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March 7, 2023



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6 Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.

Philippians 4:6 NIV


In light of the revelations in the newly-released January 6th Capitol surveillance footage, Elon Musk took to Twitter this morning and blasted Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger and Adam Schiff of the January 6th Kangaroo Kommittee as “liars.” He listed the specific points they misled the public about and said they “withheld evidence for partisan political reasons that sent people to prison for far more serious crimes than they committed,” and that that is “deeply wrong, legally and morally.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Although I have pretty much been saying that exact same thing for nearly two years now. It is nice, though, to finally have video evidence and Elon Musk to back up the obvious.

Atlanta: 23 suspects charged with domestic terrorism

Twenty-three suspects have been charged with domestic terrorism in Atlanta for allegedly attacking both police officers and the construction site of a new police training center with rocks, bricks, fireworks and Molotov cocktails and destroying multiple pieces of construction equipment with fire and vandalism. They are accused of using a peaceful protest as cover to sneak away, put on black clothing, and launch the attack, a typical Antifa tactic.

One leftist group trying to raise bail money for them declared on the Internet that “listening to music is not illegal. Peaceful protest is not illegal.” Maybe so, but I’m pretty sure assaulting cops and committing arson are illegal. I’m sure these same people believe we should put Trump supporters in jail for life just for walking past the Capitol on January 6th.

The suspects’ mug shots are at that link, and I daresay that what they look like under their black masks will not surprise you. It looks like the Young Democratic Socialists Club page from the Brown University Yearbook. It’s also not surprising that almost all of them were from somewhere other than Georgia (two from other countries), so they traveled a long way just to foment violence and anti-police feelings in Atlanta.

But there was one interesting surprise among the arrestees: Thomas Webb Jurgen, identified in his now-deleted Linked-In profile as a former legal intern in the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Middle District of Florida, a former assistant public defender, and currently an employee of the Southern Poverty Law Center. I often refer to the far-left SPLC as America’s most successful hate group, since they make a fat living off of donations and consultant fees through identifying other people as “hate groups,” including smearing mainstream conservative and Christian groups whose views they disagree with.

If I were writing a piece of political theater, I’d probably reject the idea of an actual SPLC employee being caught wearing an Antifa mask and committing domestic terrorism by torching a police training center as being too on-the-nose to be believable. Yet, here we are. I’m now waiting for the SPLC to add itself to its list of organizations tied to domestic terrorism. But I’m not holding my breath while I wait.

Biden for President: Will he run again?

President Biden reportedly plans to run for reelection, despite the facts that he’ll be 82 in 2024, there are serious questions about his mental capacities, polls show that less than 40% of Democrats want him to be the nominee, and he apparently can’t walk up the steps of Air Force One without doing an impression of Buster Keaton.

All of this has top level Party leaders quietly panicking, partly because they don’t want Biden to run but can’t do anything to oppose him if he does, and partly because if he declines to run, they have a pretty empty bench of replacement candidates. The Obama/Biden Administration was so unpopular that a whole generation of state-level Democrats got voted out of office. The only candidates they have now are Senators who range from mediocre and little-known to well-known, geriatric and crazy-left (Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren) or Governors of blue states like Gavin Newsom who are best known for their nutty leftist policies that are destroying their states and driving people to flee to red states in record numbers.

According to Politico, this has Dem leaders contemplating asking one of their big names from the past to step in, like Hillary Clinton or Al Gore (did I mention these are also proven losers who, to borrow a phrase from Don Lemon, really are “past their prime,” by anywhere from eight to 24 years?)

I was on “Hannity” on Fox News last night (see it at the link below), and I noted that when Alabama’s football team was struggling, bumper stickers appeared saying, “Dig up Bear Bryant.” So rather than running outdated losers like Al or Hillary, why not go all the way back to a real winner and dig up FDR?

I would suggest the father of the Democratic Party, Andrew Jackson, but he doesn’t seem all that popular these days.

Related: In that “Hannity” clip, Kayleigh McEnany predicted that Gavin Newsom wouldn’t run for President and Biden would run and would get coronated. I predicted that Newsom will run and get cremated. Here’s a good example of the type of far-left, short-sighted, grandstanding decisions he makes that disqualify him for higher office (or the one he’s in now, frankly.)

Walgreens announced that it would no longer offer the abortion pill in 20 states where Republican lawmakers are moving to make it illegal. Seems like a fairly reasonable business decision: “We will not sell illegal drugs.” But Newsom is such a pro-abortion extremist that he accused Walgreens of “cowering to the extremists” and declared that the state of California will no longer do business with Walgreens. Frankly, after hearing about Walgreens closing stores because they were being robbed blind thanks to the criminal-coddling leftist DA’s, I wasn’t sure if there were any Walgreens stores left in California.

Turns out there are, but Newsom is determined to drive them out of business, too, because they won’t provide abortion pills to people in other states where they’re illegal. It doesn’t matter to him that he might be driving up drug prices for Californians, killing jobs and removing stores from neighborhoods that need them. His need to defend abortion at all costs for people who don’t even live in his state takes precedence over all of that.

I’d feel sorry for Californians, but they had the opportunity to abort Newsom’s gubernatorial term, and they didn’t do it, so they’ll just have to live with the consequences.

Questions that need answering

Rep. Thomas Massie noticed some interesting behavior by people in the background of the January 6th surveillance videos that raises some questions that need answering.

That article is also worth reading for the results of a new Rasmussen Poll that found that 80% of Americans thought all the January 6th video footage should be released, and that includes 86% of Republicans and 78% of Democrats. Also, 61% of Americans think it’s at least somewhat likely that “undercover government agents” helped to provoke the riot. Wow, that’s a lot of “crazy conspiracy theorists who love Putin!”

