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January 23, 2021

“Whataboutism” Updates: Say, remember when President Trump was denounced by politicians, the media and even some church leaders as a ruthless dictator because officers in DC used tear gas to clear rioters away from historic St. John’s Episcopal Church? They were called “peaceful protesters” who were gassed “without provocation,” even though they burned the church and spent four days attacking Park Service officers with baseball bats, metal poles and glass bottles.

Well, when Antifa rioters pulled the same kind of “peaceful” violence in Portland on Inauguration Day, guess what federal agents, now under the command of President Biden, used to bring them under control? If you guessed tear gas and pepper balls, go to the head of the class. Now, guess how much outrage there was in the media about it.


As I wrote just yesterday, the Antifa thugs think they’re invincible and ungovernable because Democrats let them run riot all year so they could blame their violence on Trump. Now, Trump is gone, Biden is in, and they’re a nuisance that’s outlived its usefulness. I predicted they will quickly learn that they are not “ungovernable,” they are expendable.

“Whataboutism” Part Two: Remember all those months of the media blasting any Republicans who inadvertently mispronounced Kamala Harris’ first name (it’s “Comma-la,” not “Ka-mah-la”) as racists? Well, during the swearing-in ceremony at the Inaugural, guess how Supreme Justice Sonya Sotomayor pronounced it?


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Comments 1-4 of 4

  • Marrion Hamm

    01/24/2021 07:34 PM

    Love listening to you and appreciate your sense of humour

  • Debra Bryant

    01/24/2021 04:57 PM

    Hi Governor
    I don’t know how to stop the double standards in DC. They make our lives different from theirs. No masks, Covid vaccine , no jobs, no where to live, but they let everyone in. Why? Because it doesn’t effect them! They waste taxpayers money for the last four year on trumped( no pun intended) up to impeach Trump again?? Only because this time they all would go to jail as they should! 25 thousand National Guards and Crazy Pelosi wants machine guns, yet our police are defunded and the wall to be torn down because it doesn’t effect those in Washington....nothing can be done to stop this madness?? We all know the Trump won, but it seems the world doesn’t believe in right or wrong.

  • Anna Cota

    01/24/2021 03:23 PM

    I just pray for justice!!!

  • Peter Tentis

    01/24/2021 11:02 AM

    That's why I start with democraps lie. Democraps have no moral compass.