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March 18, 2024

The short answer, of course, is “yes,” but at the time of this writing --- the wee hours of Monday morning --- we still don’t have the judge’s official answer to that question.  This is a judge who takes her time to weigh the arguments on both sides, which is infuriating Democrats set on cutting corners to make sure President Trump is tried, convicted, jailed and preferably drawn-and-quartered on Pennsylvania Avenue before November, never mind his constitutional rights.  When Judge Cannon, a Trump appointee, does anything at all to protect his basic rights, as presumably she would do with anyone, they accuse her of trying to “help Trump.”

But last week, she disagreed with Trump attorneys on another motion to dismiss on the grounds that the law was “unconstitutionally vague.”  She is no Trump rubber-stamp.  Their discomfort must come from growing accustomed to Biden rubber-stamps.

However, in a four-hour hearing last week, Judge Cannon pushed back and asked Jack Smith’s team some provocative questions about selective prosecution in this case, so challenging that investigative reporter Julie Kelly wondered if she might even make the “rare and bold move” of dismissing it.  “Given her comments last week,” Kelly says, “no one should be surprised if she does exactly that.”

Considering that Biden has been let off the hook for arguably much more serious transgressions, we can only ask, if this isn’t an example of selective prosecution, what is??  The case should be dismissed, and it will set a terrible precedent for our justice system --- which is in tatters as it is --- if that doesn’t happen.  So while we wait, here’s Kelly’s analysis, the very best…

Speaking of double standards, Anne Tomasini and Richard Ruffner, two Biden staffers who surely knew Biden had been holding onto classified documents --- Tomasini was involved in going through the ones at Biden Penn Cener --- have not only not faced prosecution, but Biden promoted them within 24 hours of the release of Hur’s report. I’m astounded he even remembered their names.

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