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January 23, 2024

As our “Justice” Department doubles down on arresting Trump supporters simply for exercising their Constitutional rights of free speech and peaceful assembly, it’s increasingly clear that the full story behind the riot on January 6 is being kept under wraps.  The DOJ has even targeted one of the journalists trying to expose it.

Attorneys representing BLAZE NEWS reporter Steve Baker say the DOJ may be embarking on a “retaliation” against him for his reporting on January 6.  We reported about a month ago that these attorneys had received a call from the DOJ saying Baker would be arrested on unspecified charges and needed to surrender himself.

According to Baker, they magnanimously moved the original surrender date of December 19 to allow him to spend Christmas with his family.  Wasn’t that nice?  Now he’s just waiting to hear.  Based on the timing, he can’t help but make the connection between their targeting of him and the January 6 stories he’s currently working on.

Baker’s attorneys concluded their press release about this with a message for the DOJ:  “If you are so convinced in the strength of your case against Steve Baker that you file charges against him in the [DC District Court], we invite you to join in a stipulation with the defense to have Steve’s case tried in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of North Carolina or the Northern District of Texas.”  In other words, don’t railroad our client in a DC court, the way you’re doing with other people.

As we reported just a few days ago, it was Baker who discovered that the oddly nonchalant “man with the backpack” seen on video informing Capitol Police and Secret Service about the pipe bomb in front of DNC headquarters was himself a plainclothes Capitol Police officer.  He also found video that suggested Capitol Police Special Agent David Lazarus, who testified against Oath Keepers who’ve since been sentenced to decades in prison, couldn’t possibly have been where he said he was to witness what he supposedly saw.

Baker’s video examination also blew up Capitol Hill Police officer Harry Dunn’s allegations of racism directed at him by Trump supporters that day.

BLAZE MEDIA Editor-in-Chief Matthew Peterson said last month, “I don’t believe it’s a coincidence that Baker learned of his coming indictment the very same day he met with a pair of Capitol Police whistleblowers.  Nor do I believe that the Justice Department decided to press ahead as Baker has spent more than a week viewing hundreds of hours of Capitol closed-circuit TV video and unearthing previously undisclosed details about the events of January 6.”

Baker has said he’s been under federal investigation for the better part of two years following his independent reporting on January 6, which began before he started working for BLAZE NEWS.  But now, with his new report on the “man with the backpack” where the DNC pipe bomb was discovered on January 6, the DNC seems to be ramping up again.

Baker says he won’t be intimidated.  “I will continue to report the findings of my investigation into the evidence being made available to me to review.  I have followed and reported on dozens of trials of January 6 defendants, and the more I investigate, the greater is my unease at what is being done in the name of ‘justice.’”

Besides journalists such as Baker, another investigator who deserves our thanks is Georgia Rep. Barry Loudermilk, chairman of the House Administration Committee’s Oversight Subcommittee, which is investigating the security failures that day as well as the subsequent activities of Pelosi’s “select” J6 Committee (now thankfully disbanded).

Loudermilk told FOX NEWS Digital last week that his investigation has entered a “new phase” with renewed support from Speaker Mike Johnson, whom he says has committed “additional resources.”

Mississippi Rep. Bennie Thompson, who chaired the J6 Committee, and “GOP” co-chair Liz Cheney were required under House rules to archive all their digital files with the Clerk of the House so they could be available to Loudermilk’s committee but complied only about halfway.  (Par for the course --- this committee operated as though no rules applied to it at all.)  Loudermilk found that those sneaks had deleted more than 100 encrypted files from their records just a few days before the GOP took over as the majority in the House in January 2023.

So Loudermilk’s committee hired a forensics team to “scrape” hard drives to determine what they’d deleted.  The team found that 117 files had been deleted and also encrypted, under password protection.  The deleted files apparently were recoverable, so now Loudermilk is demanding the passwords. 

And he’s not done.  He also wrote letters to the general counsels for both the White House and DHS, requesting “unedited and unredacted transcripts” of their testimony to the J6 Committee.  Deadline:  this Wednesday, January 24.  Loudermilk has vowed to get to the truth of what the committee members were up to, and we get the impression he won’t rest until he does, perhaps just in time during this election year.

If you saw Dan Bongino’s Friday podcast (we linked to it on Saturday), you know one of the many odd things about the discovery of a pipe bomb outside of DNC headquarters on January 6 was that Kamala Harris was actually there, inside the building.  Why would she have been there instead of at the Capitol building when she was about to make history as the first woman of color --- first woman, period --- to be officially chosen Vice President of the United States?  And why, after her seeming brush with death, was her presence there downplayed afterwards, when the Biden administration could’ve made huge political hay with it?  Bongino can’t figure it out, we can’t figure it out, and Julie Kelly, who literally wrote the book on January 6, can’t, either.

Here are the mystifying details we know so far.  Did you know that even in the CHARGING DOCUMENTS against January 6 defendants, Kamala was wrongly said to have been at the Capitol building, rather than at DNC headquarters?  She herself has never referred to this at all.  Amazingly, not a single reporter is on record asking her about it.  (Of course, if someone dared to bring it up, she’d probably just burst into a torrent of uncomfortable laughter.)

Incidentally, those currently being detained on January 6-related charges have been suffering during the freezing weather.  As Jim Hoft at GATEWAY PUNDIT reports, these political prisoners (we call ‘em as we see ‘em) didn’t have heat or hot water for days.  No word yet on whether these conditions have improved.  The corrections officers reportedly have been wearing heavy winter jackets and hats inside the facility, but detainees reportedly were not even given an extra blanket.


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