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November 16, 2022



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But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,

Galatians 5:22

Guess what Pete Buttigieg is doing with his time?

The chances for a devastating train strike are rising again, the depleted Strategic Petroleum Reserve and approaching winter threaten to spike fuel prices and cause shortages of heating oil, commercial air travel is a nightmare, and the supply chain remains so messed up that many parents still can’t find baby formula. So guess what our “Transportation Secretary,” Pete Buttigieg, is doing with his time.

I don’t know which is more astounding: that he’s taking so many meetings with radical green groups, possibly in hopes of getting their donations for a Presidential bid…or that anyone at this point actually thinks that Pete Buttigieg is qualified to be President. Even Pete Buttigieg himself! 


Check this school out

If you’re a parent in Maryland who’s looking for a school that prioritizes education and morality over wokeness, you might want to check out this story:  

Speaking of schools

In a welcome victory for “domestic terrorists” (i.e. concerned parents), the Owasso, Oklahoma, school board voted unanimously to inspect all books and graphic novels to make sure they don’t contain “sexually graphic content and extreme vulgarity” before being allowed in school libraries.

You’d think that would be a no-brainer, but we’re living in Biden’s America in 2022, where a kindergartener's day consists of fingerpaints, naptime and watching a drag queen twerk. This all started after an angry dad, Tim Reiland, objected at a school board meeting to his daughter being exposed to a book that depicted nudity and sex. He said his daughter’s not even allowed to hold hands with a boy in school because that’s “inappropriate conduct,” but they’re letting kids see porn. He had a confrontation afterward with a board member and a reporter that resulted in the board banning him from school property.

In another welcome victory for parental rights, a judge just reversed that ban, finding that it was unconstitutional and unjustified, that what Reiland said was not threatening (the exchange was all of 17 seconds long, and the most aggressive thing he said was the word “bull-BLEEP,” which seems appropriate considering the circumstances.) The judge also wasn’t swayed by the board’s weird claim that a school parking lot isn’t a public place. Sounds like the school board’s attorneys should spend more time reading the Constitution and less time reading pornographic comic books.

Fake News Tuesday

Yesterday, Newsweek issued a shocking report that Iran’s Parliament had voted to execute 15,000 anti-government protesters. It quickly went viral, but was later corrected to read that one protester had been sentenced to death for setting fire to a government building, and the Parliament had voted to send a letter to the judiciary calling for harsh punishments for protesters, including the death penalty.

None of this should in any way undermine the fact that the Mullahs who control Iran are hardline Islamic tyrants with no regard for human rights and that their beatings, torture and imprisonment of peaceful protesters is unconscionable (imagine a nation that imprisons people just for peacefully protesting!)

There was also a report that the Biden White House was reacting to the initial incorrect report by threatening harsh sanctions on Iran, which should not in any way make us forget that Biden’s war on US energy production has enriched Iran’s tyrants with so many billions of dollars in oil money at inflated prices that they probably wouldn’t even care about sanctions.

Okay, I think we’ve got this story all straightened out now!

More Afghanistan fallout

President Biden’s tragically botched pullout from Afghanistan just keeps setting new benchmarks for failure. The latest is that our new "allies we can work with," the Taliban, are reinstituting hardline Sharia law as the country’s official legal code.

This will include such barbaric practices as “public executions, stonings, floggings and the amputation of limbs for thieves.” Also, women will be even more cruelly oppressed. The BBC reports that despite Biden’s assurances that they would respect women’s rights, since the US pullout, “women have been required to wear the hijab, told to stay at home and not go to work, prevented from traveling long distances without a male escort, and banned from visiting all parks in the capital, Kabul.” And we all know many of them have faced even worse treatment.

So sorry if I can’t take American feminists seriously when they claim to care about women’s rights by cosplaying “The Handmaid’s Tale” to protest bans on killing babies up to the moment of birth, then turn a blind eye to these atrocities and work to reelect the people who abandoned the women of Afghanistan to them.

