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July 22, 2022



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GOP candidate attacked at rally

Thursday in Perinton, New York, Republican state Representative and gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin was speaking to a crowd when a man climbed on stage, reportedly said, “You’re done,” and tried to attack him with a sharp object. He struggled briefly with the attacker, but fortunately, Zeldin wasn’t harmed because several bystanders rushed up and tackled the man.

It was a perfect illustration of why New Yorkers need to vote for Republicans like Zeldin, who predicted that the attacker would be immediately released, and under the laws Democrats have imposed, he was indeed. He was charged with second degree felony attempted assault (of a state legislator and nominee for Governor, no less), then put right back on the street.

This appears to be the latest example of the rising culture of political violence from or inspired by the left that includes the attempted assassination of Justice Kavanagh and fire-bombings of pro-life pregnancy centers (which the Biden White House has yet to condemn.) It’s even aimed at liberals who aren’t 100% supportive of the leftist line, like Dave Chappelle, whose attacker was also given a slap-on-the-wrist charge and released.

To be clear, the attacker’s motives aren’t yet known, and it’s possible that he had mental issues. But people like that are one of the main reasons why those in authority must be careful never to whip up or condone violence against political opponents.

That basic duty of responsible governance obviously eludes New York Gov. Kathy Hochul, who was quick to condemn the attack after it happened, but who had been calling Zeldin a “far-right extremist” who is “dangerous for New York,” and her office distributed his schedule to her followers and encouraged them to show up and confront him. Didn’t she realize that some unbalanced person might assume she was encouraging them to save New York by stopping the “dangerous” “extremist?”

You know, if the Democrats want to go down the road of blaming one person’s speech for another’s actions (which I don’t), then I could make a much more convincing case that Hochul caused this attack on Zeldin than they’ve made so far that the January 6th riot was caused by Trump telling people to “peacefully and patriotically” protest.


If you wisely did not watch last night’s primetime January 6th Kommittee snoozefest, here are a couple of entertaining recaps that illustrate how completely devoid it was of evidence or even a point.

And yet, the Kommittee chairman announced that more hearings will be scheduled in September. At taxpayer expense. November can't get here fast enough.


If you wonder why I use the term “pro-abortion” rather than “pro-choice,” it’s because I like to be accurate. The people on that side of the issue long ago abandoned “safe, legal and rare” for a sick stance of practically celebrating the destruction of babies in the womb right up to the moment of birth, and the only “choice” they will accept is abortion.

If you think I’m being hyperbolic, just look at Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s deranged attempt to shut down every pro-life pregnancy center in America, where volunteers provide badly-needed aid, counseling, medical care and supplies for pregnant women, babies and poor families. And now, the latest outrage:

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer used her line-item veto power on the state budget bill to delete all funding of pro-life programs, including support for adoption and a $2 million tax credit for adoptive parents.

Showing her utter contempt for the wishes of the voters who elected the legislature, Whitmer recently said, “For three and a half years, the threat of my veto is what has kept Michigan pro-choice, frankly, with the legislature that we have.” But she’s determined to keep the state pro-abortion, not “pro-choice,” because she’s actively defunding every program that offers women any choice other than killing their children in the womb.

Rep. Thomas Albert, chair of the House Appropriations Committee, said, “It is shocking that the Governor, and her far left political base, are now so extreme that helping pregnant women who might consider adoption instead is now a bridge too far.”

And that’s why I refuse to call these people “pro-choice.” They tolerate no choice other than abortion. I urge the voters of Michigan to go to the polls and remove her and anyone else who espouses this twisted view. Think of it as performing an electoral exorcism.

Another Democrat “Messaging” Problem

New York Democratic Rep. Kathleen Rice is urging pro-abortion activists to stop saying the word “abortion” because it has a “negative connotation” due to being “weaponized” by “certain people in this country.”

I don’t know where she’s been for the past 50 years. As I frequently point out, their side is constantly inventing new fuzzy euphemisms to keep from saying what they’re actually talking about (“choice,” “reproductive justice,” “women’s health,” etc.) The word “abortion” doesn’t have negative connotations because pro-life people have “weaponized” it. It has negative connotations because it’s the accurate term for killing and dismembering an unborn baby in the womb.

If she thinks the public is being repulsed by her side’s viewpoint, it’s not because someone twisted the meaning of “abortion” and they just need yet another fuzzy euphemism. Most people are repulsed by abortion because they know full well what the word means.

Masks and Covid

The White House released photos of President Biden allegedly working in his office, to show that having COVID isn’t slowing him down. In fact, it appears he’s working more with COVID than he did without it. Maybe wearing that mask all the time was cutting off his oxygen.

(Caveat: Before anyone thinks I'm being flippant about the President’s health, Biden says he’s experiencing only mild symptoms, and it should go without saying that we all hope and pray that he will have a swift and full recovery. We are not leftists or amoral monsters, and we would never wish physical harm on others just because we disagree with their politics.)

