November 27, 2017

The longest-serving (and self-serving) member of Congress, Democratic Rep. John Conyers, announced that he’s stepping down (temporarily, we assume and he hopes) from his position as the ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee, following a rising number of accusations related to sexual misconduct around female staffers and misuse of taxpayer funds to pay off alleged victims. Here’s the latest:


This came just hours after House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi tried to fend off calls for his resignation on “Meet The Press” (including a sharp demand from it from his liberal hometown newspaper, the Detroit Free Press). Pelosi called Conyers an “icon” who had done great things to protect women and who (unlike, I presume, Roy Moore) deserves due process. I think we can safely assume from Conyers’ abrupt exit so shortly afterward that her salvage effort went over with viewers about as well as tofurkey at an NRA Thanksgiving banquet.

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In stepping down, Conyers issued a statement that was a textbook example of spin and deflection. He downplayed the substance while attacking the messenger, dismissing the charges as “documents reportedly paid for by a partisan alt-right blogger.”

True, they were unearthed by conservative media figure Mike Cernovich, but he knew his political views would be used to try to discredit the documents, so he turned them over to for vetting. The papers Conyers implied were suspicious, partisan “documents” were actually sworn affidavits by Congressional staffers who were alleged victims and witnesses in a 2015 sexual harassment lawsuit that Conyers settled. And in vetting the story, Buzzfeed unearthed another such lawsuit.

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Naturally, Conyers also tried to point the finger of shame elsewhere, noting how important it was for true public servants like himself to stand up to an Administration “that cares little for the rule of law and a President whose actions and conduct cheapens our discourse every day.” Really? You might not like Trump’s tweets, but I’ve never heard him accused of tweeting in his underwear in front of female staffers. As for caring little for the rule of law, Trump (who was early on accused of wanting to be a Hitler-like dictator) has actually been rolling back executive power, reinstating the separation of powers, seeking to impose his biggest agenda items legislatively, and fighting court rulings against him via the proper channels, even when they are transparently partisan and unconstitutional. Obama would have just whipped out his pen and his phone. No telling what John Conyers would have whipped out.

And it probably wasn’t a great idea for Conyers to extol his entire family’s legacy of fighting for justice, including his wife, Monica, who served 27 months in prison on a bribery charge.

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Still, you always have to look at anything done on the federal level of the Democratic Party in terms of political calculation. Pelosi tried to throw him a lifeline, and it was chewed up by media sharks. Conyers says he looks forward to being completely exonerated by the House Ethics Committee. But as Ed Driscoll at Instapundit notes, Conyers is 88, and his district is so blue, he won reelection just last year by 77%. If the Democrats sense a 2018 wave coming that will help them retake the House and launch impeachment charges against Trump for the high crime of defeating Hillary Clinton, then now is as good a time as any to toss Conyers under the bus and install the next Democrat to fill that seat until 2050.

In short, there’s a good chance the writing’s on the wall for John Conyers, no matter how much whitewash Democrats on the Ethics Committee try to apply to it.


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  • Clara Herrin

    01/16/2018 02:56 AM

    Thanks for your pithy opinions. Very often they make me laugh. I want you to know that I not only read every one of them, but I also keep them in a special folder for the sake of history. I feel it's important to let those who may want to read them after I'm gone know the truth regardless of what may or may not be printed in future history books. Keep up your wonderful work!!


    12/01/2017 10:11 AM


  • Mary Frances Ayars

    12/01/2017 12:39 AM

    The fact that he tried to blame anyone but himself tells of his ethics, and morals. They prance through the doors of the church and then commit the acts with arrogance. They think they are above the law and that all women should be pleased to oblige their will. May the people and the Lord judge them. Get him out of our Congress and into jail because I am sure he has broken other laws we will soon learn about.

  • Betty Kidney

    11/30/2017 12:15 PM

    It is so frustrating to see all of the hate spewed towards anyone who isn’t In lockstep with these obviously corrupt people. And yet they are dropping like flies after accusing Trump of far less than what is being brought forward on them. The comment “who voted for them” shows how full of themselves they are. You were voted in by your constuients. Some of them long dead, so it seems. But as a deplorable get over yourselves. I’m tired of all of this decisive rhetoric. I am not resist nor a bigot just because I know right from wrong. May our Lord and Saviour come soon.

