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April 18, 2021

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  • Ann Atwell

    04/25/2021 09:33 AM

    President Trump will always be my president not that cheater who currently sits in the oval office. Joe Biden is a disgrace and a menace to the American people. If anyone deserves to be impeached he does. When he opened the borders and let people in who are known drug cartels and people who test positive for the virus, he showed how he feels about the people he is supposed to serve. I pray everyday that hard working, law abiding people will be protected from the evil that Biden has released on innocent people. Only God can do that.

  • Pati Hall

    04/23/2021 04:23 AM

    Yes Governor Huckabee, I watched President Trump. Are you kidding?? I wouldn't miss it! I love the man. He keeps his word. Blessings!

  • Sarah Menne

    04/21/2021 01:14 AM

    Our nation needs Trump back to fix the devastation being initiated by Biden and his Admin. Biden is NOT our true President and he and his party are slowly destroying our nation. They are definitely on a path towards bankruptcy. In addition, they never accept or tell the truth to our citizens. Thank you for having Trump on your program.

  • David Mason Roberts

    04/20/2021 03:59 PM

    Excellent interview!!!

  • Laura

    04/20/2021 02:20 PM


    It would be very helpful if the entire issue was addressed by the most popular president in American history. Instead of discussing what he did and what has changed. Perhaps he could include talking points like why the Democrats are doing this, what is the effect on America & will these people have health care etc that is paid with my hard earned dollars? How is my home state of Texas effected... these are the items I’m interested in. And also what can red blooded Americans do to stop this craziness?!!!!!!’


  • Phyllis Westlund

    04/20/2021 01:54 PM

    Great interview with the President! Thank you Gov. Huckabee for the interview.

  • Deb Drury

    04/20/2021 12:45 PM

    President Trump is The People’s President and it was Wonderful to hear from Our President. I suggest President Trump should speak daily from all over the US. Visit towns and business everywhere. No one recognizes Biden as The United States President not even other countries. Speaking on the constant destruction Biden administration is doing we Will Win tge Hiuse!!!!

  • Sharon Faulkner

    04/19/2021 01:50 PM

    It has been well said that Military men and women can have victories and defeats and there's an and on it.
    in the war for Faith and Freedom there are no permanent victories or defeats and there is no truce in that war.
    You can gather around the fires of fellowship to support and comfort and heal or you can celebrate the win in this battle -- but the war goes on and on.
    Therefore if we love our Faith and our Freedom stand and fight -- and wait until the True Victor comes down on the white horse.
    Let's roll !!!

  • Philip Nicolaev

    04/19/2021 08:39 AM

    About interview, just love to hear Trump!!
    We miss him so much!!!

  • Ret. Captain Gary Prifti

    04/19/2021 08:25 AM

    What a great interview mike Donald is THE best president USA ever had he truly is fur the American people and our great nation