Criminal-coddling leftist DA’s

On the subject of criminal-coddling leftist DA’s (whose elections were usually backed by George Soros’ money), I have several stories today that illustrate what a horrible idea electing them was.

First, a Fox News digital investigation discovered that St. Louis DA Kim Gardner (who is under pressure to resign for letting her city turn into a “war zone”) collaborated with a Soros-backed group called the Vera Institute of Justice to inject an aggressive “racial equity” agenda into the prosecutors’ office. As a result, about 25,000 cases were dismissed, and most criminal cases in 2021 went unprosecuted, including felonies.

Next, in Austin, Texas, Soros-backed Travis County District Attorney Jose Garza is being accused by the parents of a young man killed in a gang crossfire shooting of putting the case on “the back burner” because it doesn’t fit in with his “progressive” agenda, like focusing on prosecuting an Army Sergeant who shot a BLM protester who pointed a gun at him.

Finally, some good news on this front: A Los Angeles jury awarded $1.5 million to prosecutor Shawn Randolph, who sued Soros-backed DA George Gascon for retaliating against her in the workplace because she spoke out against his crime-inflaming policies. The story quotes John Lewin, who worked in the DA's Major Crimes Division before being transferred to a lower level position, as calling Randolph a "hero," adding:

"When George Gascon tried to implement policies that are not only illegal, but which have resulted in the deaths and victimization of an untold number of innocent citizens, Shawn risked her career and her reputation to do what was right. George Gascon is derelict in his responsibility as District Attorney, and is a scourge to the community at large. This is the beginning of the end for him! His horrible reign of terror will not last past the next election!!"

From his mouth to God’s ears. In the meantime, Gascon is facing a dozen similar lawsuits from other prosecutors who dared to say that it’s his job to prosecute criminals, not release them over and over.

I hope they all have equal success in the courts, but I hope the taxpayers don’t have to pick up the bill for all those millions in damages. It should come from Gascon himself. And I know it would be almost impossible under the law, but I would love to see a massive class action lawsuit against George Soros for all the pain, monetary damages and death caused by the pro-criminal moles he’s helped to sneak into office in America’s cities.

Biden has a Democrat challenger and she wants to debate him

So far, President Biden has only one Democratic challenger, self-help guru Marianne Williamson, and she’s not shy about going after him. In an interview with ABC, Williamson demanded that Biden debate her. She said the Democrat party leaders are rearranging the primary schedule and taking other steps to ensure Biden is the nominee, but the voters should be allowed to decide that, not the DNC. She said they’re so overt about the way they’re rigging the system for Biden in 2024, they “don’t even pretend anymore” that they’re not.

She’s right. I miss the good old days of 2020, when they took the effort to pretend that the system wasn’t rigged to elect Biden.


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  • Vernon Thompson

    03/07/2023 10:34 PM

    At what point do we find a real DOJ and FBI and start investigating the source of funding for the BLM and Antifa goons that have been terrorizing our country.
    Bet the trail leads to George Soros and a multitude of his left-wing organizations.

  • Carmine Fea

    03/07/2023 06:58 PM

    Governor Huckabee: Republican members of Congress lose more republican votes in the 2024 presidential election every time they say the country cannot afford social security and medicare and there must be changes to these programs. Rick Scott lost the republican red wave in the 2022 mid-term election by saying republicans would vote every 5 years on the expense of social security and medicare. Republicans learned nothing from this and are now losing republican votes for 2o24. Have they never heard of being pro-growth and growing the economy? If Biden runs in 2024 he will win because the republicans say they must reduce the social security and medicare programs and Biden says he will save them. .

  • Anne Turner

    03/07/2023 04:15 PM

    I have become so cynical about the lack of education and real information for the average citizen that I think if you ask 50 people on the street what they think of Soros, 48 of them would say “who is Soros”.

    What is with all the hate business thrown about. True Christians do not hate people no matter what proclivities they indulge in. That is not what Jesus taught. We are all sinners in one way or the other so who is to say your sin is worse than mine. However, that does not mean that we don’t recognize something as a sin. It is my belief that to mutilate children to change them into something that their immature minds believe and to fill them with strong drugs that will change their bodies forever is about as sinful as you can get. What ever happened to “ do no harm”. If I disagree with something a Black person does or says, does that mean I’m a racist? No, it means that I disagree with something the did or said. It does not not mean I disagree with their color.

    I’m afraid I do disagree with going away with the morning after pill. Young people are still going to have unprotected sex. There will still be rape. I don’t want to sentence young girls who are raped to carrying a pregnancy if this is used right away for gestation really begins. Let’s be careful and not become extremists.

    God told men that there would be good obedient wife material over the four corners of the earth. God made the earth round.

  • Charlotte Hansen

    03/07/2023 03:37 PM

    Governor, please don't abandon us just because we're stuck here in this hellhole, California! If it weren't for all the fraud and underhanded doings, we WOULD have succeeded getting that evil governor out of office. There is massive corruption in the county offices on up to the state offices. There are also, many, MANY loyal patriots (even MAGA ones!) with no voice, no organization, no pathway out of all this. and many of us are in no position to pull up and move out. Please, please don't give up on us over here! We're praying for our nation, our state, our town, our "leaders", please pray of us! Thank you, sir! I love your newsletters and your show!

  • Virginia F. Lawson

    03/07/2023 12:55 PM

    This is a breath of fresh air especially for those of us in California who are surrounded by crazy people.

  • ken moore

    03/07/2023 12:25 PM

    move all illegal immigrants to delaware by any means necessary however train box car is my 1st choice

  • stephen russell

    03/07/2023 11:47 AM

    J6 Videos:
    From online pics Ive seen it denotes:
    J6 Planned
    CH Police & FBI IN ON IT
    ALL Politics
    Release More

    Host Video on your show?