  • James Bagwell

    11/30/2017 10:52 AM

    Your Analysis Is & Has Been Dead On, On ALL The Issues You Cover. I Read ALL Of Them, & Wouldn’t Want To Miss Any Of Them

  • Charles M

    11/30/2017 10:20 AM

    Conyers has been hospitalized. Rep. Corrine Brown of FL found guilty of corruption, aka "mis-appropriating campaign funds", has fallen ill before her sentencing which should have been completed months ago. Hospitals seem to be the refuge of those whose corruption is discovered. Maybe Conyers the Icon acquired Clap from a staffer while working so hard for his Deetroit constituency. Drain the Swamp!!

  • Earl Dean Nance

    11/30/2017 10:05 AM

    Dear Brother in Christ, Mike Huckabee,
    Thank You and Your Daughter for earning a public voice as well as not being afraid to use it. Even though You have not received much cash from me, I have prayed for Your safety and wisdom to be able to continue to grow in influence as You and others such as Franklin Graham continue to stand strong for the cause of Christ in this lost and dying world. You may sometimes feel that You are all alone, but as You know, following and standing for Jesus and His Father God is no longer welcome in many places, but we must remember who is actually in control and who will win in the end.
    Love in Christ,
    Earl and Rebecca Nance

  • Carol Pence

    11/30/2017 09:34 AM

    I read your comments every morning as I begin my PT job here at Genoa, in Westerville Ohio. Since I have 95% stopped watching the news (DVR Tucker and Hannity) I find your comments insightful and solid. I cannot vote on "impeaching Trump". That is ridiculous - and I refuse to buy into the madness. Just like I refuse to watch the NFL. Enough is enough - DRAIN THE SWAMP!. Thank you for your steadfastness and faith. Everyday I am so thankful Jesus is in control. Blessings to you and your family! (your daughter is in my prayers - she is in the midst of it all!)

  • Glen Mitchell

    11/30/2017 08:49 AM

    Frank Varnor comment that my view that I believe in finacial accountability and responsibility and compassion for people less fortunate than myself is a Liberal view. I have supported Conservative Party of Canada all my life and you are telling us we have a Liberal view. Have a
    great day Frank and I wish your country well

  • Colleen Quiros

    11/30/2017 08:32 AM

    I LOVE YOUR NEWS LETTERS OF TRUTH. The other side just seems to be against it (truth). Making, "America Great Again, " In the "Glory of God", whom, we started this Nation, Up Under.

  • Carolyn belle

    11/30/2017 07:10 AM

    I would like to say I enjoyed your newsletters very much I enjoy your style of writing and letting us know the truth of the matter I don't care who removes her much anymore because of all the fake news but I enjoyed yours thank you again

  • Frank Varner

    11/29/2017 11:55 PM

    The comment from Glen Mitchell from Canada doesn't surprise me since the Canadian government is far more liberal than the U. S. Apparently the Northern Part of the U. S. especially the North Eastern section as been grossly infected by the ultra liberals in Canada. In regard to John Conyers and his ilk, certain Senate and Congressional liberal leaders are totally above the law. If I had committed the acts that they are accused of doing, I would have been put on administrative leave immediately, and fired in a New York minute if any of the accusations were proven in court. Since Conyers has paid off any of his accusers in the past, it would seem that he has already acknowledged guilt in doing so. It would certainly help the situation immensely by having term limits instituted asap. The majority of the D. C. politicians are owned by lobbyists and the long term office holders that hold the majority of power in Congress.

  • Charles Ziegler

    11/29/2017 11:39 PM

    This guy has been riding the gravy train for so long ---he gained so much power his EGO must be overwhelming--
    At this time he thinks he is God's gift to women--- and they should be thrilled to cater to his whims.

  • Annie Drylie

    11/29/2017 11:01 PM

    I normally agree with.President Trump but I'm tired, very tired of all the negativity both ways. Why should Pelosi and Schumer show up of no deal is imminent. He has the tendency to egg them on and we the people really are the ones who are suffering. Just tired of it all

  • James C. Kelly

    11/29/2017 09:49 PM

    What's the difference whether Conyers stays or goes? If the latter, he will surely be replaced by a more vigorous younger version with the same political views and ethics.

  • Betsy J Luckey

    11/29/2017 08:58 PM

    Thank you for always keeping us informed of what is REALLY going on. I always want to hear what Newt and Huckabee have to say about situations as I can count on both to tell the truth. Keep up the good work and know that there are those who you have never met who pray for you daily as you continue to be a voice of truth to the nation and we thank the Lord for you as a man of integrity.

