December 4, 2018

The story about MeToo hysteria backfiring on women on Wall Street, and some of the essays contributed by “Huckabee” writer Laura Ainsworth on the monolithic leftism of women’s magazines, brought up an interesting point.  The left, having first blamed all the evils of the world on white males and Christians, has recently begun turning its fire on women.  They specifically target “white women,” because anti-white racism is an accepted way of virtue-signaling these days, but that’s just to keep from admitting that what they’re really attacking is all women who don’t toe the leftist party line.

They look at the large numbers of women who voted for Trump instead of Hillary, or who voted Republican instead of Democrat in the midterms, and they brand them as traitors to their gender, as if a uterus were the same thing as a DNC membership card. 

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This is based on the bizarre assumption that “progressive” policies are all pro-woman, so if you don’t vote for them, you’re “anti-woman.”  First of all, that’s incredibly sexist.  It denies that women are capable of holding a wide range of viewpoints based on personal experience and beliefs, and assumes they are slaves to their biology and have to think a certain way just because they’re women.  If a man said something like that, they’d accuse him of having time-traveled here from 1890. 

They can’t imagine why any woman wouldn’t wholeheartedly endorse the regressive “progressive” agenda.  Yet, the more I examine what they believe, the more I wonder how any woman could support it.  There’s hardly a plank in the current leftist platform that isn’t incredibly hostile to women.  To name just a few:

The aggressive defense of unfettered abortion for any reason has led to babies being killed in the womb just because their parents don’t want a certain gender.  Guess which gender takes the brunt of that genocide worldwide.

Protecting abortion rights at all costs means fighting even the most common sense laws requiring basic clinic-level hygiene and medical care at abortion clinics. The worst-case scenario was Dr. Kermit Gosnell's filthy clinic in Philadelphia, where a patient could die and officials wouldn’t even dare schedule an inspection. 

The left wants to do away with the Second Amendment and confiscate guns, even though a gun is the single most effective way that a woman can protect herself against a much larger man or men seeking to attack her.

Speaking of self-defense, how many women, from the late Kate Steinle to the many rape victims both in US cities and in migrant caravans, have been victimized by the left’s open borders and “sanctuary” policies that allow criminal illegal immigrants to circulate among us and that release them back onto the streets after they’re arrested?

How many wedding service businesses owned by Christian women have been harassed by Twitter mobs and hounded into bankruptcy by leftist state and city officials, simply because they asserted their First Amendment right not to participate in same-sex ceremonies that violate their religious beliefs? 

The left’s weaponization of the MeToo movement has hampered women’s careers because male executives are now afraid to meet with, socialize with or mentor females.  And women now have to live with the worry that their husbands, sons, fathers and brothers are only one false accusation away from financial ruin. 

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The left’s aggressive pushing of “trans rights” has forced women to endure having their privacy invaded by men in bathrooms, locker rooms and dressing rooms.  That’s led to the absurd dichotomy of protesting that looking at a grown woman the wrong way is a “microagression,” but it’s okay for a man to walk into a ladies’ room and expose himself to preteen girls as long as he claims to feel like a woman.

In fact, the left’s embrace of “trans rights” has devolved into an assault on the very existence of womanhood.  A prominent liberal feminist was recently banned from Twitter simply for stating the obvious biological fact that “Men aren’t women.”  Look at all the women’s sporting events that are now being won by brawny “former men,” while girls who worked hard to win those titles and scholarships are being left in the dust.  At least, they’re lucky enough not to be left in the hospital, like some female boxers who’ve had to fight “trans women” who beat them nearly to death.   

And those are just issues specific to women.  Women and men alike are also harmed by leftist policies that hamstring job creation and economic growth, reduce freedom, undermine national security, make college and health care more expensive, and so on.  

I could go on listing more, but the point is the same for all of them.  Men and women aren’t two monolithic identity groups. They are millions of individuals, all with different views, beliefs, experiences, goals and skills.  For instance, some women might condone abortion, but many others find it to be an abomination.  Why should their beliefs render them “non-women?”

The whole point of feminism used to be to recognize and respect the individuality of each person, regardless of gender; just as liberals used to argue for those same ideals regardless of race, religion or national origin.  Today, all the left sees are identity groups, divided by gender, ethnicity, culture and religion.  And God help any group member who dares to express an individual thought that doesn’t fit the rigid "progressive" definition of what a woman or an African-American or any other identity group is “supposed” to think.

In short, believe it or not, by the standards that prevailed during a saner era, I’m more feminist and liberal than today’s feminists and liberals are!




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  • Brenda Anderson

    12/04/2018 02:20 PM

    Excellent. You covered the breadth and depth of the topic, and helped me gather in my galloping thoughts. Thanks for always standing in the gap.

  • Jeanne Moomaw

    12/04/2018 01:09 PM

    For me it all boils down to a truth, that our nation has walked away from God, and it has weakened as a result. As such we have fallen to every imaginable sin. God is source of all life, and He blesses those who seek to do His will and follow His ways.