November 26, 2018

As we wait and wonder what eventually will happen with the various investigations into FBI misconduct –- in both their protection of Hillary Clinton and their surveilling of the Trump campaign –- here’s another story of how the secret activities of federal agents can go horribly wrong.

The Houston Chronicle ran a stunning story on Friday about Leatrice Malika De Bruhl-Daniels, a 45-year-old career officer with impeccable credentials, having worked at the FBI as an investigative specialist and then spending eight years as a special agent with NCIS, the U.S. Naval Criminal Investigative Service.  NCIS protects Navy and Marine Corps secrets and handles criminal, intelligence and terrorist investigations in ports around the world.  But De Bruhl-Daniels is charged with doing just the opposite --- she ‘s alleged to have tipped off her new boyfriend, who was under investigation at the time as a suspected terrorist, that he was being surveilled.

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She’s been on indefinite suspension since May without access to secure material.  (At least in this case they had enough sense to revoke her security clearance.)  She’s free on bond and is staying with her mother in Charlottesville, Virginia, while awaiting trial on charges of attempting to obstruct, influence or impede justice.  She denies the charges and will plead not guilty.


In the meantime, prosecutors are seeking extradition of Syrian businessman and suspected terrorist Nidal Diya, who is currently free on bond in Toronto, so he can be tried on charges of using fraudulent Guatamalan and Argentinian passports in Texas and Louisiana.  Three other co-defendants also face trial for passport and tax fraud.  Diya had been the target of a counterterrorism investigation by the FBI, but, according to court documents, De Bruhl-Daniels warned him that he was being investigated as a possible terrorist and might be arrested if he traveled to America.


The romantic link between this agent and a terrorist-suspect sounds like a story out of “Homeland,” but unlike the bipolar and highly impulsive Carrie Mathison, De Bruhl-Daniels has apparently had smooth sailing as a federal agent before this happened, having been characterized as an exemplary employee.  Ironically, while she was stationed at NCIS headquarters in Norfolk, she served as the spokesperson for a program aimed at reducing sexual assault in the Department of the Navy and was quoted as advising fellow employees to “do what is right morally.”


It all started in 2015, when De Bruhl-Daniels was sent to the U.S. Consulate in Dubai at the busy port of Jebel Ali, to serve as the liaison on criminal, counterintelligence and counterterrorism investigations.  Through a friend at the consulate, she met Diya in June of 2016, according to court documents.  Diya apparently told her he didn’t know why the State Department had refused to renew his U.S. visa, and De Bruhl-Daniels was just the person to help him.  She used her top-secret security clearance to find out from officials what was holding things up.


That's how she learned that Homeland Security officials suspected he was involved in an illegal shipment of oil from the United States to Iran.  (Editorial aside:  Hey, this was going on during the Obama administration.  What would have been wrong with shipping oil, or billions of dollars in cash, or just about anything else, to Iran?  But I digress.)  In February of 2017, she inquired further at the State Department and Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) about his visa and received a response from a State Department staffer.  It said that Diya’s “entire family” had set off red flags for counterterrorism officials.


But the romance was already blossoming.  On March 9, an HSI agent and a Commerce Department agent spoke with her on a secure video call, warning her to avoid contact with Diya.  She didn’t tell them she was already interested in him romantically.  On March 29, Diya hosted an elaborate birthday bash for her at his Dubai residence, likely spending tens of thousands of dollars.  Attendees included NCIS, State Department and Naval officials.  (It’s not clear from the story if these officials came as guests to keep an eye on Diya or the two of them together at that point.)  In May, when she approached investigators to suggest that Diya would make a good confidential source, they warned her yet again to keep her distance from him and not to tell him they were watching him.


But it appears that by this time, she was not thinking rationally.  In late June, she sent herself an email that consisted of musings about her feelings for the suspected terrorist.  “I’m deeply attracted to you and I can’t think about you like that,” she wrote.  “It’s not right.”  In mid-July, she was informed by an FBI agent that Diya and another suspect were still under scrutiny.  The agent asked for a full accounting of her encounters with Diya, and she said she’d consult with her supervisor.  It’s believed that possibly even that same day, the agent informed her that Diya and the other suspect were officially under FBI investigation.


So...she (allegedly) warned him.  According to court documents, she told him that if he traveled to the U.S., he would most likely be arrested.  They got on a plane, anyway, but for a nine-day holiday in Greece, which apparently they’d already been planning.  (She’d emailed about how much she was looking forward to it.)  She later told federal authorities that he had given her $1,400 for the trip.


Following the trip, she saved a transcript of the texts between the two of them on her iPad.  Here’s a sampling:


“(It’s) poss ur phones are being monitored,” she said.  If agents suspected her of “acting as some kind of dbl agent,” he should tell them they were just friends.  “Whatever they have on u is more than just suspicion so it’s serious,” she warned him.  “They know stuff and if u lie u may never see American soil!”


