September 18, 2021

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Blessings on you and your family, and from all the Huckabee staff! Topics include:

  • Bible Verse of the Day - 1 Corinthians 10:31
  • North Carolina Judges strike down Voter ID law
  • "Tax the Rich"
  • Obama judge denies Biden request
  • Latest revelation about Milley (If true)
  • Jane Powell, RIP


Mike Huckabee


31 Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.

1 Corinthians 10:31

North Carolina Judges strike down Voter ID law

By Mike Huckabee

In a 2-1 decision, a panel of North Carolina judges struck down the state’s voter ID law, claiming that it’s racist. Details at the link.

Just out of curiosity: how many people got into the courtroom without having to show ID?

"Tax the Rich"

By Mike Huckabee

I haven’t spent much time talking about the fallout from Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wearing a designer “Tax The Rich” gown to the ultra-swank Met Gala ($30,000 a ticket/$200,000 a table) because it seemed like one of those “good for a laugh for one day” stories. But it just keeps hanging on because it’s such a perfect illustration of the stunning hypocrisy of the limousine socialist crowd. Some of the latest developments:

The Met claims the ticket was comped. Conservative watchdogs are demanding that the cost of her ticket be declared as taxable income or a campaign contribution. Even Bill Maher felt compelled to school AOC on the fact that most taxes are already paid by the rich.

Many people seem to have overlooked that AOC was also carrying a “Tax the Rich” handbag by the same designer. AOC defended her as a “black woman immigrant” who started in flea markets. She now sells those handbags for $995 each and is dating billionaire Seagrams heir Benjamin Bronfman.

Meanwhile, socialist fashionista AOC is now selling her own “Tax the Rich” T-shirts for $27 and hoodies for $56. Priced for the proletariat, relatively speaking.

That’s why I had to revisit this story. Because it shows what can only happen in America: two minority females, one a struggling immigrant. One is now a fabulously successful designer dating a billionaire, and the other is a Congress member making six figures, attending $30,000 celebrity galas, wearing designer gowns and selling tons of swag on her website.

Both are a shining example of the greatness and wide open opportunities of the American capitalist system!

Too bad they’ll have to give up so much of the fruits of their labor when they get their enormous tax bills.

Obama judge denies Biden request

By Mike Huckabee

An Obama-appointed federal judge denied the Biden DOJ’s request for an emergency court order to block Texas’ new “heartbeat” anti-abortion law.

The judge said this case presents complex, important questions of law, and both sides should be allowed to present their arguments. He’d previously set October 1st as the deadline for submitting paperwork. A senior fellow at the Ethics & Public Policy Center defended the Texas law, saying it was not an incitement to vigilantism or frivolous lawsuits, and that instead of waiting to see if a Texas citizen would bring an enforcement action with enough proof to support it, the DOJ was trying to enjoin every Texas citizen from being allowed to file suit, no matter how blatant the violation.

He summed it up this way: “In the name of defending an invented constitutional right to abortion, Attorney General Merrick Garland wants to suspend an actual right found in the Constitution — the due process of law.”

There’s more at the link. This case could have wide repercussions, since other states are waiting to see if courts will uphold the law before passing similar ones.

In the meantime, we’ll likely hear more hysterical reactions from the same liberals who proudly boast that they won’t eat anything with a face, but will fight to preserve their right to kill humans with a heartbeat.

Latest revelation about Milley (If true)

By Mike Huckabee

Latest revelation (“if true”) about Joint Chiefs Chairman (Still?!) Gen. Mark Milley from Bob Woodward’s new book: Milley previously urged President Trump not to use troops to quell the George Floyd riots that resulted in looting, fires, torched police vehicles, assaults on federal buildings, deadly shootings and billions of dollars in damages. Milley reportedly told Trump that those were no big deal, just “penny pocket protests,” and understandable due to systemic racism. But Milley later depicted the January 6th Capitol protest by Trump supporters as a coup attempt and nothing less than treason.

Jane Powell, RIP

By “Huckabee” pop culture guru Pat Reeder (

Sad news for fans of classic film musicals: One of the last surviving stars of Hollywood’s Golden Era, Jane Powell, passed away Thursday of natural causes at 92. Powell had a very long career in movies, stage and TV, but is most famous for the classic MGM musicals “Royal Wedding” and “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.” Some of her other notable films include “Hit The Deck,” “Small Town Girl” and “A Date With Judy.”

Powell became a star at a time when operatic sopranos such as Jeannette McDonald, Deanna Durbin and Kathryn Grayson could actually become movie stars. She never learned to read music, but despite being only 5-foot-1, she had a powerful coloratura voice. I assume she must’ve had to stand on a pretty tall box to do love scenes with Howard Keel. I had the honor of meeting him once. I’m 6-1, and I had to look up at his face as I shook his hand.

