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October 18, 2022



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32 Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.

Ephesians 4:32

Attention President Biden: Please call your office

I’m really looking forward to the intellectual gymnastics that the “fact checkers” will use to try to convince us that President Biden was correct when he said gas has always been $7 a gallon in California.

For more Biden word salads and outrageous lies about Republicans, I direct you to Nick Arama at, for whom keeping up with all of them has become a fulltime job that I don't want.

Liberals: Boycott CNN

First, John Fetterman’s wife demanded “consequences” for an MSNBC reporter for truthfully stating that her husband had to read the questions off a laptop to understand them. Now, leftists have “Boycott CNN” trending on social media because the network accurately reported that since taking office, Joe Biden has taken nearly 180 vacation days, or more than 25% of his time in office so far, and that’s more than Trump took.

Wow, liberals sure get upset when one of their pet news outlets actually commits journalism. They’re accusing CNN of comparing days when Biden was actually working to days when Trump was just playing golf and doing nothing.

Excuse me, but I have some inside information on that. I can’t imagine a day when Donald Trump “does nothing.” He works so much, he exhausts his much younger staffers. He went away to Mar A Lago so often because he didn’t like being in Washington, where he probably thought he was surrounded by enemies working to undermine him (I wonder why?) But it was more like a Florida White House, not a vacation home. And where did they ever get the idea that Biden is working when he takes all those vacation days?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not criticizing Biden for taking days off. In fact, if he wants to take every day off from now until January 2025, a grateful nation would thank him.

Election Updates

Ohio Senate candidates Tim Ryan and J.D. Vance had another debate last night. To try to recover from the shellacking he got last time, Ryan went on the offensive. Offensive is the right word, too, since his strategy seemed to be to lie about his opponent right to his face. Not a good strategy when the person best able to correct you is standing right there. Read more about it here:

In Utah, Independent candidate Evan McMullan and Sen. Mike Lee also debated last night. Pretty much the same okey-doke. Here’s a report on that from Lincoln Brown at PJ Media.

And in Georgia, gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams and Gov. Brian Kemp debated. Abrams again denied her previous election denials, which, as her many previous quotes at the linked article show, is denied by the historical record.

By the way, Abrams also denied that she’s behind in the polls. Next, she’ll deny that denial is a river in Egypt.

New: “Trans Buddies” at Vanderbilt

It apparently wasn’t bad enough that Vanderbilt University has a “Pediatric Transgender Clinic” set up to make big money off of permanently disfiguring children, or that the AMA and other medical groups want the government to criminalize criticism of their quackery. Now, Vanderbilt is reportedly adding “Trans Buddies” to monitor their doctors. That’s a benign-sounding name for trans activists who will spy on doctors and report them for any “problematic” issues, like if they question that pumping kids full of dangerous hormones and cutting off their body parts is a good idea.

Bad news

I hate to pile on the bad news for Democrats (okay, I really don’t), but this one might make steam shoot out of their ears and that would be funny.

A new survey by the Center for American Political Studies (CAPS) at Harvard University ranked the favorability ratings of prominent political figures with the public. The person with the highest approval of all (+6) is Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. The top three were all Republicans: DeSantis, Mike Pence (+4) and Sen. Tim Scott (+3.) Next came Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz, all tied and even in favorability at 0. Joe Biden was down the list at -8, Kamala Harris was -10, Hillary Clinton was -13, and Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell were tied for last at -22.

Nuisance politics

The “green” movement has adopted a new protest tactic: making childish, obnoxious public nuisances of themselves (play to your strengths, I always say!) Over the past few weeks, especially in Europe, we’ve seen a number of these overgrown, attention-seeking children protesting the fossil fuels that have made their lives so easy they have time to do idiotic and destructive things like throwing soup at an irreplaceable Van Gogh painting (fortunately, it was protected by glass), gluing themselves to various surfaces, and dumping milk all over the floor of a supermarket to protest the alleged cruelty of milking cows, which shows they have never been within 100 miles of an actual cow.

None of this is “saving the planet,” it’s just wasting food and creating a huge mess for people with real jobs to clean up. But it is getting attention, which is why all toddlers throw public tantrums. Normally, I’d ignore them, but I think it’s okay to pay attention if you laugh at them, which is what happened to one young male “climate activist” who sprayed paint on the exterior of an Aston Martin showroom in London. Nobody heard the overwrought anti-gasoline screed he was shouting because passersby were laughing too hard at his clothes, which included a red pleated skirt and a sports bra.

These kids think they’re so special that they're above responsibility for their actions. Some are even pleading “not guilty” despite being on video doing it. Some jail time might shock them into realizing that actions have consequences when you’re an adult, at least chronologically. But I’d suggest the guy in the skirt and bra change clothes before going to jail.