In December, federal agents interviewed her, but there was a lot she didn’t tell them:  that she’d had a romantic relationship with Diya, that she’d warned him not to to go the U.S., that he’d given her gifts, and even that her 23-year-old son had taken a job with him.    


To quote the Houston Chronicle story:  “It’s a rare case that falls into a unique category:  criminal reckonings for federal law enforcement officials accused of abusing their access to top-secret information.”  Now wait just a doggone minute.  I wonder if the writer, as he typed that line, was thinking at all of the mishandling of top-secret information that went on at the FBI, DOJ and State Department around the same time as this case.  We’ve got Hillary’s deliberate concealment of classified information as she risked its security by sending it through her private email server, Hillary's destruction of subpoenaed documents that (one may assume) included classified material, James Comey’s failure to hold her accountable, various FBI leaks relating to the Steele dossier and the “Trump/Russia” investigation, and the abuse of the secret FISA process by FBI and DOJ officials.

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Where are the “criminal reckonings” for all that?


And when FBI Director Christopher Wray and other top law enforcement officials go on in the most idealistic way about the fine men and women in public service (another example:  Chief Justice John Roberts going on about the non-partisanship of judges), just remember that there will always be exceptions to such generalizations.  Some of those exceptions will be pretty glaring; others we'll never even know about.  It’s not a perfect world; that’s why we have congressional oversight and inspectors general.  Idealism is great, but it has to come with a dose of reality.



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  • Ed Taylor

    11/30/2018 06:55 AM

    Your turncoat NCIS agent story shows just how much the concepts of personal honor and integrity are waning in America.

  • Kristen Harris

    11/27/2018 10:49 AM

    Please please drain the swamp

  • Valerie Davis

    11/27/2018 07:05 AM

    Oversight and inspector general have done nothing to bring the entire Clinton clan to Justice nor the FBI or Justice Department people involved. Looks like a total cover-up!

  • Dan Barberree

    11/26/2018 06:37 PM

    What ever happened to the IG's report on the DOJ's handling of the Hillary investigation?

  • Rosalie Gilliland

    11/26/2018 03:26 PM

    It appears that our intelligence agencies are rife with people who make their own agendas preeminent. The heck with national security. When officials at the top are corrupt, their malfeasance filters down through the ranks. Only those with strong personal moral codes can resist the temptation to satisfy their own desires, whatever those may be. "A little yeast leavens the whole batch of dough." (Galatians 5:9)

  • Jim sharpe

    11/26/2018 12:48 PM

    So....did she get promoted yet? “Stupid is as stupid does”?

  • Russell W. Drennon

    11/26/2018 12:39 PM

    And Yet the ordinary American Citizen is expected to Obey the Laws of a Civilized Society ! The Corruption involving Political Leaders in this Country is beyond comprehension and it's unacceptable that NO-ONE will be held accountable for what are clearly CRIMINAL acts ! But don't take a picture of the inside of a Submarine !


    11/26/2018 12:11 PM

    Seems it's only a crime if someone the DemonRATs don't like!

  • Sharon C Fahey

    11/26/2018 11:54 AM

    First, why can't we do more about this renegade mindset in our government, nobody should be above the law regardless of your status.
    Second, please tell your daughter I'm sorry she's being harassed by the socialist mob in our country. She is very welcome to visit here in SC.
    Third, please tell the president that he is exactly who God knew we'd need to fight the insanity and ungratefulness in our nation. Thank you for standing up for Jewish communities world wide, even if some have forgotten their history, many of us have not and we liken President Trump to Cyrus in our Bible. I think President Trump is even better than Cyrus in my own opinion. Anyway, we need to know how much more we can do to turn our country back or make it better. Also, no matter what, I'm with him on building the wall. Thank him for all he's having to endure over keeping a mass invasion from occurring. He's in my prayers!
    Thank you for keeping us informed!
    Sharon Fahey

  • Joseph Trokey

    11/26/2018 11:48 AM

    I have no confidence in our national security anymore. The bad thing for her is she's too far down on the food chain and probably won't get help from the ones who are really responsible for these happenings. I need not worry, though, God knows and one day He will see to these things.

  • Debby Peterson

    11/26/2018 11:11 AM

    I so enjoy reading news from a source with integrity that I know I do not have to filter to find truth. Always look forward to receiving your email daily. Keep up the work of being a source for the "Good News". First time I saw you was with Kenneth Copeland onBVOV.

  • Sam Vanderburg

    11/26/2018 11:02 AM

    45? And still not mature enough to control her emotions? Or was she trying to develop a source? She apparently did not consult her superiors on that.

  • Valerie Gillis

    11/26/2018 10:52 AM

    You left out the relationship between Strok and Page. Talk about biased and abuse of power!

  • Julio

    11/26/2018 10:16 AM

    I read them.