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January 21, 2021

The brainless January 6 attack on the Capitol was a gift to the left, giving the incoming administration an excuse to treat all Trump supporters, going forward, as domestic terrorists. So it should come as no surprise that President Joseph Robinette Biden, in his inaugural address on Wednesday, declared war on domestic terror.

Will definitions be twisted to enable this war to be waged against all those who supported Trump? Will 75 million Americans now be opposed in the same ways we opposed al-Qaeda after 9/11? And what does that do for “unity”?


Former CIA Director and world-class dangerous person John Brennan gave his impression of this “war” on MSNBC, where he now works: “...The members of the Biden team who have been nominated or have been appointed are now moving in laser-like fashion to try to uncover as much as they can about what looks very similar to insurgency movements that we’ve seen overseas, where they germinate in different parts of the country, and they gain strength, and it brings together an ‘unholy alliance,’ frequently, of religious extremists, authoritarians, fascists, bigots, racists, nativists, even libertarians. And unfortunately, I think there has been this momentum that has been generated as a result of, unfortunately, the demagogic rhetoric of people that have just departed government, but also those who continue in the halls of Congress.”

Let’s break that down. Brennan says the Biden team is now moving in “laser-like fashion” to uncover what “looks very similar” to overseas “insurgency” movements.

"Laser-like”: A laser is quick and focused. In other words, no time for judicial review and due process.

"Looks very similar”: It doesn’t have to BE an insurgency, just give the appearance of one to the people in charge.

"Insurgency”: This loose term may be applied at will. A peaceful protest held to question, say, the outcome of the election would be labeled by many –- including social media, which has the power to censor –- as an insurgency that must be held in check because it might “incite violence.”

"Unholy alliance”: This means groups that might not agree with each other on most things but happen to be on the same side about a particular issue. If no differentiation is made, an innocent group might be considered guilty by association. They wouldn’t even have to associate to be lumped together.

"Religious extremists”: Who are the extremists? Depending on who’s talking, socially-conservative Baptists and Catholics might be considered extremist, while far-left Muslims and militant atheists might not be, simply because their politics are approved by those in charge. Never mind the First Amendment; it’s the politics that will decide how various faiths are treated.

"Authoritarians”: Again, who are the real authoritarians? It seems to me we have people in control now who relish their new power and the idea of running everything way, way too much, and I’m talking about you, Nancy Pelosi and AOC. Among numerous others.

"Fascists”: At least here in America, this word applies most truthfully to those who claim to be “anti-fascist.” But who gets to decide where to slap that “fascist” label? And what if they’ve already dictated that Trump supporters will be the ones labeled fascists, even though the real fascists are the ones burning down buildings and trashing their enemies’ civil rights?

"Bigots/racists”: In the switched-around world of 2021, either of these terms can be used to refer to people who criticize the “anti-racist” movement, even to condemn those of us who think it’s best to be color-blind. If I’m the one talking, the “anti-racist” movement, so-called Critical Race Theory, is the most racist thing to come along since Jim Crow laws. But I’m not the one talking –- not in the halls of government, anyway. And not in public education and the universities. Also, it doesn't help that anyone who supported Trump is automatically labeled a racist.

"Nativists”: This word can be used to describe anyone who just wants to put America first. And –- aha –- all the people who wanted to build a wall and “Make America Great Again.” Anti-immigrant! Bad people!

"Libertarians”: These are people who want as limited a government as realistically possible and all the protections that the Constitution was intended to provide. To the current government, these might be the most dangerous people of all, especially when teamed with fed-up Republicans who lean that way. If they can be lumped in with extremists, fascists and bigots, so much the better.

I"ll translate the rest of what he said: These groups gained “momentum” from Trump-style rhetoric during the past four years, and unfortunately we still have some members of Congress who engage in that. His implication: We need to get those people out.

So, will the new administration be “moving in laser-like fashion” towards getting those people out of office? And will part of their new domestic “war” be to criminalize all of the above, with THEM writing the definitions?

Glenn Greenwald has a stunning and very important, must-read piece, available at, on this new war the left plans to wage on domestic terror.

By the way, Greenwald leans left politically, so does that make ours an “unholy alliance”? No, it does not! Read his piece, and it’s clear who the real authoritarians are. Hint: it’s not Trump supporters.


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Comments 1-25 of 81

  • Kathy Rietz

    01/23/2021 02:56 PM

    Great read! Honestly I get so mixed up these days because the msm calls things that aren’t as are ! You help me see the truth. Thank you, please never quit telling it the way it really is!

