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May 18, 2021

Good morning!

Blessings on you and your family, and from all the Huckabee staff! 

Today's newsletter includes:

  • Bible Verse Of The Day
  • Sudden turnaround
  • Long overdue
  • Update on the violence in Gaza
  • The Supreme Court slaps down a Biden administration argument on guns
  • Maricopa County Board circles wagons: WE'RE "DONE"!!
  • A Reader Writes Back...


Mike Huckabee


And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.

2 Corinthians 12:9 KJV

Sudden turnaround

By Mike Huckabee

After allowing teachers’ unions to put off the reopening of schools indefinitely, suddenly, the Biden Administration and the teachers’ unions are reportedly hard at work on a “Get Back to School!” campaign. What caused this sudden turnaround?

Joe Cunningham at believes it wasn’t the immeasurable harm being done to students or the stress put on fed-up parents, but the terrible polling this is causing. Yeah, that sounds about right…

Long overdue

By Mike Huckabee

Long overdue, the FBI quietly classified the attempted assassination of Rep. Steve Scalise and other House Republicans by a deranged Bernie Bro as what it actually was: not “suicide by cop” but “domestic terrorism.” Nice to learn that they’re still able to recognize that crime if you point it out to them forcefully enough.

Update on the violence in Gaza

By Mike Huckabee

President Biden’s suggestion of a ceasefire is being ignored, and understandably, since most Western liberals who call for ceasefires in the Middle East really mean that Israel should refrain from responding with deadly force when its own people are attacked without provocation. In this case, not only are attacks continuing to come from Gaza, but there were reports of missiles being fired at Israel from Lebanon as well.

The Washington Post seems upset that Israel’s Iron Dome defense is working so well. Even though it saves innocent Israeli lives, and prevents a bloody ground war that would kill innocent Palestinians, it prevents Israel from having to knuckle under to international pressure to compromise with terrorists, which is a bad thing, apparently. Incidentally, this is a two-fer of dumb liberal know-it-all-ism, since it also reminds us that the liberal “fact-checkers” of the Reagan era assured us that missile defense systems like Iron Dome, which they derided as trying to “shoot a bullet with a bullet,” were physically impossible.

Israel announced that its fighter jets had destroyed a length of Hamas’ terrorist tunnels equal to “163 football fields, 46 Eiffel Towers, 34 Empire State Buildings, 18 Burj Khalifas, and nearly 2 Mount Everests.” They said that’s 9.3 miles of tunnels that can no longer be used to facilitate terrorist strikes.

The IDF is also targeting structures used by Hamas, which includes liquidating a number of top terrorist leaders. One of them killed on Monday afternoon was Hussam Abu Harbid, aka “Abu Ubaida,” the commander of the Northern Brigade of the Saraya al-Quds, the armed wing of the Palestine Islamic Jihad. The Islamic Jihad confirmed his death, calling him a “beloved martyr.”

Ironically, he’s believed to have been one of the top planners of the missile strikes on Israeli citizens that set off this massive retaliation, as well as a number of previous such attacks going back 15 years. The IDF tweeted, “He won’t be committing any more terrorist attacks.”

Speaking of Israel destroying buildings that Hamas uses to plan terror attacks, that story from the Associated Press about them being “shocked and horrified” that Israel destroyed their building and that they had no idea Hamas supposedly met there has just been blown up like a Hamas terrorist leader. Someone dug up an A.P. article from 2014 that reported that Hamas regularly operated in and around the A.P. office in Gaza.

And while we’re at it, here’s more on how A.P. operatives in Gaza actively slant their reporting to cover up for Hamas and make Israel look like the violent oppressors. So cry us a river about your office being a pile of rubble.

The Supreme Court slaps down a Biden administration argument on guns

By Mike Huckabee

Monday brought some shockingly bad news to “progressives” who dream of steamrolling over the Constitution by expanding and packing the Supreme Court.

In a major victory for Second Amendment rights, the SCOTUS slapped down the Biden Administration’s arguments that the “community caretaking” exception to the Fourth Amendment allows the government to search someone’s home without a warrant and seize their guns if they think the person might be a danger to themselves or others. In a ruling written by Justice Clarence Thomas (another blow to leftists), the Court said police may execute “many civic tasks in modern society,” but there is “not an open-ended license to perform them anywhere…The very core of the Fourth Amendment” is the “right of a man to retreat into his own home and there be free from unreasonable search and seizure.”

