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February 6, 2023

In an encouraging sign that society might be shaking off its woke self-hypnosis and that women are fed up with being erased from their own sports by the trans bully cancel culture mob, pro surfer Bethany Hamilton has taken a public stand against the World Surf League’s new rules allowing “trans women” to compete. Hamilton said the only way for competition to be fair for everyone is for the WSL to create a new division for trans surfers, and until they change this rule, she will not participate in any WSL events. This is how all women athletes should have reacted from day one, rather than being bullied into pretending that “Lia Thomas” is a stunning and brave woman despite “her” obvious muscular male physique and genitalia packed into a women’s swimsuit.

Saying such a thing used to get you stoned like a heretic on social media, but instead, Hamilton is garnering widespread support, including from prominent athletes who are also sick of seeing women’s hard-fought sports gains taken away by men on estrogen.

It’s about time we started seeing some backlash against the push by a very tiny but very vocal minority to bully everyone into pretending that basic biology isn’t a fact. You know the woke left has pushed their “remaking humanity and denying reality” jihad beyond the breaking point when even liberal atheist Bill Maher puts out a commentary that went viral, comparing them to the dangerous, deluded fanatics of Chairman Mao’s communist revolution (warning, some bad language – hey, I told you it was Bill Maher.)


Related: Just in case you thought we’d reached peak woke insanity, it’s not time to relax yet. A 36-year-old man who identifies as a woman is serving time in prison in Scotland after strangling “her” roommate to death with some shoelaces. But apparently, being a man-who-identifies-as-a-woman in prison has become so faddish that it doesn’t get the attention it used to (this inmate is described by prison insiders as “attention-seeking” and “manipulative.” What a surprise.)

So now, “she” claims to identify as an infant and is demanding that guards supply her with diapers, puree her food and hold her hand when she leaves her cell. And astoundingly, they’re going along with this.

The Daily Mirror reports that they’ve already supplied her with a dummy, which is the UK term for a pacifier. To be honest, I’d probably want to stick one of those things in her mouth, too, just to shut her up.

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