  • Anton Nguyen

    01/23/2021 02:36 PM

    If all of Trump supporters on that day (domestic war) overran the capitol, will the capital survive ? What do you call the antifa, the BLM, the group that mixed in the Trump 's supporters broke the windows etc. ? Why the good people are always be blamed for nothing, do you thing the one who BLAME the others like Pelosi is innocent? sic!

  • Michael L Walters

    01/22/2021 11:07 PM

    The terroist is now in the white house

  • Joyce Kanlan

    01/22/2021 08:40 PM

    No God, No Peace. If you had eyes to see,ears to hear,you would have picked up on all of this since former obama,BIDEN’S hope&change transformation eradicating our culture values beliefs morals&way of American life. They plotted,planned,prepared ready to execute when President Trump got in their demonic way. Thus, the hate, intolerance intimidation bullying&violence. Pray without ceasing for our Former President Trump & our One Nation Under God!????????. Keep the Faith!

  • Donna Benjamin

    01/22/2021 06:47 PM

    Can you help me understand why takes me to the site now?

  • Jack Lewis

    01/22/2021 06:46 PM

    We the people know what socialist do. We need to start now the Congress elections in <2 yrs >500 up for recall

  • Rodney werh

    01/22/2021 02:22 PM

    Now there's a domestic terrorist

  • Dallas Green

    01/22/2021 01:35 PM

    Thank you for posting about this. The most alarming thing is that no one seems to accept the fact that BLM was also inside the Capitol that day. The “rioters” inside the Capitol were not all Trump supporters. We never need to lose sight of that.

  • Donna Simmons

    01/22/2021 01:05 PM

    All I can say is I am devastated by the outcome of the election & especially that with the pandemic that immigrants are marching to our border & if Biden let's them in it is as bad as having the Capitol building invaded & Biden should be impeached for it without a doubt. With 27 executive decisions already signed (laser like) they aren't losing anytime as if they might not get a chance they might be out of office sooner they hope as prayerfully ALL their election corrupt criminal action will be revealed. How to undo the signing already done in 2 days. Never thought in my lifetime I'd see this, almost 77 yrs. Don't think I can stay in the Republican party as it has sooooo many traitors in it that is whiy the demon-crats have gotten away with what they have. Do you know or understand why they are doing this & if so could you reach out & contact me & let me understand this criminal action? I am grieving & oh sooooo sad as I love this country & have been patriotic since I can remember. God help restore this country & freedom & liberty. Those who fought & lost their lives must be turning in their graves with what is going on. We must restore christian values for any future generations. Thanks for standing up for righteousness.

  • Ellen Klapperich

    01/22/2021 10:30 AM

    I'm sorry but I cant help but sit back and laugh! Biden is illegitimate but everyone acting as though he's the legal President. It's called treason and they're all complicit in it. Not even ANTIFA and the BLM want him as they destroyed Portland again. I'm watching the show and Don't Tread On Me. ??????

  • Rose Howell

    01/22/2021 02:28 AM

    Hi Mike,
    Sorry to say it but it sounds to me that you are accepting Biden. We are not.
    The man is a pedophile. He is a giant thief in the millions of corrupt dollars he and his brother and his kid have stolen. He is NOT a Catholic to us. His stand on abortion is absolutely horrific. He was a major part of the treasonous rigging of the National election. HE LOST. They stole the election.
    These are not actions we can overlook. He is not President and never will be. Don't ask us to accept him. It would be sinful to do so.
    Sounds like DC is under Martial Law. We hope so.
    Mike, we think you need to think this through. We also do not think that you know or understand the Truth of what is going on here.
    Rose and Randy Howell

  • Carol Mathews

    01/22/2021 01:30 AM

    We know the problems, we hear what is happening, we agree, but what can we do. If it is suspected that we will rise to vote and the polls show us ahead, out come the stuffing of ballot boxes, if we shout it from the roof tops, we are terriorists, We are getting the what is going on but we are not hearing answers or plan of action
    What about a 3rd party. Was tried before and while did not work, did gain a lot of votes and this time around there are a lot more people aware 75 million Rep and many Dems who will see the picture. in 2 years, unemployment will be at an all time high with the new executive orders, both killing jobs we did have and then making it impossible to do business, hourly wage beyond 3/4 of the businesses to pay it and masive border crossings. Anybody got the answer???? WE know the problems, we need answers

  • Janice Short

    01/21/2021 10:25 PM

    Joe dementia is a worthless piece of garbage. I will never give him respect b/c he is a liar & a thief. He is a fake leader who stole the presidency & he knows it no matter how big a grin he plasters on his face.

