From Thomas:

I'm not thrilled when I disagree with you –- and even less thrilled when I feel the need to write to you about it. But regarding the results of the 2016 election, there were far more of us who thought that Trump would be President when it was all said and done than you may realize. In fact, I got so upset at the late Charles Krauthammer on election night, who early in the evening, was asked about the election and had the chance to show that he had done some REAL homework on what was going on in the various key states. He simply repeated the standard mantra that accepted that Hillary would win by the end of the night. I know his health went south soon after that, but I was content to never listen to him again.

The reason was that all the evidence was there that Trump was going to win if anybody –- ANYBODY –- would have bothered to actually go through it rather than just do what everyone was doing.

Nothing has changed. Pollsters still go out of their way to NOT poll Trump supporters, simply because they don't like them. I've been polled only once in person, but you could tell by the pollster's face that she didn't like the answers I was giving her. That is not ever to matter.

Yes, Governor Mike –- we knew –- we knew that night who was going to win.

From the Gov:

Thanks for writing, Thomas. Certainly, I was not referring to the millions of Trump supporters who went to the polls on Election Day and VOTED for Donald Trump. Even without being privy to the data generated from a statistically sampled poll or a sophisticated computer model (we’ve seen lately how accurate THOSE are!), we were very optimistic, because we all had “taken the temperature” where we lived –- generally in flyover country –- and knew how utterly wrong the polls and pundits were. If you’ve read my 2014 book GOD, GUNS, GRITS, AND GRAVY, you know I was well aware of the strength and potential power of this conservative wave. Those were the future Trump voters, the people who had just had enough, and they made their stand in 2016.

No, I was talking about those very pollsters and politicians and media analysts (aside from, as I said, me and a few independent thinkers among that group) who live in “the bubble,” didn’t get Trump and still don’t, and couldn’t imagine anyone voting for him. Ha, even Vladimir Putin assumed Hillary would be President; that would explain his preemptive moves to “buy” her. Sadly, in that particular situation this group also included the brilliant (usually) Charles Krauthammer, God rest his soul. I’m sure millions of Trump supporters were throwing things at the screen on Election Night when Krauthammer simply assumed that Trump would lose.

The pundits and pollsters who had predicted so confidently that Hillary would win ended up with egg on their faces as they screamed at the sky. One has to wonder who would even listen to them after they got it so wrong, but, as you point out, they’re still here, just as Paul Krugman is still an economist. And they’re still just as clueless as ever.

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  • Lisa Ford

    04/21/2020 04:43 PM

    But remember, we all must show up to vote. We can't rest now. We can't listen to the media, must remain focused. 4 more years please Sweet Jesus!!

  • Veda Richardson

    04/21/2020 01:40 PM

    Donald Trump will win by a bigger landslide in 2020 than he did in 2016 then in 2024 Donald Trump Jr. If he wants to I pray he does.