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June 8, 2021

The latest large corporate entities that have prioritized leftist virtual signaling over the beliefs of their core customer base are…

Country Music Television (CMT), which is promoting the “Wear orange to support gun control” campaign. Many viewers – make that “former viewers” – are telling them bluntly that they only wear orange when they go deer hunting.

Pizza Hut is under fire for funding a fifth grade social studies “Critical Race Theory” curriculum that resulted in a shocking video of Brooklyn school children parroting the race-based, anti-American hatred they’ve been spoon-fed.

Incidentally, this isn’t just being used in Brooklyn; it’s even infiltrated to places like Iowa. Click the link to find out if your kids are being exposed to it. Also, it’s not just Pizza Hut: there’s a link to a list of a couple of dozen big companies that are also funding the teaching of racist CRT poison to our kids, including Intel, Ford, Ralph Lauren and, yes, Disney.

While we’re on the subject, here are some wise words from Dennis Prager to parents on the single best thing Americans can do to protect their kids and retake America from the hateful radical left.

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Comments 1-10 of 25

  • John Carlin

    07/06/2021 05:12 PM

    Another name added to my list of companies I will not patronize.

  • Cliff Garrison

    06/27/2021 10:15 PM

    Any business, school board, or institution of higher learning that promotes CRT should be shut down. Racism cannot be allowed in this country. CRT is racism, full blown.

  • JeanLocke

    06/23/2021 03:21 PM

    A reminder should be made! Different school systems are changing the name of CRT in order to convince parents that they are not teaching it!

  • Thomas Saneford

    06/20/2021 09:33 PM

    Governor, I wanted to watch and started the show, K-Love fan awards on TBN, till I saw their sponsor, only sponsor was Woke a Cola. That really disappointed me so I just didn’t watch it. Some of my favorite gospel artist performed but I just couldn’t deal with Coke as a sponsor, what’s wrong with K-Love and TBN?

  • Leigh Prickett

    06/20/2021 07:19 PM

    fyi, I have noticed a number of times that links to your stories often fail e.g. pjmedia ( in this segment.. with ERROR 521: Web server is down

  • Shirley J Maxey

    06/20/2021 07:03 PM

    Mike, I appreciate your mail each day and have put the word out to my friends. Thank you for always being a Christian. You continue to lift Americans and help us deal with the left. I truly hope Trump passes the next presidential race up and gets behind a younger man such as DeSantis. He is so hated by the left and they will not let him win! God help us all … best to you and your family, sincerely,
    Shirley Maxey. If there is anything I can possibly do to help please let me know. I am 83 soooo,but I think younger….love you and your Sara

  • William Deak

    06/20/2021 05:24 PM

    I don't want to hear your rambling on Mike. I only want your daily Devotional.

  • Charles white

    06/20/2021 04:48 PM

    Stock holders of Disney needs to send letters to the board about supporting crt. It will hurt there stock when everyone finds out and board help have to be replaced

  • Ed Thompson

    06/20/2021 04:45 PM

    First I’d like to say Happy Fathers Fay to you. And then I will add thank you for your time to keep me and others informed on the issues that so many other people definitely need to know. Thirdly I want to say I wish you didn’t have to report so many things that are being done TO America, and not FOR America. Keep up the great work and maybe, just maybe, enough people will wake up and understand everything you and I and so many other good people already know. The madness has to stop to keep America AMERICA! God Bless you Mr Governor.

  • Lynn Barr

    06/20/2021 04:24 PM

    If that STUPID RINO Paul Ryan had the balls to do away with Obamacare, we would not be in the mess we’re in. AND that IDIOT Supreme Court Justice Roberts with his stupid left wing opinions along with Amy Comey Barret. LOSERS. So disappointed. I hate our government these days. Congress and Senate enrich themselves off regular citizens. I do NOT want one cent if my tax dollars going to illegals, care, I.e. food, toys, housing, ANYTHING. I worked my ass off 8 hours a day plus overtime on weekends and went to night school to get my degree. Paid for it myself. I’m vomiting at the thought of Biden giving extended benefits until September. AND that ASSHOLE DeBlasio giving homeless people 18-24 $1200 a month for 2 years. Plus Cuomo giving illegals thousands. The whole world cannot live in the US. WE CANT AFFORD IT.