Get Woke, Go Broke

Comcast has pulled the plug on G4TV, a network aimed at video gamers that drove away its audience by hiring a host described as an angry, humorless, feminist, leftist, social justice warrior who liked to berate the male audience. Gee, I wonder why viewers tuned out?

That news round-up from Instapundit includes a great quote from the Ace of Spades blog, directed at all corporations that keep losing hundreds of millions of dollars by filling their alleged entertainment products with divisive leftist political messages:

“…if you want to push your unpopular #Woke CRT poison on the public, you need to vote for Trump, or DeSantis. You need a booming Trump or DeSantis economy so that corporations are so flush with cash that they can limp along with the losses you’re incurring them. In a Biden economy, you get fired. In a Biden economy — in a recession — they can’t afford failure. They demand profits.”

Stupidest Quote of The Day (And Maybe Ever):

“…When you look at something that is an attack on democracy, something that could actually bring about a fundamental change to American governments, 9/11 is nothing to January 6th.” – Disgraced FBI agent Peter Strzok.

You know, I’d say that weaponizing our federal law enforcement agency and lying to FISA Court judges to try to frame a President, undermine his legitimacy and overturn a fair and legal presidential election is a pretty big assault on democracy, but I wouldn’t compare it to 9/11. However, I wouldn’t object if the traitors responsible for it were thrown into Gitmo instead of being given book contracts and MSNBC gigs.


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Comments 1-7 of 7

  • stephen russell

    10/20/2022 11:40 AM

    Aside power, why is Newsom ending State of Emergency for CA on 2-28-23??

  • Jerry

    10/20/2022 09:31 AM

    Biden’s role to bankrupt America continues to deplete the oil reserves and to replace it with the high prices of tomorrow the buy high and sell low concept is being used to bankrupt the oil industry and today we have close midterm elections is beyond my understanding of this population today one has to take a 5 gallon bucket of money to buy groceries I guess u look at Philadelphia and u see why America is a mess ful of misfits

  • George W. Trever

    10/20/2022 09:24 AM

    The real bad news for Democrats is the fact that so many Democrats seem OK with the lies and policies that are corrupting America. It is real bad new for all America that so many ignore the REAL threat to Democracy.

  • James Blanchard

    10/20/2022 08:03 AM

    Thanks for your work Mike!
    I am hoping and praying that President Trump does not run. I voted for him twice and I believe he blew it big time starting with his debate with Biden. That was a disgrace........he had a great opportunity to stop Biden right there and acted very poorly. His treatment of his VP was deplorable and his lack of decisive action to stop or curb the events Jan 6th are inexcusable.
    We can't let the Democrats win the mid terms and in 2024! In the name of God and common sense, let's elect someone with integrity, brains and moral fiber! I like Trumps policies, but his ego was another part of his downfall.
    Please help out party come to it's senses as well!

  • Jerry

    10/20/2022 12:03 AM

    These washed up carnies that run the democrat run cities, states, and our federal government are about to be voted out of office I truly hope. They are so far beyond belief I do not watch much more of them; I read your newsletter and watch a bit of Watters and Carlson and a little on Newsmax at 3PM I am still conservative. I am taking some time off for a little time in Palm Springs I am going to be freinds that are not conservatives although our accommodations are to be on the side of luxury. Our dining is to be at a high end restaurant that conservatives own and operate our host leading our get away advised me that they are gay. They will be an ally for me they can cook they are wealthy and although politics should not play a part in our get away I am glad they will NOT show any interest in an old red neck like myself however I will side with them on conservative issues. Funny thing about gay guys my financial adviser assistant is gay and he knows I am a full blooded American red neck that despises same gender sex although like all the species we have on earth I find a lot gay people a bit peculiar and some are hilarious and I love comedy as I have tendencies that can be a bit outrageous nothing dangerous; but nothing the lefties can handle and quite frankly I don't give a dam. Being older lets me tell you lets go Brandon if you have thoughts like the leftists. What a bunch of disgusting windbags these are people without pity, law and order and disregard for the laws of nature and laws as important as the 10 Commandments I guess the most dislike about Lefties is that they are a Godless bunch of louts out to destroy a country that believes in God. Maybe the Lefty is allowing Godless people into the country to help in destroying our God. These people do not obey our laws the first action is lawlessness and these people come from countries most of us don't know much about.

  • James Drury Jr.

    10/19/2022 06:49 PM

    Thanks Mike & Staff!

  • James D Hartsock

    10/19/2022 06:41 PM

    I don’t understand when it is that, Pelosi & Schumer come up for re-election. They don’t ever seem to come to the ballot. How is it that they stay in office?