  • Sharon Hinchman

    01/21/2021 10:03 PM

    Questions: 1. Had it been God's will for you to win instead of Trump, what policies would you have pursued and do you think that you would have been able to accomplish as much as or more than he did?
    2. With your irenic spirit and humor, you would surely not have been quite as viciously opposed as Trump and you might have won a 2nd term, though the cheaters would still have tried to steal the election. Putting on your pastor hat: Why do you think God put Trump in rather than you and why did He allow lies and evil to prevail at this point in (the end?) time, rather than His truth and righteousness that so many of us prayed for?

  • Thomas R Miller

    01/21/2021 09:08 PM

    My reading was only a few words into your comments on " 'domestic war' on terrorism" when my mind was taken to an article I read just recently. If you are not familiar with it, you might find it of interest to look it up: "Whoever controls the language, controls the culture" Darrow Miller, Elizabeth Yeomans - A paper of which this is the 2nd part of a 3 part series on how Language Builds a Nation. The liberal media has for far too long been shifting very smoothly the meaning and intent of words as to what they did and yet do mean and what they (the media) want the mind of the unthinking reader to think the words mean. If you have not come across this thoughtful insight I think you will find it of interest as to what is happening in today's culture./\/\/\

  • Larry R Cook

    01/21/2021 08:12 PM

    Can't wait for the military tribunals to begin!

  • Verla R White

    01/21/2021 07:35 PM

    Does Fox News really need Chris Wallace?? He needs to admit his affiliation with the dems!! Cannot believe anything he says! Thanks Mike and your great group for keeping us informed with the truth that is available!!

  • Carrie Mataraza

    01/21/2021 07:34 PM

    Rather than shut down dissent, their actions will increase it. The Democrats are arrogant and smug enough to make them partisan blind and quite stupid. Brennan ought to be in prison yet he and Clapper are very well paid on their networks for the idiocy they spew and fabricate. Trouble is all the cases against the Comey Cabal, criminal Hillary, and the Biden Family Grifters will be swept away not to be heard again...all these despicable people have gotten away with it! SO---We will not stop our criticisms of Biden/Harris. They are horrible and The Pretender has, on Day 1, already done enough damage with his demented signature to stop right there. They have roused the sleeping giant in their treatment of Pres. Trump. The giant will win in the end.

  • Ben Holdridge

    01/21/2021 07:22 PM

    Not acceptable. Nothing pos46 does, except expire interests me.


    01/21/2021 06:35 PM

    Hi Mike,
    Do you think that the Antifa riot over Joe Biden is something the left decided on pushing to try and say Antifa are a bunch of Trump supporters, and have always been. To put blame for all the destruction on the Right? Just a thought since this happened now.
    Also, Brennan needs to be held accountable for his blatant hatred of all anti swamp people.
    He, Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff and the rest need to sit down and shut up once and for all! They are all past retirement age and should do just that, retire!!!

    I am over it, all of it!
    Mary D

  • John William Randt

    01/21/2021 05:55 PM

    That's why Republicans must stick together.Together we can defeat the left and democrats.Divided, we get Joe Biden as president and Chuck Schumer as Majority leader in the senate.

  • Glenn Thistlethwaite

    01/21/2021 05:46 PM

    Brennan’s remarks are scary and tyrannical.

  • Mike Spears

    01/21/2021 05:43 PM

    Gov Huckabee: Regarding Biden's "call to unity" in his inauguration speech, followed by his declaration of war on this supposed rise in "white supremacy:" Could it be that he is using the same methodology used by Hitler in Nazi Germany? We all know that Hitler chose the Jews as the common enemy for Nazi Germany to "unite around," and we know what took place after that. Will there be mass arrests, concentration (or re-education) camps? Will there be gas chambers, etc.?

  • Charles Bell

    01/21/2021 05:36 PM

    When you’ve got little or nothing worthwhile to stand for then attacking / belittling your opponents is the best way to proceed.

  • Robert Warakomsky

    01/21/2021 05:26 PM

    Could you give me the source of the statement " the incoming administration an excuse to treat all Trump supporters, going forward, as domestic terrorists." I cannot find any instance where the Biden Administration referred to Trump supporters as domestic terrorists. Thank you.