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March 23, 2020 |

I know that what used to be respected news outlets are now just PR agencies for the DNC, but couldn’t they at least be a little less obvious about it? Like the New York Times, whose story about the Democrats threatening the economy by blocking the emergency coronavirus bill had its headline changed three times in one day, and with each new version, less and less blame accrued to the Democrats…


First try: “Democrats Block Action on $1.8 Trillion Stimulus”

Wait, that’s way too accurate! How about this: “Democrats Block Action on Stimulus Plan, Seeking Worker Protections.” That makes them sound like they care about the workers, right?

Oh, no, wait: that still honestly says that the Democrats were the ones who blocked it. So here’s the final version (for now, at least):

“Partisan Divide Threatens Deal on Rescue Bill.”

Yes, that puts equal blame for its failure on the Republicans who voted to pass it. Much better! That ensures that the invitations to the DC Democrat cocktail parties will keep coming if the parties ever resume.

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As of Monday morning, the number of coronavirus cases in the US has surpassed 35,000, with 17,000 being in New York alone. New York has joined California, New Jersey, Illinois and Connecticut in ordering residents to stay at home. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott decided not to do that, at least not yet, since many Texas counties have yet to see even one positive test. But a judge issued a two-week stay-at-home order for residents of Dallas County.


President Trump has dispatched a US Navy hospital ship to New York harbor to help handle the cases, and he’s activated the National Guard in New York, California and Washington to help Governors carry out missions to stop the virus. (Note that New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio told “Meet The Press” Sunday, "The president of the United States is from New York City and he will not lift a finger to help his hometown.” I wouldn’t blame Trump for lifting a finger to DeBlasio. If this is how he deals with a crisis, maybe he should go lift weights in that gym he visits while banning everyone else from going, and let someone more qualified deal with it. Like one of those squeegee guys who have come back.)

Some on the left are criticizing Trump for not taking even more drastic measures, such as invoking a nationwide lockdown instead of letting state Governors set policy. So after three years of telling us that Trump is an autocratic dictator who wants to be another Hitler, they’re now criticizing him for not being an autocratic dictator. If your head is swimming and you feel confused, those are not symptoms of coronavirus, just of watching the news.

There are now five nations reporting positive results in treating the COVID-19 (Chinese) coronavirus with a drug cocktail that includes the antimalarial drug, hydroxychloroquine. Here’s the latest report from researchers in France.



Joe Biden has receded into the background so fast, he’s desperate to get back into the headlines, especially now that Democrats whose eyes are glazed over about him as their candidate are now talking about drafting New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. So Biden announced that he will begin competing with President Trump by holding his own daily press conferences on the COVID-19 (Chinese) coronavirus.


This announcement was accompanied by the usual attacks on how Trump is dealing with the crisis, ending with the tagline, “This moment calls for a President.” Okay, I try to be a nice guy, but I’m about to hit a 77-year-old man with a hard bag of truth:

This moment HAS a President, Joe, and it ain’t you. All you will do by holding daily news conferences to contradict what the President says is confuse and mislead Americans at a time when getting the best-sourced information is literally a matter of life and death, both for people and the US economy. You have already demonstrated that you do not have access to the type of information that Trump does when you blasted him as xenophobic for shutting down travel from China early on, a move that bought us weeks of time and likely saved thousands of American lives. You would have let infected people just come pouring in. This either shows you have terrible judgement, or no access to the kind of information the President has, or (and this is my guess) both.

America has a President. What it needs now are statesmen. Those are people who put petty political squabbles aside during a crisis, rally around America’s elected leader, and do whatever they can to bring Americans together so that we can overcome this danger.

With this latest reprehensibly selfish, divisive and irresponsible move, you have not only embarrassed yourself, you have proved you are no statesman, and you are certainly not worthy of ever being President.


Monday Fake News, Coronavirus Edition: Many media outlets and Twitter twits went on a rage against President Trump, accusing him of pushing false hope by declaring a combination of drugs including hydroxychlorophine to be a miracle cure for the Wuhan flu (see what I did there?) Or as Mediaite put it, “Trump Touts Unproven Coronavirus Drug Cocktail As 'One Of The Biggest Game Changers In The History Of Medicine.'”


No, he did not say that. They left out his preceding qualifiers, including saying that “if it works,” it could be a game-changer, “and maybe not.”

What does it tell us about the mindset of our current “news” media that they can hear the President say there’s a possibility we might have a cure for a deadly pandemic that’s shut down the US economy, and they think that the most newsworthy part of that statement is that if you edit and twist it enough, you can use it to make the President sound like a liar?

It’s incredible that something so serious and frightening still hasn’t been able to penetrate the media’s terminal case of Trump Derangement Syndrome and shock or shame them into acting like responsible professionals. They have seemingly learned nothing, certainly not humility or the limits of their expertise, since the earliest days of this crisis, when they attacked Trump as a racist and xenophobe for shutting down travel from China.


