

He was also groundbreaking in a couple of ways. Unlike Richie Valens and other Hispanic performers, he refused to anglicize his name. The owner of his first label Volk wanted him to become “Trini Roper.” He told the Dallas Morning News that he threatened to quit: “I said ‘No.’ I told them Italians had made it as Italians, Jews as Jews, and Negroes as Negroes. I wanted to make it as a Mexican. No one of Mexican-American heritage had made it before in the entertainment world. I wanted to be the first.” The label owner backed off.

He may be the only singer who was “discovered” by both Buddy Holly and Frank Sinatra. Holly saw him play in Wichita Falls and introduced him to his producer Norman Petty. After Holly was killed, Lopez briefly filled in for him with the Crickets.

Lopez said he arrived in L.A. broke and in a station wagon. Sinatra saw him at a West Hollywood club and signed him to an eight-year contract with his new Reprise label. That first LP, “Trini Lopez at P.J.’s,” launched him into stardom. The single “If I Had a Hammer” went to #1. That might explain why the 1965 movie “Marriage On The Rocks” stars both Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, but the only music comes when they go to a nightclub to see Trini Lopez.

Some other interesting Trini Lopez facts: He performed with the Beatles in Paris and got better reviews than them. When reporters told him the Beatles were leaving the next day for New York to debut on Ed Sullivan’s show, they asked him if he thought they’d be a hit in America. He replied, “I don’t think so.”

As a teenager in Dallas, he played at Jack Ruby’s Vegas Club. He recalled that “he paid me very little.”

The first song he ever wrote, and the first he recorded, was “The Right To Rock,” cut for the tiny Volk label in Dallas. It sounds as if it inspired the Beastie Boys’ “Fight For Your Right To Party.” It went nowhere in 1958, but now it’s on YouTube.

He designed a line of Trini Lopez Guitars for Gibson that have been praised by artists such as U2’s The Edge and Dave Grohl. He also played a number of acting roles, from “The Dirty Dozen” to “Adam-12.”

And he was extremely active in charity fundraising and golf tournaments, one of the many reasons why he was so popular here in Dallas. He was helping a number of charities right up to the time of his death. Our sincere condolences to his family and his many fans.


Other than a study finding that hydroxychloroquine cures the Chinese virus, I can’t think of any medical news less likely to get media attention than that a study cited by transgender activists to prove the effectiveness of “gender affirming” (what used to be called “sex change”) surgery has been debunked and retracted. So I’ll tell you about it here.

Last year, the American Journal of Psychiatry (AJP) published a “groundbreaking” Swedish study. It reported that people with “gender dysphoria” were “’about six times as likely’ to have a mood and anxiety disorder health-care visit and far more likely to be hospitalized for a suicide attempt.” Hormone treatment seemed to have no effect on mental health problems, but “increased time since last gender-affirming surgery was associated with reduced mental health treatment.”

That study was used to tout the mental health benefits of body-altering surgery, promote it to young people who hadn’t even entered puberty, and silence any doctors or parents who questioned it by branding them as “transphobes.” Fortunately, some still dared to speak up against the study’s credibility. Finally, the AJP has issued a “correction” (they’re too timid to call it a retraction.)

A new analysis of the data “demonstrated no advantage of surgery in relation to subsequent mood or anxiety disorder-related health care visits or prescriptions or hospitalizations following suicide attempts in that comparison.” The AJP claims the initial findings were just “too strong” in their wording, but the American College of Pediatricians puts it bluntly, saying “the study, and transgender affirming interventions, now seem invalidated.”

This bolsters the arguments made not only by some brave doctors but also by many trans people who underwent surgery to remove their breasts and alter their genitals and now deeply regret it. Bottom line: the denial of the basic facts of biology and the politically-motivated promotion of dangerous hormone treatments and permanently-disfiguring surgeries to people (even children) who should have received psychological counseling instead was based largely on an incorrect study that actually found no benefits to the surgery.

Here are some more stories of the victims of this insane attempt to substitute political activism for sound medical science….

And this article theorizes that any reports of depression lifting related to the surgery might be due to all the high doses of estrogen beforehand. Once that’s pulled back, the patient’s depression returns even worse.

It’s long past time to get political activism out of medicine, whether it’s pushing the idea that chemicals and scalpels can turn a man into a woman or vice versa, or that a living child inside the womb or just out of it is a “clump of tissues” that we can choose to destroy for convenience and not a human being.

One of the oldest rules of medicine is, “First, do no harm.” Let’s bring that concept back.