No criminal charges against Giuliani

A year-and-a-half after staging an outrageous raid on Rudy Giuliani’s law office, and seizing devices that contained information protected by attorney-client privilege, New York prosecutors announced that they do not plan to bring any criminal charges against Giuliani. Giuliani’s attorney called it a “total victory,” adding, “We appreciate what the U.S. attorney’s has done. We only wish they had done it a lot sooner.”

But if they’d done it sooner, that would have negated the entire point of this kind of politicized abuse of the justice system: that the process itself, with all the stress, expense and damage to careers and reputations, is the punishment. You don’t even need charges or convictions.

For the record, this extended legal ordeal was over a federal probe into whether Giuliani should have registered as an agent for Ukraine in the run-up to the 2020 election.

Hey, federal prosecutors! If you’re looking for a couple of people who were in bed with corrupt Ukrainian interests and also heavily involved in the 2020 election, I have a Crimestoppers tip for you. Look into these two guys I know named Joe and Hunter.



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  • Jerry

    11/17/2022 11:47 AM

    I view this Administration the Obama Biden presidency as a reckless careless corrupt and a soulless organization I relate this time time in history to a hate driven SUV driver that ran over people attending a Christmas parade last year in Nov. Biden allowed 13 of our military personal to be murdered in Afghanistan and many more mutilated and injured without remorse the same as a driver named brooks biden has history i making bad decisions while a senator and VP and today as President destroying most of everything in its path the same as the SUV driver directing the vehicle thru and over human life people with evil intent do these horrible acts people that should not be able to have freedom to commit these acts due to failure to punish or incarcerate these people that commit these acts only leaves the evil to continue look out ones door and walk the streets of a city that lost it conscience and its soul and you will encounter evil as America is doing today. Obama Biden a reflection of evil.

  • Robin Rebhan

    11/17/2022 10:49 AM

    RE: More Afghanistan fallout. I have met a few people who have recently moved here from Afghanistan. All of them have said when they left it was far worse than even before America came to Afghanistan. No surprise that the Taliban came back in power with vengeance. Which is why my new acquaintances fled Afghanistan and came here to America.

  • Jerry

    11/17/2022 10:41 AM

    Even if the Senate was controlled by the GOP 2 or 3 more GOP Senators would not be enough to turn the country around at one point 19 Senators were complicit in a bill that causes more inflation today a dozen or more are still a RINO as they work to undermine the natural course of life the Congress today is a hoax just like climate change . Everyone can do a bit to keep our environment clean and it started with do not litter our combustable engines have been modified to our mile per gallon of gasoline was improved all one needs to do is to continue to improve on those engines in the the meantime we could start to find a magnetic energy to transport the population to harness magnetic energy is something that is possible wind water and solar power has its limit and can be useful however not one size fits all. If Gore was right our country should be under water we have parts of the country that doesn't have enough water does anyone understand that? Climate change a HOAX

  • Jerry

    11/17/2022 10:25 AM

    As I Look at the Leadership in GOP Senate Mitch and its gang of RINOS are complicit in the demise of our country today these lifetime parasites of the American hard earned tax dollars. The MSM wants to take away from the midterms and enroll in dividing the GOP and its candidates for the 2024 Presidential election is all part of the playbook. I can only hope that the Obama Biden crime organization can be convicted the penalty for the crime against Americans is that all the assets that these crime bosses are frozen and put back with interest family members can not have these assets looking at Biden Pelosi Schumer and the Dems that have been leeches for over 20 years need the same penalties as obama and biden as they are all to include the leadership of our agencies complicit in unlawful use and abuse of power allowed by the American Citizen. Imagine a Judge like Garland on the Supreme Court and the court has a few just like Garland.

  • stephen russell

    11/17/2022 09:36 AM

    Red Fizzle due to:

    o GOP NOT United
    o Dems voting plan
    o Indoc voters vote Blue
    o Voting software rigged
    o TV ads some states blocked
    o rerun 2020 in some states
    o GOP not Proactive
    o Nothing learned since 2020 fiasco

  • Paul Kern

    11/16/2022 08:12 PM

    Insane world we live in. Signs of the end days? We know God is in charge but His people are running crazy. On record now that the Taliban are learning to the billions of dollars of equipment JB gave them. And no functioning military left if needed


    11/16/2022 07:37 PM