After I suggested mistaken identity as a likely explanation for Christine Blasey Ford’s certainty that Brett Kavanaugh was her attacker, an article appeared that reinforces that theory.

I had said that both Dr. Ford and Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh seemed utterly sincere in their testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday.  Elizabeth Loftus, a cognitive psychologist and professor at the University of California, Irvine, says it’s absolutely possible that both actually ARE sincere.  After spending decades researching human memory –- specifically, how it can change based on suggestion and other factors –- she says it’s very common to misremember details of an experience, particularly a traumatic one.

She says some “core” details might be remembered but peripheral ones not so much.  That echoes what Dr. Ford herself said in testimony, as she tried to explain why she didn’t know where the party was or how she got home.  But over time, memory changes, according to Loftus, especially with exposure to new information, and that’s something Dr. Ford didn’t go into.  “Changing the details of an actual memory is a relatively easy thing to do,” Loftus says.  “And it can happen spontaneously.”

What about victims who are “100 percent certain” of the identity of their attackers, as Dr. Ford said she was?  “Sometimes people are very, very certain and wrong,” says Loftus.  That’s just the point I was making in bringing up The Innocence Project, which uses DNA to exonerate people who were wrongly convicted and given long prison sentences for violent crimes.  There have been many innocent men sent to prison for decades because the victim in the case was “100 percent certain” of her attacker’s identification.  Literally hundreds have been exonerated through DNA testing.  Mistaken ID is the cause of 70 percent of wrongful convictions.  If victims and other eyewitnesses were always right about this, we'd have much less need for an Innocence Project.

Perhaps a victim remembers being pushed into a room or onto a bed, for example, but isn’t clear on who did it.  She’s always going to remember certain details central to the attack itself, but, over time (in this case, 36 years), other details may come to be remembered quite differently from the way they happened.  These might even include the identity of the attacker.  The victim becomes convinced of that person’s guilt and even can create vivid new “memories” of what happened.  Every time the mind replays them, they are reinforced.

Of course, someone in Kavanaugh’s situation can misremember, too, perhaps because of too much alcohol.  A perpetrator may become totally convinced he’s innocent when in fact he isn’t.  So how can we tell that Kavanaugh really is as innocent as he genuinely thinks he is?  Well, we can look at his calendar to get an idea of what he was actually doing, consider his basic nature and values, how he lives his life, what his legions of friends and colleagues (male and female) who have known him for most of his life say about him.  The allegations against him are just wildly inconsistent with what his longtime, close acquaintances know about him.  So it seems highly unlikely that he ever did such a thing.

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Anyway, mistaken identity would account for the overwhelming probability that Kavanaugh is 100 percent innocent while Dr. Ford is 100 percent sure he’s the one who attacked her.  This is the problem with automatically believing the victim in every case.  It doesn’t mean the victim is lying, just that she’s 100 percent convinced of something that might be wrong.  Of course, that doesn’t matter one bit to Senate Democrats, who are 100 percent desperate to keep Kavanaugh (or any Trump nominee) off the Court.



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  • Jane Lipton

    09/30/2018 10:00 AM

    Thank you for your insights and posts.

  • Barbara Jones

    09/30/2018 09:25 AM

    Thank you for this information. Very interesting!!!

  • Marilyn Fine

    09/30/2018 08:20 AM

    I hope these findings have been presented. They need to be! My husband are both sickened by this whole process to the point that we can't even talk about it as opens our pain for this man and family. It is quite obvious what is happening here yet the Dems seem to always get their way. I had tears in my eyes when Kavanaugh was speaking. I feel his pain. Yet, I read that he is being criticized for his supposed unstable temperament. Really, defending your name doesn't allow us to remain calm. I trust the Lord will halt those evil forces and His will will be done.
    Sorry for the rambling. Nothing new here. This whole mess is quite upsetting.

  • Jaclynn ferria

    09/30/2018 07:08 AM

    Like I’ve said, I believe her. Something happened, somewhere, with someone. I believe him. Nothing happened, he wasn’t there, and he is not that someone.

  • Ann Bennett

    09/30/2018 03:03 AM

    Very interesting & my thoughts exactly. Too quick to judge, even aside from obvious political agenda. Entire situation is a circus & both Kavanaugh & Ford have been victims. Judging on feelngs not facts is a VERY slippery slope. Potentially more at stake here than supreme court nomination. Our Constitution & Rule of Law.

  • Vickie Mays

    09/30/2018 02:02 AM

    Regarding comments that emotion displayed as anger and crying disqualify Brett from being a Justice. Does that mean that Jesus crying in the Garden of Gethsemane, crying over Israel or a mothers dead child; or angrily driving the money changers out of the temple disqualified Jesus from being the Son of God. This world hasn't witnessed the anger of an Almighty Judge. As angry as I am with the the evil that's happening, I am more saddened by the fact that so many will enter eternity and never know the Love of God that the Kavanaugh family know.

