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March 14, 2023

I doubt that many of my readers really care much about the Oscars. Tom Cruise must’ve been so sure they’d never give an Oscar to “Top Gun: Maverick,” the patriotic movie that saved the studio, that he didn’t even attend. Indeed, a writer for Hollywood’s preferred “news” source, MSNBC, wrote an article slamming the movie as “insidious” and “literal propaganda” for portraying the US military in a positive light.

The only way he could have any kind of point is if he admitted that their heroism protects the freedom of idiots like him to write garbage like that. And the show, by all reports, had the usual doses of leftwing politics, virtue-signaling and slams at conservatives because Heaven forbid you shouldn’t insult half your potential ticket-buying public on national TV.

Also, the Academy is so steeped in woke jargon that it described Best Actress winner Michelle Yeoh as “a self-identified Asian actress.” Pretty sure she’s an actual Asian actress.

As always, the same celebrities who condemn a border wall and think you don’t deserve the Second Amendment right to own a gun to protect your family from all the criminals that the politicians they back keep letting out into the streets were themselves protected by barricades and walls and a contingent of police and private security larger and better armed than the Ukrainian military.

However, there was one moment of the Oscars that’s worth seeing, and that was the Best Supporting Actor acceptance speech by Ke Huy Quan. He recounted how his life’s journey began on a boat, fleeing the communists in Vietnam. His family was separated for a year and lived in a refugee camp. But he finally made it to America and after many years of work, he achieved the American dream.

It’s not only a moving and inspiring speech, but I love the idea of all those celebrities who kowtow to communist China, and who constantly tell us America is racist and evil, that minorities can't succeed here and the American dream is a myth, being forced to sit there, listen and applaud.

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