This case involved a Rhode Island man who was arguing with his wife when he put an unloaded gun on the table and said, “Shoot me now and get it over with.” Taking that as a serious suicide threat (which I frankly doubt), his wife called the police. Despite his protests that his behavior was not abnormal or agitated (it sounds like something a lot of husbands might say under the circumstances), he agreed to go in for a psych evaluation. His wife then let the cops search their home and take his guns without a warrant after the police lied and told her he’d consented.

Yes, that’s actually the police action that the Biden DOJ described as “reasonable.” That might explain why they also thought the treatment of Michael Flynn was reasonable.

Thankfully, the Court disagreed. Thomas wrote that the “community caretaking” exception to needing a warrant to seize guns was for cases such as taking a gun from the trunk of an impounded vehicle or looking through a window and seeing someone about to shoot someone else. In a concurring opinion, Justice Alito said this is not a ruling on the constitutionality of so-called “red flag” laws that some states are passing, in which a court can order guns taken from someone who’s deemed a threat, but he said those may be challenged later.

As much of a blow to the left’s dreams of gun confiscation as this ruling is, here’s what makes it worse for them: It was a unanimous 9-0 decision. Even the liberal Justices thought that warrantless gun seizures are unconstitutional! So even if they tried to add four leftwing activists to the Court who don't give a darn about the Constitution, they still would have lost this case 9-4.

Maricopa County Board circles wagons: WE'RE "DONE"!!

By Mike Huckabee

Last week, we brought you news about the Maricopa County election audit that hardly warranted a peep from most media. The Arizona State Senate had run into a brick wall --- who says Arizona doesn’t have a wall? --- in the form of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors. They had refused to comply with a subpoena to turn over the routers to auditors, and also said they didn’t have the Dominion voting machine administrative passwords that also were under subpoena.

Also, auditors say there’s a database missing –- reportedly the entire directory for the 2020 general election, including “Results Tally and Reporting” –- but the Board denies this. Auditors have also found significant discrepancies in the number of ballots within some batches. So Senate President Karen Fann called a meeting for Tuesday, May 18, to try to work together without resorting to more subpoenas.

May 18. That’s today.

The Board of Supervisors met over the weekend with attorneys, and then held a “special” meeting on Monday afternoon, as their regular meeting isn’t till Wednesday. Apparently, their counsel has advised them to take an aggressive stance, because they came to Monday’s meeting loaded for bear.

The meeting was live-streamed and later posted on YouTube (though it looks as though the comments have been turned off), and this spectacle is a must-watch. The meeting, which comes to order at the 7:53 mark, is a real eye-opener. These people have circled the wagons.

In a way, that’s understandable; one gathers from what was said that Maricopa County has a history of problems –- including “major election mishaps” –- that the Board has worked hard over the past decade to improve, and they do NOT like the scrutiny, pressure and criticism they are receiving now. (They’ve also apparently experienced harassment, threats and even protesters showing up at their homes, and this is never acceptable.) Over and over during this meeting, they express pride in what they have accomplished and the care with which they handled the 2020 election before certifying it.

But if that’s true, why won’t they just be transparent about the whole thing? Methinks they doth protest too much. They should cooperate as they are legally obligated to do. Then when the audit shows how perfectly they ran the election, they can take a big bow for the great job they did. Of course, if the audit turns up any questions, they should be able to provide explanations or show where the auditors are wrong.

Curiously, they aren’t looking at it that way at all.

Chairman Jack Sellers starts off with a searing rebuke of Sen. Fann for her letter. He makes an incredible and I would say defamatory claim, accusing her of trying to “legitimize a grift disguised as an audit.”

“This board is DONE,” he says. He accuses those who want answers of “playing investigator.” The “Ninjas” (Cyber Ninjas, one of the auditing companies) are incompetent and can't find files that were given to them. They are “unqualified auditors” who “don’t know what they’re doing." You’ll see this is the default explanation taken by the board when they’ve got nothing else.

A long prepared statement/letter is then read aloud by one of their colleagues, the Maricopa County recorder. He says he personally witnessed the transfer of all the databases, with his “own eyes” and that he has “done enough.”

“You all have been subject to six months of harassment,” he tells the Board. I would add that this didn’t have to take anywhere near six months; THEY are the ones who’ve been delaying.