  • curt norman

    11/29/2017 08:27 PM

    The revelations about this lo-life scumbag are revolting and mind-boggling---how can this be happening with a current House member???
    Where is the oversight? Where is the outrage?? And to learn that a secret slush fund exists, using taxpayer money, to pay for claims of improper sexual behaveour, with no disclosure required, is an absolute travesty. Why are'nt these slugs required to pay for these escapades, rather than the taxpayers??? And why is this pathetic pos allowed to get away with flying in some bimbo for a one-nite stand, again using his office funds, rather than his own?? Get your teeth in this one, Gov---we are mad as hell, and ain't gonna let this continue.

  • Norman Tichard Gant

    11/29/2017 07:44 PM

    There are so many women coming out of the woodwork I don't believe any of them until the accused convicted in criminal or civil court.

  • Jack macdonald

    11/29/2017 07:42 PM

    Not just a sexual predator, wasn't he in trouble for some criminal real estate dealings? Like Marion Barry, crime doesn't matter to the fools who vote for these criminals. I don't think the founding fathers figured this into their calculations. When we allow stupid people to vote this is the result that should be expected.

  • Elizabeth McIntyre

    11/29/2017 07:30 PM

    I LOVE your newsletters. They are informative and your humor is incredible! Always wanted you for President.
    Any chance that you'll try again? I hope you will!

  • Richard Zoia

    11/29/2017 07:16 PM

    This dinosaur has been in office since I graduated from high school and I'm an old guy.
    What a colossal waste of taxpayer money. Is he too old to lock up?
    Until Jeff Sessions and the Justice department gets off their collective a**es, the swamp will still smell like a swamp.

  • Stephen Russell

    11/29/2017 07:09 PM

    Throw them ALL out, scrap the Black Cong Caucus, Seize assets, have women from group & file Class action suit, Drain that House Fund from reuse IE sue for 1B.
    Rather have money go to Victims to recoup "costs" then cover up politico actions alone.
    Open up House & Senate to sexual harrassment suits alone, file Civil & Criminal suits.
    Ill sign those petitions alone.
    Im SWM, 62, Never married.

    Capitol Hill Reforms:
    Term Limits
    Those over 70 Retire.
    No gerrymandering districts.
    add more political parties IE Greens, Native Indians etc to Mix.
    Merge elections
    U run for office, your background Made Public.
    Reform Fed Election codes
    OK remote voting.
    Downsize Cong staffing req.
    Merge like staffs on issues IE Special Counsel for Hillary Clinton
    Live Under Same Laws U pass in your Home state.
    Take same HC plans.
    Merge pensions with Fed employees?
    Cut pensions IF resign from office.
    No bailout if making public speeches.
    Anyone can run for office= fair playing field, NO Exp required.
    No degree required, Passion to serve & meet needs.
    Rotate House Speaker & Senate speaker.
    &have audience add more on subject
    Make Public to those prior victims to Clinton alone for comment.


    11/29/2017 06:47 PM


  • Craig lehigh

    11/29/2017 06:30 PM

    Conyers, and ANYONE ELSE who used our tax dollars to settle any of the claims against them ,needs to be made to pay that money back! Immediately, no and's if,s or butts! And than fired with NO PENSION OR BENEFITS OF ANY KIND. GOOD RIDDANCE !

  • Vernon Bill Thompson

    11/29/2017 06:23 PM

    Tired of Watching the “Circus in the Swamp” where hyperbole, hysteria, hypocrisy, and hyper-partisanship are on display almost daily? The current composition of Congress is not serving the American people well! Fresh faces are needed to change things. If “Term Limits” were in place that would be a start but the current crop of Swamp Rats would never vote to cut their over-paid, over-perked positions short. Even if the Convention of States is assembled and creates “Term Limits” it would take far too long to be of any short-term value.
    That leaves the problem of intolerable Congressional performance to the American citizen voter to solve. Systematically removing and replacing ALL (and I mean All) current members of the House and Senate should be the objective. Removing and replacing should continue until such time as we find men and women of good faith who will take their oath of office seriously. It would be heartening to see people with diverse experience and diverse ideas come to the table and work together to benefit the American people instead of themselves or some twisted Party ideology. No one who wants to grandstand or attempts to continue to divide the country with identity politics, name calling and unsupported labeling should apply.
    Bill Thompson
    NOTE: Published as a Letter to the Editor in 8/19/2017 Las Vegas Review Journal

  • Glen Mitchell

    11/29/2017 06:08 PM

    I am a Canadian retired 75 year old who has enjoyed life and has a beautiful family along with happy career in business. I was taught very early that financial responsibility and accountability along with respect for everyone (even those with opposite views) is absolutely required
    if you want to accomplish things in life. Also you must have a compassion for those who have fallen on hard times. I have dealt with a lot of American businesses during my career and they always showed respect even if we had different views. My point is Mike that you don't have that in Washington and it starts with your President!!!!!...