Speaking of masks, the cavalier way that Biden and his staffers are dealing with his COVID infection is sparking angry backlash from the many people who had to suffer this Administration's draconian COVID rules -- everything from masks being forcibly put on their children to having their businesses shut down to losing their jobs or being dishonorably discharged from the military if they objected to being vaccinated.

Matt Vespa at recounts some of the myriad hypocrisies that are on display

For instance, Biden went maskless while flying on Air Force One with reporters and staffers, fist-bumped other world leaders, and was coughing repeatedly while making a speech. He doesn’t appear to be quarantining very rigorously. And when asked where he might have contracted it, his spokesperson dismissed that, saying it didn’t matter, which surely rankled Americans who were forced to undergo stringent contact tracing when they tested positive.

It also left a sour taste that after blaming the epidemic on the unvaccinated, ultra-vaxxed Biden caught it on the one-year anniversary of him telling Americans that if you get vaccinated, you will not get COVID. It was a claim that turned out not to be true, and that many defenders of the Administration now insist that nobody ever said. But they did. Too bad there’s no vaccine to protect politicians from the Internet Archive.


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  • Gary Stilwell

    07/24/2022 06:10 PM

    I would be willing to bet my next paycheck that biden does NOT have covid19--he might be a little sick(depending on your view of what is 'sick'--physically or mentally), but this is too convenient--an attempt to drum up the natural support of ALL Americans that always root for the underdog

  • Marilyn Madore

    07/23/2022 10:51 AM

    Hi Governor-I just wanted to point out that Lee Zeldin is a U.S. Congressman not a state representative. Are there not any federal laws to protect sitting members of congress from attack?? Thank you for your newsletter and your show on TBN. God bless.

  • Gary L. McArdle

    07/23/2022 10:24 AM

    I read your column daily and appreciate your insight. Sanity in an otherwise crazy news cycle. Thank you for keeping me informed.

  • Ronald Boyle

    07/23/2022 09:38 AM

    would like to see emails from all of the panel as they are going through this fact-finding proof?
    and email of pelosi from September 2019 to march 2020!

  • stephen russell

    07/23/2022 08:56 AM

    Hey Mike I could care less about Bidens health, since the way they treated US for the last 4 years day 1
    I really could care Less
    Tired of mask mandates (coming to CA maybe on 7-29) lockdowns etc
    Tired of these "Games".

    I wish the Worst on ALL Dems.
    Save those rare .1% who we can talk too

    Having undergone prior 2 years Im in NO mod for games
    esp since wearing masks for Politics vs Science

  • Anne Turner

    07/22/2022 10:08 PM

    I have been caught up reading a lot of WWII historical novels recently. As I was watching a video of a riot going on in one of our blue cities, and also listening to the rhetoric of left wing politicians such as Warren, I am seeing the connections with the brownshirts as they started out in NAZI Germany. The persecution of the Jews did not happen all at once. Kids ratting on their parents political views did not happen when Hitler made his first speeches. When people want to cause massive upheaval there must be someone to blame. In Germany it was Jews, then the gays, the Gypsies the imperfect ones. Here it is Trump, his followers, and the Republicans, and now anyone who disagrees. It’s a gradual eating away of morality and it becomes mob rule. Surely one would think that this pattern would occur to people but apparently it is not. Just look at the abortion issue. It started out with early abortions mostly for those caught up in untenable positions. It has now moved forward to people believing that it is morally acceptable to kill a fetus when it is at the point in development when it must be cut up or worse yet partially delivered and killed on its way out. Pretty soon it will be morally acceptable to the left to euthanize those born with defects. The erosion of morality is a slippery slope, trite as that might be. Even if Trump had been guilty of stirring up people to cause the Jan. 6 fiasco, it was nothing compared to the current rhetoric of the left. How can one compare unarmed people breaking into a building with burning and looting and threats to the lives of people. Don’t misunderstand, I do not condone the Jan. 6 events. I do not condone the double standard.

  • Judy McGlothlin

    07/22/2022 08:49 PM

    When you put in an address for a piece by RedState, I am unable to read it. A screen blocking statement comes up saying that since I am using an ad-blocker I have to unblock or else. Or else means there is no way to unblock the screen unless you agree to their ads.

  • Paul Kern

    07/22/2022 08:22 PM

    How do you when a Marxist or RINO is lying? When they open their mouth! There are sure a lot them just this week. My tabby cats make more sense than they do.

  • James Drury Jr.

    07/22/2022 07:35 PM

    Thanks Mike & Staff!

  • Dave Newbry

    07/22/2022 07:07 PM

    I still want to know how the "producer" of the kangaroo kommittee schiff show is getting paid. I haven't been able to follow that money.