I assume they would prefer Trump had reacted the way the PC mayor of Florence, Italy, did, by showing defiance of “xenophobia” by encouraging Italians to “hug a stranger.” That worked out well, didn’t it?


And as recently as February 8th, the chairman of the New York City Council Health Committee was tweeting for everyone to turn out for the Lunar New Year parade in Chinatown, to show “defiance of (the) coronavirus scare.”


So when any of these people attack the way Trump is dealing with this unprecedented crisis, ask them: “Why should we listen to anything you have to say? Have you gotten ANYTHING right so far?”

On that subject, here are “10 Ways the Left Has Politicized the Coronavirus Pandemic.” But this article is a week old, so there are a lot more by now.


And on a similar subject, as tough as it is to choose who should be Miss Universe out of all those contenders, or which movie out of a whole year’s worth of releases is the “Best Picture,” imagine how hard it must be to narrow it down to only the “Top 10 Lies About President Trump’s Response to the Coronavirus.”


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If your kids can’t go to school and you’re looking for educational Internet content for them, here are a couple of suggestions:

Several zoos and aquariums around the nation have installed webcams so that kids can watch sea otters, penguins and other animals without leaving the house.


And here are links to 12 famous museums around the world that have online virtual tours where you can view some of the world’s greatest treasures of art and history from your home. See, there is more to the Internet that seeing what your Facebook friends had for lunch.



One sector of the economy hardest hit by all the shutdowns of bars, restaurants and concert venues are all the independent musicians who make their income from playing live. If you’re a musician, or know one who’s hurting, you might be interested in this list of resources to help musicians, compiled by Billboard magazine.


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  • Michael

    03/23/2020 08:45 PM

    As long as you are one who reads Huckabee's news letters, read Townhall, Ben Shapiro, watch Mark Levin and other conservative news sites, you will not know Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are definitely the one's that held up the Coronovirus relief bill to benefit everyday working Americans. The phony propaganda MSM have already twisted their headlines and news bites to reflect that the bill is held up by the Republicans. Every GOP member should be joining Rep. Tom Cotton and Rep. Ted Cruz in being outspoken and telling the American people the truth. Republicans have a bad habit and history of caving to Democrats. It's time and way over due to stop that and for the Republicans to fight and be outspoken. It's not going to happen with the Enemies of the People, the MSM. But the GOP need to flood all conservative media outlets and start telling We the People the truth and start fighting against the Democrats and the MSM. If not they might not only lose the battle, but lose the war! The war not to lose our country to the Democrats and MSM !!

  • None Turner

    03/23/2020 08:38 PM

    If Cuomo of NY breezes into the DNC convention as the savior, he might make a very difficult candidate to beat. He has been having daily TV briefings and has been impressive. He would hold up well against POTUS in
    debate. He is tough, experienced guy. I somewhat expect that the stress of campaigns is going to take its toll on Biden and would not be surprised if he had to drop out for medical reasons before the convention. I have never particularly like Cuomo, but I can see him getting fence sitter votes. I suspect he might have some dealings in the past that might him keep in down but not sure about that. POTUS looks tired for once. You can see the stress which is unusual. He gets pummeled after every news conference but what’s new. Those people around him speaking are pretty impressive. He has showed remarkable patience with the baiting questions the press have been asking. They are always looking for an I gotcha.

  • Nancy McNeely

    03/23/2020 08:36 PM

    Fox News channel is getting sensational now. I’m listening to the Rush Limbaugh show. And I will only watch The Five. Greg Guttfeld is my cheerleader. I will watch the President Trump’s address to the nation and also Hannity. Maybe Laura. This is my plan to combat all the negative news and Fox always shows the fake news from the other channels. We don’t need all this garbage.

  • Lisa Ford

    03/23/2020 08:24 PM

    Yes, the media should be shut down, that is the left side. Just like the left in Washington, they too are not team players. They have no desires in their heads to help others, just hurt Trump. I pray that it becomes even more blatant & November has all seeing red. I refuse to watch local news at all. They have a need to interupt with their opinions, cut us off from hearing for ourselves, in plain English. Like we need their help explaining anything. I pray that this China virus goes away quickly. And President Trump has all the wisdom to restore our economy better than before. And shuts up the dems.

  • John Gore

    03/23/2020 08:22 PM

    At least you are trying to help people. I cannot believe that Pelosi and Schumer are trying to turn this tragedy to partisan advantage. Disgraceful!
    As is the performance of much of the media.


    03/23/2020 08:07 PM

    Don't forget the American farmers and ranchers. Check out what the farm beef price is compared to the retail. Disgraceful !! Somebody should be helping out on this.

  • Joyce E Whittier

    03/23/2020 07:55 PM

    While Kansas and Missouri haven't completely shut down, the Kansas governor shut down all the elementary and high schools in the state for the rest of the year, and she did that without the approval of the legislature. Then the mayor of Kansas City ordered all non-essential businesses to close until April 24. The county legislators of five counties that are part of the greater KC metro also ordered the closing of non-essential businesses. All of this was done without notice to the public. The meetings were not televised, and the public had no input at all.

