May 10, 2018

I’m not going to delve too deeply into the current media feeding frenzy over alleged payments made by various foreign companies to President Trump’s attorney, Michael Cohen, other than to remind some of the hysterical reporters that Cohen has other clients besides Trump and it is not illegal for private attorneys in America to do business with foreign companies.

To me, the most interesting news thus far stems from a dumb mistake made by porn star Stormy Daniels’ lawyer and CNN’s latest full-time on-air personality, Michael Avenatti. He released a list of companies that allegedly made payments to Cohen, but it turned out two of the payments were to a different Michael Cogen, who apparently did perfectly legitimate work for the companies. But that caused inquiring minds to want to know: how did the New York Times and a porn star’s lawyer obtain copies of a private citizen’s private banking records that were seized by federal agents who are supposedly entrusted with insuring their privacy?

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This attempt to smear Cohen boomeranged by spurring the Treasury Department’s Inspector General to open an investigation into whether someone in the FBI illegally leaked Cohen’s private data to the media and the attorney. If so, then it should answer all those questions about whether the agency can be trusted to keep any seized, protected attorney-client privilege communications private (answer: “NO!”) The next question should be whether, when the feds seized all those records from Michael Cohen, were they at the address of the right Michael Cohen?




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  • Diana Talmadge

    05/17/2018 12:11 PM

    I do not care what President Trump did before he was elected...I am tired of him being attacked on a daily basis!

  • Andie Cole

    05/12/2018 06:34 PM

    Who exactly would have had access to his private bank records apart from his bank and the FBI agents who seized his records? and is there any way Avenetti could have obtained access to them that was not illegal?

  • Valerie Davis

    05/11/2018 07:48 AM

    How does the banking information of a different Michael Cohen even end up obtained by anyone, lawyers or government. Bank accounts are opened and verified with your social security number. This is no mistake or oppsie. This is a smear campaign. They are out to get Cohen. Break him financially. As they have done with other

  • G Hurla

    05/10/2018 06:28 PM

    Careful with the potential Deep State trickery here. They may have been leaked the info alright from the FBI and they threw in a couple of other Micheal Cohens simply to make it look like the attorneys got them from an outside source.

  • lee Campbell

    05/10/2018 05:27 PM

    Gov. Huckabee I always read your posts as I know you are a man of truth...God bless you and your beautiful daughter and of course the rest of your family! I came to hear you speak to the right to life group in Dyersburg Tennessee several years ago...I supported you as a candidate...Keep up the good work exposing evil...

  • Dave de la Plante

    05/10/2018 05:04 PM

    Thank you so much for sharing your views with such a light hearted spirit! Is the Stormy project a sign the Dems / MSM are finally scraping the bottom of the barrel?

  • Barbara Espinosa

    05/10/2018 04:15 PM

    What I want to know is when the lawbreakers are going to be charged with their crimes? Kerry violating The Logan Act (1 Stat. 613, 18 U.S.C. § 953, enacted January 30, 1799) is a United States federal law that criminalizes negotiation by unauthorized persons with foreign governments having a dispute with the United States
    Clinton for sending classified info over an unsecured server, destroying government property,deleting government e-mails. James Comey for leaking information, lying to Congress. Andrew McCabe for lying to congress. Clinton foundation for who knows what besides using funds for personal use. FILE CHARGES, INDICT THEM MAKE THEM STAND TRIAL.

  • Emily Yeatts

    05/10/2018 03:52 PM

    How were the documents leaked where is client attorney privilege when is comey macabe clapper Lynch Yates struck page going to prosecuted along with the daddy of all mueller himself and now John Kerry really this would be funny if not so serious

  • Joyce Solomon

    05/10/2018 03:44 PM

    Didn’t we go thru this when they had the wrong Cohen in Russia?

  • Allen M Swatsworth

    05/10/2018 03:24 PM

    How long does it take to validate a message left for you. I left on on this train and have not seen it posted yet?

  • Shauna Dickerson

    05/10/2018 02:26 PM

    Always glad to read your explanations of the folly of the MSM. I trust you much more, in fact I hardly ever hear what the MSM is saying except when I read about from you debunking it. Why bother reading their stuff when I can get the rights side, and leave the left alone. Thank you Mr. Huckabee.

  • Hilda Rabon

    05/10/2018 02:14 PM

    For the life of me I can not understand with all the resources available Why no one can find out who”leaks”. These people would be prosecuted in the public,how can government employees get away with This?


    05/10/2018 02:00 PM


  • Susanna Donovan

    05/10/2018 02:00 PM

    Sounds like a hack job to me. How is Avenatti able to obtain seized information on someone else's accounts? Needs investigation all right.

  • Bruce Deming

    05/10/2018 01:01 PM

    This is truly a "WTF?" moment. The data illegally released to the media did not come from the raid on Michael Cohen, Trumps attorney. Why would the other M Cohen's records be in Trumps M Cohen records? There's no way this info came from any FBI investigation. This proves NSA, or other high level intelligence involvement. They ran a program on the massive amounts of data they collect, to find any foreign financial transactions to or from Michael Cohen, but in their haste to leak the info, they didn't check addresses or account numbers, and sent it all to Mueller. US intelligence is compromised by the deep state demonrats, and with the speed that the Treasury IG reacted, they have been caught red handed. Now the demonrats will threaten all involved with the IG investigation, and nothing will happen. The deep state is still in full function and don't care if they get caught. They have absolutely no fear of reprisal. Mueller and Rosenstein need to be water boarded, it's the ONLY way we'll get to the truth.

  • Allen M Swatsworth

    05/10/2018 01:01 PM

    Again The Fake, Trump Haters News at CNN, The FBI, Ms Daniels Lawyer and even the Treasury Department are complicit in attempting to defame President Trump or anyone connected with him. I hope the Inspector General can locate the person or persons who released the records and lets the public know. If the source is not the Treasury Dept. and not the FBI then the leak had to come from the lawyers that are working on Mr. Cohen's case in NY. In any case it is further proof that there will be no end to this mess until they either succeed in destroying the duly elected president and, in my humble opinion, our democracy or they are proven wrong and properly prosecuted.

    Thanks for the information and the links to further information. Please keep up the good work and God Bless you.

  • Amelia Little

    05/10/2018 12:17 PM

    I do hope that, after the investigation, the culprits are dealt with severely. Take away any clearance the leaker may have, escort him out of his workplace (and it might be a she) without being able to take ANYTHING. Remove his keys and badges, and put co-workers on notice anyone letting him back in will be held accountable (I am sure there is some law that would cover this!) Meanwhile, how vigorous will the porn lawyer and the NYT be about making sure America knows there was a mistake in accusing President Trump's lawyer of wrong doing? And, making sure the "offenses" they had claimed that were done by the other Michael Cohens were not illegal? Maybe, as the porn lawyer is making his rounds on the late-night comedy circuit, he could make a point of correcting the information. Restitution should be made--but made by the parties involved in the wrong-doing, not paid for by tax money just because the perps work for the government---because they were not following proper protocol.

  • Vickie Fiorentino

    05/10/2018 10:36 AM

    Reminds me of a three ring circus...where I am paying for all to attend