October 6, 2020

Former deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe was set to testify in person this Wednesday before the Senate Judiciary Committee --- which is finally doing more than just talk about getting to the bottom of “Crossfire Hurricane” --- but he's now backed out because, he says, he’s scared of contracting the coronavirus.

It helps his case a little that the hearing has already been postponed after two members of the committee, Sen. Thom Tillis of North Carolina and Sen. Mike Lee of Utah, tested positive for the virus.

But Carter Page, the subject of the FISA warrant that was used in “Crossfire Hurricane” as a window to spy on the Trump campaign in 2016, isn’t buying McCabe’s excuse. He thinks McCabe should go ahead and testify –- just do it remotely, as former FBI Director James Comey did last Wednesday.

As far as we know, this virus, contagious as it is, does NOT spread over the internet (it's not that kind of virus). I’ve already made the argument that if Comey could disgrace himself via Zoom, so could McCabe.

Page doesn’t think it should be so easy for McCabe to get out of this. He told Carrie Sheffield at JUST THE NEWS, “Hopefully a subpoena is issued today. It’s now Monday morning, and I hope that is resolved so that he can show up and be held to account and answer for these terrible problems that were created.”

I think McCabe’s real problem is that Comey so thoroughly botched his own testimony last Wednesday that McCabe can’t figure out how to protect himself. Comey obviously lied about not being able to remember former CIA Director John Brennan’s briefing concerning Hillary’s “Russia” story. (“It doesn’t ring a bell with me.”) Last week, we had the release, in the form of Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe’s letter to Sen. Lindsay Graham, of information concerning the real origins of the “Trump/Russia” story, including that briefing. The actual events surrounding the opening of "Crossfire Hurricane" are a mess that McCabe surely hadn’t expected to get into.

So now McCabe’s attorney says he's afraid to testify in person but doesn’t think it’s fair for him to have to testify remotely. I might not be a sneaky lawyer, but I have a suspicion he set up this testimony to be in person just to give McCabe an “out.” The argument that this subject is too complex and contentious to be handled any other way but in person does not fly. Today we have the miracle of technology, which sometimes even works. If Joe Biden can run for President from his basement, Andrew McCabe can testify from his. Sens. Lee and Tillis can listen remotely, as well.

Page can certainly see through McCabe’s feeble excuse, and that’s not surprising given what he’s experienced over the past four years. “I think it’s another example of the complete double standards,” he said. “So many Trump supporters, including myself, were dragged in front of not only the U.S. Senate, which is what’s in question here, but the House.”

Remember what Trump said Monday about not letting the virus hold you back. The Senate might try gently humoring McCabe's "fears" by repeating Trump’s words, softly and reassuringly, “Don’t let it dominate you. Don’t be afraid of it.”

If that doesn’t get him into the witness chair, subpoena the son of a bee.

In case you’d like a review of the allegations in Ratcliffe’s letter to Sen. Graham, Andrew C. McCarthy has an excellent column on the subject.

This column appeared the day before Comey’s testimony last week; little did McCarthy know the extent to which Comey would lie and prevaricate. Still, it’s an extremely informative, easy-to-understand outline of what happened in the summer of 2016. Of course, if you've wearied of those details, you can just think of it as the Summer of Hillary Clinton --- that tells you just about all you need to know.

In related news, recall that CIA Director Gina Haspel is suspected of personally blocking the release of documents that might put the CIA “in the spotlight.” Sean Davis at THE FEDERALIST has an update, saying “multiple senior U.S. officials” have said she’s stalling in the hope that Trump will lose the election so that she doesn’t have to turn the documents over. “The frustration with Haspel is reaching nuclear levels,” one official is quoted as saying.

As we've reported, Haspel was John Brennan’s hand-picked CIA station chief in London during 2016-17 and is concerned about the release of documents revealing what the CIA was doing at that time. According to Davis, one senior official said that “Haspel and [FBI Director Christopher] Wray both want Trump to lose, because it’s the only chance they have of keeping their jobs. They’re banking on Biden winning and keeping where they are.”

How did they get these jobs in the first place? I want to know who recommended them to President Trump.

These skunks just want to protect themselves and their fiefdoms. This sounds like the same rationale the intel community had during the 2016 campaign --- why they desperately wanted Hillary to win, not Trump.

Another senior intel official said, “It’s far more important for Haspel to block any embarrassment of herself or her agency than to have full transparency and accountability. She’s just hoping she can get past the election so the documents will never come out.” Haspel has also been accused of ferociously lying about the declassification process and providing baseless excuses for her failure to produce certain documents, sounding pretty much to me on the same level as “My dog ate it.”