  • Raymond Lengel

    03/23/2020 07:45 PM

    Love your statement regarding the selfishness and stupidity of Joe Biden. He belongs in assisted living certainly not the White House!

  • Jim Montgomery

    03/23/2020 07:36 PM

    Thanks Mike, for all your hard work. We may never know how great a President you could have been, but it is obvious how great a Patriot you are. We need more, many more, like you. You not only tell the truth, you back it up. You should receive the Medal of Freedom also!
    Thanks again.

  • Glenda Dudley

    03/23/2020 07:35 PM

    My daughter is going through a terrible horrible anxiety depression because of loosing a 27 year old business. When those stupid reporters question Trump about depression o my goodness! Are they that far removed from real world? Btw she is a Jesus follower, but letting her workers go is devastating as well as her own income. Are they so stupid? Please tell the reporters to go out of their little bubbles of hatred!

  • Barbara Capps

    03/23/2020 07:24 PM

    Thank you Governor for all you are doing to keep us informed. It refreshing to get honest reporting of things. May God bless you for all you are doing and may God keep you and your family safe.
    Barbara Capps

  • Jerry Korba

    03/23/2020 07:22 PM

    The Media The Left should for the time being be treated like the Dinosaur pay zero attention to them and the country should pay attention and understand about business big and small the impact it has on the general population. One item I would want in regards to business; is big profits by business should be applauded and desired also when that happens the workers could get a bit more the relationship between the two will mean better output great employees make great business thru great leadership. People taking chances with their health and the health of others is dangerous our country has lost a large amount of respect for others look at the hot spots in NY no respect for police those are what people with no souls look like the devil grabbed those souls its up to those people that must reclaim self respect and their soul. Or you get what DeBlasio hoped for uncivilized behavior.

  • Vicki Smith

    03/23/2020 07:01 PM

    I cannot begin to adequately express the seething anger that is growing inside me every single day toward the Democrat leaders. If I had the power, which clearly I do not, I would put forth a statement/vote of “no confidence” in our Congress and pass it to every single person fed up with them to sign. I do not understand how ANYONE, even a staunch Democrat could support their leadership. That said, my 92-year old aunt would never disengage from the Democrat Party. Her reasons? “President Trump is a liar!” (But she voted for Bill Clinton TWICE!? Help me understand that, will you?!) Then...”CNN is the channel I listen to because they tell it like it is!” Hatred sure is blind and CNN is a prime example. Let me say that I never argue with her (and she would have to win anyway, so why bother?)...if I do live to 92 (and today’s political environment may very well be the death of me), I would expect that I wouldn’t change my mind about much either. Though truthfully, spending more time with her of late since I’m the oldest niece and my aunt has no children, I have begun to pray that I will never be like her and hope that God will never allow me to be the kind of person that others do not want to be like or visit. (I tend to be the typical southerner...going waaay around the bush before I get to the point.) I just don’t care for most Democrats...

  • Edson Waite

    03/23/2020 06:57 PM

    Here is another activity for kids and adults. A virtual tour of the National Museum of the USAF.

  • Kathy Campion

    03/23/2020 06:54 PM

    God has blessed us with Trump & Pence to lead our country thru this difficult time. They have both shown themselves worthy of our trust & my prayer is that God will keep them safe & continue to give them wisdom

  • William Schlumpf

    03/23/2020 06:54 PM

    Correction: "....the number of coronavirus cases in the US has surpassed 35,000..." Those are confirmed cases. Actual cases including those who have symptoms and have not yet or will not take the test are likely to exceed 100,000. We can use the Diamond Princess as a case study to project the actual number of infections based upon the number of deaths. The Diamond Princess mortality rate with a population highly skewed to the elderly was 1.1%. In the general population the mortality rate is likely to be much lower, probably around .5%.

  • Carmen Price

    03/23/2020 06:38 PM

    Governor Huckabee:
    Great virtual show over the weekend, especially liked the piece on John Tesh, great recovery.
    Now it the time for Trump to enact his Executive Action to make the stimulus bill a law and push the dumbocrats over the edge. They have no right to stop helping American's for their own
    agenda! This is not the time for partisan politics.............American's need help NOW, not later.
    Hope he can do this.
    Carmen Price
    Reno, NV

  • Trish Zechel

    03/23/2020 06:36 PM

    In this article and any other info that it states that this virus has in the US has surpassed 35,000..why is this such a vague number? Out of these 35,000, why isn't the number broken down by gender and age..? And please don't say..well aw..

  • Stephen Russell

    03/23/2020 06:21 PM

    Dems loading bill with pork & blocking passage of bill for we Voters.
    Dems are Anti American & voters.
    Day 1.