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  • Gregory Weinman

    08/15/2020 04:20 PM

    Thank you Governor,
    I've 2 requests of you.
    Please consider calling HCL an effective treatment instead of a cure. Every virologist will confirm medical science has never cured a virus. After infection medicines assist the body with curing itself. I'd prefer you included the caveat "in certain cases" as well.
    Please ask your contacts for research on why people are dying from SARS2 when we have so many varied treatments. Armed with antibody treatments, antiviral treatments, medicinal signaling cell treatments, and so many other treatments the US should only have a hundred or so SARS 2 fatalities instead of the thousands occurring now.

  • rodney burke

    08/15/2020 01:42 PM

    People are just now waking up to China? Really, I've been saying China is our ideological enemy since 1957 and no one listens. If Harry S. had been a man in 52 like he was in 45 China would NOT be the threat it is not and has been for more than 40 years. Harry's view of china has been the dominant one ever since. china is mostly talk. In a real war, they would last about a month. One visit from the Sherwood forest would cause them to surrender. I am confident of that. Dems of course are communists, we know that so they are in favor of China taking over the world. They (dems) are our SWORN domestic enemy. It is time we faced that. china has been our foreign enemy since 1947.

  • Richard Arthur Abrain

    08/15/2020 01:19 PM

    any way you can stop the commercials from flashing in the middle of the page as I try to read your messages. Thanks for all you do for all of us.

  • Jerry Korba

    08/14/2020 04:30 PM

    President Trump tries to bring peace to the globes trouble spots our urban leaders are brining chaos. The people in cities live in fear freedom to move about is restricted weapon discharges punks and thugs assaulting and robbing innocent people in public all at the barking orders from soros backed mayors attorney generals city councils governors I am not sure how the removal of these traitors to the oath they took to protect and serve the public my stand is until you disband the police you are under contract to protect the public and its domain. You have violated the contract immediate removal from office is mandatory just my opinion. MAGA remove a Leftist

  • Debi Hughson

    08/14/2020 02:54 PM

    I appreciate how easy you make your articles for us to understand. Thank you!

  • Stephen H. Thomas

    08/14/2020 01:47 PM

    Regarding K. Harris and her being a "natural born citizen"...
    Interesting article at this link:
    I would be interested in your opinion of her eligability as a candidate

  • Ronda Wells MD

    08/14/2020 01:15 PM

    I was asked by a state Medicaid program to help develop their gender-affirmation policy. I went back (like you're supposed to do) and read all the studies to date. The two best, largest and long-term studies from Sweden and Denmark showed that people who undergo sex change die 10 years younger than their counterparts. You can't change your DNA. DNA knows what it is and is supposed to do. Trying to change that with hormones and surgeries leads to irreparable harm. Good science says we should not be offering these surgeries and other countries have come to that conclusion!! DO NO HARM is right, Governor!

  • Floyd A Unger

    08/14/2020 01:01 PM

    I guess that I’ll have to set my ? to record AOC

  • Dr. Jean Stanfield

    08/14/2020 12:26 PM

    OK I just have to put my 2 cents in here. How absolutely stupid can the Dems be that want to get rid of fracking (oil)? Other fissile fuels? Oh they say green power, well not so. If you want solar power you have to have solar panels. Where you going to get them? How you going to manufacture them? So you say batteries...not so. Cannot have solar power to charge the batteries. How do you get to work? On horseback,,oops forgot, cannot use them because they expel gas. And another thing. Who will grow the food you eat? (yes I own a farm) We use diesel to run the tractors. Want us to go back to horse drawn plows (oh yes, horses fart) not an option. Then what powers the vehicles to get the produce to market in the event you are lucky enough to grow enough to sell.. Cannot run the trucks on battery power as there would be no way to recharge the batteries. I am just so tired of these greenies not understanding anything. They think milk and eggs come in cartons at the grocery store, with no idea how they got there. I know as an ordained minister I should forgive them their ignorance 7 time 70, but I just had to vent this morning after reading another one of the stupid Dems and their green attitude.
    Thanks for letting me vent.
    Dr. Jean Stanfield

  • Linda Wolfe

    08/14/2020 11:08 AM

    Just a thought, since the vaccines contain aborted baby DNA, what if a baby boy's DNA was injected into a live baby girl when she got her routine baby shots, wonder if that could cause could cause her to not know if she was a boy or girl ? The way I understand it, we all have our unique DNA, so it seems logical if someone else's DNA would mess up things.

  • Jerry Korba

    08/14/2020 10:44 AM

    the info about Trini is very helpful I have wondered about what he was like way back when he was entertaining thank you for letting me know a bit about him. My thoughts of him were vibrant and seemed to to a fun person I am glad he made it to the big time. I also say RIP I liked his music. Back to the Anti Americans DeBlasio and Cuomo why destroy NY? Do they want to sell NY to foreign countries they are chasing people out why? What is the bottom line? The major cities on coasts are chasing people away Minneapolis and Chicago are doing the same are they setting up America for a foreign takeover by allowing foreign money to buy property and set up business here in America. The destroying of American cities must have an agenda Mike who or what can restore the business that have been destroyed? Cuomo didn't allow the pipe line for natural gas to go thru NY making imported gas from Russia to enter what is the bottom line Here?