This is why the investigation is taking so long and why Durham needs to at least release an interim report NOW. I believe Trump will win, but with all the forces set against him, and the intensity of their determination, Durham’s got to do this JUST IN CASE. If he wants the results of his hard work to ever see the light of day, he should consider this report his legacy and his sworn duty.

We all know: If the Democrats get back in, all investigation of The Swamp will be shut down faster than you can say Hillary Rodham Clinton.

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  • mike

    10/10/2020 12:11 PM

    If simple US citizens like me and friends of mine knew about the Obama/Hillary corruption, FIVE YEARS AGO - beginning with the 30 + thousand emails Hillary destroyed on her illegal private server - the Russian Collusion hoax, the COUP etc., etc., etc., we can safely say that "JUSTICE DELAYED - IS JUSTICE DENIED" - We have NO country when Corruption and TREASON is tolerated on the highest levels of out government.

  • Sharon Churak

    10/09/2020 01:39 AM

    Spot on. Something else I just heard on Tucker’s show- the Republicans are holding up confirmations as well- one in particular that would help hold Big Tech accountable. Couldn’t catch the whole thing but maybe you can check into this as well as the other appointments they are stalling. I’m convinced that is why these committees have waited so long to take up these investigations- just waiting it out.

  • Lydia Susan Binns

    10/09/2020 01:27 AM

    Please subpoena Haspel ASAP. Let's get the corruption from the Obama years out for EVERYONE to see. TRUMP/PENCE 2020!!

  • Jane Barnes

    10/07/2020 05:57 PM

    If she is not willing to comply then President Trump needs to except her resignation. It is plan and simple.

  • jo OConnor

    10/07/2020 02:42 PM

    where is LAW and JUSTICE ??

  • Virginia Garrison

    10/07/2020 02:24 PM

    Wear a mask stay 6 ft distance no excuse

  • Rick Rivera

    10/07/2020 12:14 PM

    Make them all testify ,they are not above the law!!!!

  • Robert Pickett

    10/06/2020 09:36 PM

    Mr. Huckabee,
    Sir you keep hammering away. We readers love your daily real and truthful updates...
    God have mercy on this nation that so needs to repent and upon this church that needs to repent.
    Look up!
    Love and Prayers.

  • Nancy Streit

    10/06/2020 08:51 PM

    Pursue them with a vengeance. Get the truth! Get justice for American citizens!!

  • Vincent Volpe

    10/06/2020 07:52 PM

    2 key players that have to be questioned - Lois Lerner former IRS Management.
    Marie Harf former Assistant Press Secretary for Hillary Clinton & now FOX commentator.

  • Tim Bock

    10/06/2020 06:16 PM

    What are they waiting for? Lock them up

  • Robert Welton

    10/06/2020 05:31 PM

    Sick assholes ruined the best intelligence community and law enforcement agency in the world over politics. This was all the democrats doing. DC needs a major purging and all the political players need to be removed.

  • Jack Tanner

    10/06/2020 04:40 PM

    At least put out some of the Durham report to let people know what the Democrats were up to. These people need to be prosecuted! I can’t believe Haspel wasn’t fully vetted before putting her in office, that is unbelievable and inexcusable!


    10/06/2020 04:33 PM

    she is obstructing justice.who can fire this women and force her to give is time to apply the law.

  • Linda D Maguire

    10/06/2020 01:47 PM

    Seems strange that DEMs always have a way of having their own way, while those investigating what has become increasingly illegal activities of the past 4 years can't get the documents needed to seal any indictments. Let's hope she doesn't accidentally destroy the documents, like Mueller's gang destroyed the electronics that had critical communications between guilty parties! I'm sick of this BS!

  • Stephen Kabana

    10/06/2020 01:35 PM

    People have to be held accountable before the election or if by some remote chance the Dems get in the investigation is over and no will have to answer for any wrongdoing

  • Brad Barnes

    10/06/2020 11:55 AM

    Perhaps McCabe would be willing to testify remotely if he is told that there will be arresting officers in place if he testifies and lies in person.

    I saw that the governor of California was awarded U-Haul Salesperson of the Year in a funny post. At the very least, he should be tied with New York's governor.

  • Karen Mccollom

    10/06/2020 11:37 AM

    Make her turn the information over ,or lock her up for tampering with evidence

  • Carol Chambers

    10/06/2020 11:32 AM

    Governor Huckabee, you are so right on all your statements. Mr. Durham needs to publicly get this info out ASAP, as we are running out of time. If our great President does lose, we are in deep trouble, and I fear some of the pro-Trump people will not stand for the far left power and things could go south fast. Love you Governor, you are a great man and a good Christian, you would have also been a great President. God bless.????????

  • Edward Fisher

    10/06/2020 11:18 AM

    He’s afraid he is going pee his pants on national television when Cruz and Graham grill him! Lol!