Younger readers might know Powell for her many TV appearances, including a recurring role as Alan Thicke’s mother on “Growing Pains.” Powell’s career spanned 67 years, from her first movie, “Song of the Open Road,” in 1944 to her final guest-hosting stint on Turner Classic Movies in 2011. She even performed in concert with the hot lounge group Pink Martini at the Hollywood Bowl in 2010.

Fun Fact: even though she was so famous as the sunny “girl next door” that her autobiography was called “The Girl Next Door and How She Grew,” she was married five times. I guess she lived next door to a lot of people at one time or another.

If you’d like to check out Jane Powell at her best, stream “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers,” a fantastic musical with a wonderfully politically-incorrect plot. Or pick up a copy of “Royal Wedding” (the movie in which Fred Astaire dances up the wall and across the ceiling.) It’s out of copyright, so you can find very cheap DVDs. Just make sure you get a good transfer since some of them look like you’re watching it at the drive-in through a dirty windshield

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  • George Reynolds

    09/20/2021 08:49 AM

    And another suggestion from the Proverbs:
    Prov. 11:14 "Without wise leadership, a nation falls; there is safety in having many advisers."

  • George Reynolds

    09/20/2021 08:47 AM

    Here is another suggestion for Verse of the Day:
    Proverbs 11:11 (NLT) "Upright citizens are good for a city and make it prosper, but the talk of the wicked tears it apart."

  • William Fuhrer

    09/19/2021 04:25 PM

    VOTER ID a solution. A friend of ours nephew recently got into a New York City institution of higher learning and said that all student had false ID for drinking purposes

  • Sharon Faulkner

    09/19/2021 04:21 PM

    I have a great idea to get Biden to send the illegals back : provide them with TRUMP 2024 TeeShirts and I'll bet seeing thousands wearing those waiting to come in to our country will cause him to send them back in a flash (:


    09/19/2021 01:21 PM

    So for most everything you do in this country you have to show an ID, but NOT for one of the most important things you do in this country...VOTE. WOW amazing, another victory for the liberal marxist democrats!

  • holger latt

    09/19/2021 12:10 PM

    I believe that General Milley must be held accountable via the UCMJ. There are many people of lesser rank that get sent to prison via the UCMJ. In fact, even went a service member is retied that person is still subject to the UCMJ-(latest ruling by the military court of appeals). Gen. Milly in my humble is a traitor for the following reason: giving aid and comfort to the enemy , communist China!!!!

  • Jerry Korba

    09/19/2021 08:40 AM

    How many anti American, Obama appointed, unelected with an ax to grind with America are there? Who are putting all these mandates and restrictions and unlawful shut downs in place? It could be Biden but his mind is capable of only one thing at a time and that takes months to be thought of. Just to be clear I do not make light of Handicapped people of any types I am handicapped myself however to have this mental handicapped joe biden running this country and what used to be the most powerful position in the world is as dangerous as can be. Being surrounded and controlled by unelected anti american valued people is a threat to world wide security. Is Obama directing this action using the Oval Office"s power to destroy peace prosperity safety around the world obama has done it before now he is well suited to do more damage and can anyone see if it's working? Our country has almost all our allies rejecting America while biden is president.

  • Jerry

    09/19/2021 07:19 AM

    The longer the Biden administration stays intact the more unstable this country and the international community is going to be. This administration is more than a menace it is very dangerous blowing up a car full of innocent people is going to spark revenge pelosi is as dangerous as biden our country with this leadership is failing these old people in charge are in a stage of revenge for what reasons I have no ideas Biden pelosi have lived a life of extreme luxury still want to destroy life for everyone

  • James Drury Jr.

    09/19/2021 06:29 AM

    Thanks Mike & Staff!

  • Jerry

    09/18/2021 10:32 PM

    I had mentioned a few days ago about Got having a plan for our nation I am not sure when or what is going to take place but if our country returns to normal or better yet the year 2019 comes to mind I will have to let Biden continue to do the devils work I will take my chances with our God with the nation under Him. just to let some know I had a tree that needed to come down the other day early morning a tornado blasted thru about 3 in the morning and ripped the down it snapped the tree at about 10 feet high leaving it balancing on 10 ft trunk it missed the power and telephone lines by inches and the house by about 15 feet my point My God took that tree down better than a trained lumberjack and allowed my son and his wife my wife and I made short work about six hours today all cleaned up and hauled away another point Biden is making our country a huge mess we the real Americans and our God will also clean this mess up Americans need to talk to our God a little bit everyday I find something and say great work God or I may ask how do I handle that mess somewhere sometime one will get an answer just have to trust our God for better or worse the goal here is to meet Got having Biden around sure makes God the best choice see I asked God about a mess and his answer ya gotta be good if your going to meet our God I think Biden has devil he looks to and boy do we have a mess