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June 24, 2024

It’s very telling that one of the biggest news bombshells of the weekend was that a liberal “fact-checking” site actually told the truth about Trump, only seven years after the lie in question became one of the biggest stories in the media, and after seven long years of us repeatedly correcting it.

For some reason, chose the eve of the first Trump-Biden debate to FINALLY admit that Trump never said there were “very fine people” among the neo-Nazis at Charlottesville. As any reader of this newsletter could have told them, he said he was sure there were very fine people on both sides of the issue of removing Confederate monuments, but the skinheads and neo-Nazis “should be condemned totally.”

The “very fine people” hoax has become of the left’s favorite weapons against Trump, with Biden claiming that hearing Trump say that was what convinced him to run for President to save America’s soul from Trump (as I’ve written before, since Trump never said that, it’s safe for Joe to resign immediately. Still waiting.) After allowing that lie to linger in the air for seven years like gas passed on an elevator, Snopes finally did the job of an actual fact-checker, looked at the full quote, and branded it “FALSE.”

(Of course, they couldn’t bring themselves to admit that Trump was entirely correct, so they had to add a note that there were in fact NOT fine people on both sides because “virtually every source that covered the Unite the Right debacle concluded that it was conceived of, led by and attended by white supremacists, and that therefore Trump was wrong.” I would love to see the objective criteria by which the fact-checkers determined without question that everyone in the huge crowd who opposed removing the statue was a bad person.)

Naturally, leftists are outraged at Snopes and threatening to boycott the site for daring to let the truth interfere with their “fact-checking.” Some insist that they “heard Trump say it with their own ears.” It’s no surprise to learn that some of these people really need to wash their ears.

Trump’s campaign is calling on Biden’s campaign to stop repeating this debunked lie and yank its advertising (sorry: “cheap fake advertising”) based on it. Good luck with that. If they yanked all of Joe’s ads just because they were based on lies, he’d have no ads left.

Matt Vespa at notes that Biden was definitely planning to attack Trump on this point in the debate. Now, he’ll have to use the other hundred or so false Trump quotes that the left repeats. Trump had better prepare a response for when he’s accused of telling people to drink bleach.

In the meantime, let this story be an important lesson to you: Read my newsletter and you’ll know the truth about what’s happening in the world seven years before people who watch MSNBC do.

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