April 9, 2019

From David:

You say, "Comey wasn’t supposed to make public any allegations that weren’t going to be charged." 

Not sure this is correct. My understanding is that the FBI is an investigative agency. It's supposed to send its conclusions to the DOJ, which makes the decision whether or not to indict and actually files the indictment in a court. In short, I don't think the FBI is supposed to make ANY announcements. Even if the DOJ decides to indict, any announcement it makes would be governed by the need to avoid pre-trial publicity that would make it difficult for the accused to get a fair trial. Correct me if I'm wrong.

From the Gov:

As I understand it, the FBI is not supposed to make public any allegations that aren’t going to be charged. But you are absolutely correct in saying that the FBI is an investigative agency and does not technically do the indicting. That’s up to the Department of Justice. Of course, it’s obvious by now that AG Loretta Lynch wasn’t about to charge Hillary because “the fix was in.” Comey and the other top-tier people at the FBI knew it.


So Comey needed to shut up, because you are also correct in saying the FBI is not supposed to make any announcements about the case, just give its recommendation to the attorney general, who takes it from there. I appreciate you writing about this, because I can see that it would have made my point better to use a different hypothetical and say that LYNCH (as opposed to Comey) could have offered a listing of allegations against Hillary if LYNCH (as opposed to Comey) had decided to press charges.


Comey’s public detailing of Hillary's misdeeds was inappropriate, as was making a public statement that he wouldn’t recommend indictment. He just messed the whole thing up royally, didn’t he? (Hard to say if this disaster was born of gross negligence or just extreme carelessness on his part, ha!) Gosh, you’d almost think that someone who screwed up that badly deserved to be fired...


Thanks again for writing!




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  • rodney burke

    04/09/2019 06:41 PM

    Comey has been ripped so many times it is not funny. Inappropriate behavior is being nice. He KNEW he was wrong, LL knew he was wrong and she let him do it anyway and get away with it. I can imagine what previous FBI directors must think of that when they heard it. I don't imagine Dershowitz and Turley were very nice in thier comments either. I guess Comey forgot he was NOT a lawyer in this case and he ignored the mission of the FBI. And libs are crying because he was fired? Really? Trump should have fired him as quickly as he could have. Oh well, he will not escape. There is too much out there on him.