He goes through the three major concerns that Sen. Fann wrote about and that we outlined last week. They don’t have the password she’s demanding, he says, because “it is not needed to run any of our operations.” And Dominion will not give passwords to anyone but “certified election companies,” he explains. My answer to that is if Dominion has them, they’d better make an exception to their precious policy right now and hand them over if they want to stay in the election business. It’s the State Senate’s audit, they have the constitutional authority to run their state’s election, and elections must be auditable, period. And just who is working for whom?

About the routers, he says something stunning that requires some verification: that removing them from the machines would cost the county about $6 million. What? Who’s in charge of cost control in Maricopa County, the Pentagon?

He also repeated the claim that removing the routers would jeopardize the security of other county records. Sen. Fann has already proposed special restricted viewing to protect the other records, but he ignores that. “The county will not give over the routers,” he says flatly.

He denies there were chain of custody problems without addressing certain issues of concern. He also questions the security of the ballots while they're being temporarily stored during a break in the audit. It’s ironic that he questions the security of the ballots now while offering total assurance of their security earlier.

“No files from the 2020 election have been deleted,” he says. Okay, let’s find out for sure. Maybe someone ELSE surreptitiously deleted data at some point. That wouldn’t be the board’s fault. But we need to know.

He describes the CEO of Cyber Ninjas as espousing “the craziest election theories, involving Hugo Chavez.” So, why not cooperate with the audit and prove him to be a conspiracy crackpot?

The board is mostly Republican, but I think we can identify the Democrat. He’s surely the former member of the State Senate –- and also of the Maricopa County Elections Department –- who says he wants Sen. Fann not just to lessen her demands but to “stop this audit.” He says the problems were started a couple of days after the vote by people who said, “We don’t like who won the election, so let’s call [it] into question. Let’s start rumors and unfounded statements and conspiracies...let’s do everything we can to undermine the will of the voter, undermine our democracy...” He says “outside forces” control Sen. Fann. (What about "outside forces" like Marc Elias and the scores of lawyers who've been trying to shut the audit down?) He says the Senate is ignoring both federal and state law but gives no specifics, though his offensive rant keeps going.

And he goes a bridge too far. He lets us see a little too far into his mind, and he insults millions of honest, rational people who have seen significant problems with this election and deserve answers.

Another board member tells us that none of them are “afraid, running or trying to cover something up.” Overall, he at least sounds more reasonable, not calling for the audit to be halted but just to be recognizable as the kind of audit one might see for a business. Really, I think that’s what the Senate has tried to do, but the county has fought them at every step.

At the meeting’s end, the chairman says he “won’t be responding to any more requests from this sham process.” Has he ever heard of contempt of court? Meeting adjourned!

Keep watching, and an audit report from Arizona GOP chair Kelli Ward will play. An excellent palate cleanser.

A Reader Writes Back... 

As long as Israel exists, the Palestinian Authority has stated that it has no interest in becoming a state itself. The fake news propaganda media reports a lot of women and children dying in Gaza, but hardly mentions any of the Jewish people being killed. The Media forgets to also mention that it was Hamas that started this new round of attacks. I wonder if the Palestinian people are happy with their Hamas controlled govt?

America The Beautiful

God's creation is all around us. To learn more about Voyageurs National Park, visit its website here.

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  • Anne Turner

    05/19/2021 09:31 AM

    As Christian who has great admiration for what the country the people of Israel created, I simply do not understand why the American Jewish population remain primarily Democrat. It was a Democrat that turned away the ship of Jewish refugees during WWII. The Holocaust deniers are primarily left wing on steroids, and of course the cheerleaders for Palestine over Israel are Democrats. No country is without warts, but like the U.S. they try to be fair. Yes, I have been to Israel, furthermore, our guide was a Moslem Arab from East Jerusalem who said that if offered Israeli citizenship he would grab it in a moment. Come on man, I.e., Dems, you don’t know what you are talking about.

  • Jerrold S McFarland

    05/18/2021 09:14 PM

    To allow locales to open due to the vaccine, also stopped the count in Arizona, now allowing for graduation ceremonies! Rather a major coincidence don't you think?