  • Vernon Thompson

    08/14/2020 10:28 AM

    To My Senator The Coward!
    Re: Climate Change Revisited Again
    In 2018 you wrote a Las Vegas Sun Op-Ed “We cannot afford to ignore climate science” I commented on your article (September 2018) and asked a number of what I believe to be pertinent questions. I wrote you again in January 2020 and repeated my concerns. As is the case in most of my correspondence to you, I received no reply. Let me try again as the issue continues to become more important. I firmly believe that when you take a position you should be able to defend it and convince others to adopt your stance.
    The Crescent Dunes Project near Tonopah is a Failure
    This project is now a documented failure as the project is bankrupt and there was a $200M settlement made recently (See attached).It appears that the project was plagued by some of the same forces that affected Ivanpah. The project was supposed to cost about $1B (?) and used a unique technology that uses molten salt to store heat so power can be generated 24 X 7. Crescent Dunes began operation in September 2015 [but went off-line in October 2016 due to a leak in a molten salt tank. It returned to operation in July 2017. It was shuttered in April 2019 never producing more than half of the projected output.
    As you drive US 95 between Las Vegas and Carson City as I did recently you will note the “monument to stupidity” just north of Tonopah, This is the direct result of an irrational exuberance about renewable energy in an effort to solve “man-made global warming” nee :”man- made climate change.’ The degree to which the man-made portion contributes to the phenomenon is not defined nor is the impact of the proposed solution. Yet, you support massive changes that will turn an already ailing economy upside down and negatively affect the lives of every American.
    The Obama Administration spent somewhere in the neighborhood of $150B on projects like Solyndra, Ivanpah, and Crescent Dunes. What did the American people derive in return? Were there any successes or were they all like the three cited? The American people deserve some answers.
    There are some questions that I asked previously about Crescent Dunes:
    1. Who approved the project without first checking the level of sunlight near Tonopah?
    2. Who are the politically connected who have benefitted from the infusion of taxpayer money?
    3. What was the original "cost to produce per megawatt" in the study used to get the project approved?
    4. What was the true current "cost to produce per megawatt?" (when operating)
    5. Have they been able to keep it online? (answered- offline April 2019)
    I have one more question. Will there be an investigation and if warranted will there be a criminal referral??? There never seems to be any accountability if the wrongdoers are sheltered by the D.C. bubble!
    In Congress there are the two resident climatologists and economists (Rep. AOC and Sen. Sanders) telling us we only have 9 years to the point of no return. Even former VP and Presidential Candidate Biden is singing the same tune. Where is the proof???? They are proposing the “Green New Deal” to solve all of our problems. Where is the plan? Looks like a government takeover of American life – Communism on Steroids under a different colored flag. How are you going to convince us this is the right thing to do?
    In your correspondence you talk about science. I asked “what science?” NO ANSWER! Science is usually pretty accurate looking backward to tell us how we ended up where we are. Any of these geniuses ever look at the “Ice Age.” What caused the Ice Age? What caused the planet to come out of the Ice Age? Even closer, what caused the mini Ice Age in Europe in the 1700s?
    Please go back and read my prior correspondence where I gave you ample opportunity to earn your keep! One of my suggestions was, ‘There is a group of scientists now questioning the validity of the studies predicting our demise. There is another group of scientists questioning whether CO2 emissions are really a concern. This is where Congress could perform a worthwhile service – bring the competing factions together and openly debate “climate change – cause, effect, and solutions.” In addition, the proposed solutions, their cost, and impact should be openly debated. The American people deserve it!”
    Further I suggest that you read “Apocalypse Never” by Michael Shellenberger, a former leader (and still active) in the “global warming” and “climate change”, alarmist crowd. He exposes all of the misinterpretations by scientists, distortions by environmental and political groups, and biases by financial interests. And, I would add, a push for a “New World Order” by those who seek power as we are witnessing “at any cost.”
    I am sure that you are not surprised that you continue to disappoint me and probably many of your constituents. You write Op-Eds, send emails apparently to draw attention to yourself so voters will remember your name not your lack of accomplishment. You take positions but never are prepared to defend them. When Dean Heller was Senator, he never failed to respond directly to any question I posed. I may not have always liked the answer but he had the guts to respond! Senator, YOU ARE A COWARD

  • Stephen Russell

    08/14/2020 10:02 AM

    Honoring Trini Lopez:

    Hispanic Fine Arts Center
    Music Center
    Music School wing named
    Hwy , Blvd, Frwy, Ave, St, Ct, Dr.
    at his home town & state.
    Even resturant ???
    Roving band?