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June 17, 2023

By “Huckabee” pop culture guru Pat Reeder (

I’m sorry to have to report that British actress Glenda Jackson died Thursday at her home in London at 87.

She was one of the rare “triple crown” winners of acting, having received an Emmy, a Tony and two Oscars for Best Actress (for “A Touch of Class” and “Women in Love”) out of four Oscar nominations. Unlike actors who just like to spout their political opinions, Jackson left acting in her 50s to run for Britain’s Parliament, where she served for 23 years and was Tony Blair’s minister for transport (and I’m sure a better one than Pete Buttigieg.)

She left Parliament in 2017 and returned to acting, where she won her Tony in her 80s, as well as a BAFTA, the British Oscar equivalent. She still has another movie that’s yet to be released, “The Great Escaper,” co-starring Michael Caine, 90, with whom she last appeared in “The Romantic Englishwoman” in 1975.

Despite decades of acclaim, Jackson kept her ego in check, once revealing that she gave her two Oscars to her mother, who used them as bookends.  

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