  • Joyce Kanlan

    05/18/2021 07:29 PM

    Maricopa. In a nut shell, throw in prison! Since WHEN do individuals decide IF&WHEN a subpoena has any power?! (Oh, since ??Hillary&her deleting,shredding,bleaching&hammering). IF an American citizen TRIED to do that, we’d be slapped in hand cuffs& tossed in prison! ENOUGH ????already! Open this up, tear back the curtain &EXPOSE the money grubbing con artists behind this SHAM, this THEFT& FINALLY bring them to justice, once& for all! Arizona DESERVES, Americans DESERVE TRUTH&FACT, not continued ????from the left.

  • Paul Kern

    05/18/2021 07:23 PM

    I see the hands of Soros and the CCP behind the smokescreen they have thrown up.
    Many true believers and even pagans are waking up
    Now that Joe's handlers have decided to throw Israel to the wolves we are in for a heap of trouble. Thru out history God has thrown nations down who decided to destroy Israel.

  • Joyce Kanlan

    05/18/2021 07:17 PM

    The Supreme Court. ????????America, praise the Lord! God IS still in Control, He still sits on the Throne and He still answers Prayer!????????! Continue to pray without ceasing for our One Nation Under God!! Daily, pray for ????????&our leadership! Keep the Faith!????

  • Joyce Kanlan

    05/18/2021 07:12 PM

    Update on Gaza. Here’s the bottom line. God, our Creator gave, promised them the land. Let them say what ??they will, it does not change the facts. So, understand nay-sayers, this to shall pass, & when He returns WE ALL WILL STAND in front of Him, giving an account FOR OURSELVES w/NO falsely accusing someone else, w/o pointing crooked fingers, w/o any excuses. While He blesses you with time, make it right, do right, turn& give yourselves to Him. To God be the glory.

  • Joyce Kanlan

    05/18/2021 07:03 PM

    Long over do. It’s a real shame that our officials are so complacent, so nonchalant about a Republican YET, in sad reality, IF it were a liberal progressive socialist communist democrat official, they’d have crawled all over that finding the perpetrator & taking him,her to prison without missing a beat.

  • ken moore

    05/18/2021 06:40 PM

    is there a competent test for Biden when he appears to be awake
    pls advise I will take the same test and I'm older than Biden

  • Russ

    05/18/2021 04:29 PM

    Gov. Huckabee:

    OK, count me as confused. If the AZ Senate is Republican and all but one Maricopa County board member is Republican, then why has an audit of the Maricopa County election been so cantankerous. Why would a Republican dominated board care what one Democrat has to say and refuse to continue a sanctioned audit.

    I really do not understand. There must be more to the story. Some powerful interests groups must be working this behind the scenes. What is your take?

  • Stephen Russell

    05/18/2021 04:09 PM

    Gaza Violence: seeds for Ez 38 war Nuclear war 1?
    & New Soros leader the 666?
    Replace Soros

  • Renee Kendrick

    05/18/2021 03:31 PM

    A unanimous decision by SCOTUS!!! That is one for the history books! WOW!!! The devil and his DC Democrats really did have a bad day. Hell actually froze over on Monday!!! Maybe after four months of Biden and the radical lefters, The Court's eyes are starting to open.

  • Shelley West

    05/18/2021 03:27 PM

    Dear Governor;

    I recently heard a statistic that said 75% of Jewish Americans voted for Biden. Is this true? I can’t understand why in light of all President Trump did to support Israel. Now look what’s happening. Please help me understand why if this is true. Thank you.

  • Cynthia Wheeler

    05/18/2021 03:27 PM

    I was reading your regular morning email & it "mysteriously" disappeared. I went to your website to finish reading it. ??

  • Sharon Faulkner

    05/18/2021 02:08 PM

    Please don't be naive.
    Death threats? Not from MAGA or Stop the Steal they didn't.
    That is the whine of everybody caving to Injustice and Wrong.
    Feeding the false "violent Trump supporters" garbage tells me what kind of "Republicans" these are -- just like John McStain and his sorry brood.
    Keep this up GOP and I and MILLIONS of other Trump/MAGA will be staying home.
    If this country is to be destroyed let it be crooks and traitors with a D after their name not an R.

  • William Fuhrer

    05/18/2021 01:32 PM

    So there is an evil BLACK LIVES MATTER and a not so bad BLACK LIVES MATTER. Are they both MARXIST? Is the lady leader with the four house in the BAD or NOT SO BAD