  • Clarence Thomas

    11/29/2017 06:03 PM

    This dinosaur is 88 years old, he's been sucking on the government teet since 1965!!! What has he accomplished except molesting women?
    He should be on the Walking Dead Show. 88 years old, who does that!?!?!?!?!?!

  • George Curl

    11/29/2017 06:00 PM

    Common sense with a big dose of humor,"No telling what John Conyers would have whipped out." That's why I look forward to your daily postings.

  • Patricia A. McMahon

    11/29/2017 03:24 PM

    Connors appears to be a major leader in the "good old boys" network. He needs to be especially investigated for using his office funds to pay off a claimant. If we can get the list of "settlements" from the government; we may be able to "clean house" in both chambers of congress. Then we can start fresh. I don't care if they are male/female; GOP or DEM; black, white, hispanic, or Asian. They've got to go!

  • Dolores parsons

    11/29/2017 09:09 AM

    Am I missing the obvious? Anyone who shows up for work in underwear (music rock concerts aside) is generally escorted to the nearest psychiatric unit. Just sayin'!

  • Milagros Arguello

    11/28/2017 10:30 PM

    One of your best newsletter. I laugh and laugh and laugh. Thank you.


  • Carol Babcock

    11/28/2017 04:25 PM

    This is just how blind our people in the USA are to the lack of morals, and even intelligence, many of our politicians are. They behave like lechers, and get paid to
    cover it up! As for Pelosi, that old woman is plain stupid, and we are the same age,
    so I'm not anti Senior Citizens!! Nor anti women in government.
    Just those who will lie about men, and those who tell us we have to pass the bill
    to find out what's in it!! Yeah, right. Keep at the truth!!.

  • Elizabeth A. Peters

    11/28/2017 04:24 PM

    The rule of law is for all. Conyers should resign his seat.

  • Alvin Picconatto

    11/27/2017 11:36 PM

    So when will the pen and phone come out? With all the news there is in the world, why are we getting the same nonsense every day? I would actually like to get down to the business of running the country and not being bothered by a bunch of mole hills being turned into mountains. The truth is we need limits on how long people serve in government because right now everyone in congress is serving their own agenda and not the needs of the people they were elected to serve. They have been stricken with the "I foot more than you will ever know syndrom" otherwise known as"the I am god complex"! It would be better for the country if the people would revolt and simply say "if you are in office you are out". Of course that won't happen cause people are too hung up on lables and too blind to see that is the only way to fix the problems, and that needs to be done through a minimum of two election cyclesbso b we can get rid of the whole group do "do nothings" that are currently running the nation.

  • Tammy King

    11/27/2017 10:44 PM

    Although I read your posts every day, this is the first time I've commented on one. This comment is for all your posts however.
    You, sir, are a class act. Plain and simple. Your words are straight, honest, articulate, and never self serving. God bless you and your family.

  • Todd Murphy

    11/27/2017 10:27 PM

    I appreciate and enjoy reading your articles, Mr. Huckabee. You are a great patriot.

  • Cheryl f devokaitis

    11/27/2017 08:34 PM

    Dear Mike, Please help in seeing that Conyers and Franken are not allowed to remain in office!!!! How can we continue to put up with this piggish behavior? And now that “ME, TOO!” Has brought out many victims sharing their assaults, have we not learned anything???? What is wrong with the Democrats standing by conyers calling him an icon? Icon of sexual assaulting!!! This is so demoralizing!!!! Help us, mike! You are a voice for us all! God bless you!

  • Ed Pearen

    11/27/2017 08:31 PM

    You have to understand the Michigan machine that thinks these Dem's can't do anything wrong yet they've only run the Detroit area down and take. Conyers and the other ones that have lived off the public for so long they have no idea what the people need. They don't care as long as they can get their money. It's time for a change but I don't see it happening in his district.

  • Deb Barger

    11/27/2017 08:22 PM

    Remember when Hillary said the accusations against Bill were a right wing conspiracy?

  • Chase Ketcheson

    11/27/2017 08:18 PM

    You are about the only person who I have faith in.....your daughter is doing an amazing job as well.....thankyou and God Bless you both....