  • Bella Gray

    09/30/2018 01:48 AM

    Someone asked me for my view on the subject, which required I think it out. Here was my response to him. He, a Leftist, was arguing the opposite site.

    FORD vs KAVANAUGH: To convict someone of a crime one must first have a crime. We do not have a crime here. Let's assume the worst and that Kavanaugh was present and involved, which he claims he was neither. According to her, she remembers positively she had only ONE beer, yet all other identifying memories on who, what, when and how, are vague or unknown.

    He was 17 at the time of the supposed event and there was no rape. Thus no chargeable crime. Even at her story's core no clothes were removed and no penitration at all was achieved, even in Ford's most lurid imagination. She doesn't even mention kissing.

    She claims the event was an evening party at an unknown house, owned by unknown people, none of which she can locate even today. She is too young to drive, so someone must have driven her to and fro, yet no one is identified as doing so, nor has come forward to make such a claim.

    Ford is miles from anything she can identify, yet she claims to have left the house without her driver. She is miles from her parents home totally lost, and in the dark. Don't you think the person who drove her there would have been in a panic to find her gone? Naturally the driver would have asked everyone at the party if they had seen her. Yet no party go-ers can give evidence of being asked, or testify that any party even happen. Those that Ford claims were there, testified under oath they were not. Her best friend with whom she shared everything was never confided in, by both women's account.

    At the very least the driver would called Ford's home to be sure she was home safe. Which would have automatically brought the parents into the knowing. Ford is a minor after all. Yet Ford claims no call to her or her parents, as her remark was that she had never told her parents anything even to this day.

    So she says she went up the stairs, for an undisclosed reason, turned the corner into a hallway. Someone she could not see, nor hear coming, perhaps having crossed that stairway she had just come from, came from behind, pushed her into a room and onto a bed. No one leaves the light on in an empty room, so we can assume it is dark.

    Since she claims she believes she is being raped and perhaps killed, she has to be struggling and attempting to scream. He has to silence her; so both actions are occupying the attackers hands. One she claims was covering her mouth, the other being used to hold her down.

    She already positioned the second boy off the bed and away from them laughing. She claims to have made eye contact with the standing boy during the attack, yet they are in a dark room.

    It is amazing to me that she can be fighting off an attacker with his hand over her face, and she is still able to plead, as she says, to a boy across the room. That I could imagine only happening if penetration had occurred and she had given up the fight, which never happened.

    Surely she is flailing her arms and legs trying to dislodge the boy on top of her. Frankly I think it would be difficult for a drunk boy to hold down a sober fighting girl, with one hand and the other over her mouth. Her head has to be moving violently from side to side while she is kicking and scratching with two hands and feet. Yet she never claims to have scratched or wounded the boy. Now that would be the first thing that I would have been claiming as proof of an attack being fought off.

    No, none of what she claims here makes sense.

    As she says, the only time this second boy interacts is when he jumps onto the bed at their side, which disrupts the scene, and she escapes to an as yet unknown to her bathroom location, instead of down where people and help are. Yet neither boy can catch her? A serious rapist and murderer would never let her go that easily. She doesn't claim the other boy intervened to hold him back.

    From that room she hears the boys laughingly leaving and going down the stairs. Ford doesn't know how she got outside without drawing anyone's attention. Which unto itself is unbelievable, as she has to be disheveled and her face red, if not bruised. Not to mention she must be crying and her eyes terrified after such a happening. After all she claims she thought she was going to be killed. A seriously vivid imagination to jump that far in a house filled with people, and by an invited guest as an attacker.

    Ford goes on to say that two months after, she believes she was being raped, possibly killed, she runs into one of her attackers outside a mall, and SHE initiates a conversation with him by saying hi?

    Are you kidding me? We are supposed to believe she is still traumatized 36-years later, and yet she can casually start a conversation with her attacker shortly after the traumatizing event? Come on get real. No female would purposely put herself back with an attacker of her own free will, when she can return and head the other direction. Sure she could have seen the guy at work at the time she references, but that could just as easily be a normal happenstance. Now she ties it into her story because it fits and she needs something to add as evidence.

    No, I'm sorry, but her story is so full of holes it could be Swiss cheese. I think it just as likely that an attack, if one occurred, happened somewhere else she would have gotten into trouble for being, by someone else she wasn't allowed to be with, or who she didn't know, or perhaps was repulsed by. Maybe her drunken imagination, preferred someone more desirable and she latched onto Kavanaugh. Perhaps she had an adolescent crush on him, better him then a thug she doesn't like or know.

    Also for a 15-year-old virgin, one drink could make her drunk enough and naïve enough not to accurately process a joke. Once she starts screaming the guys would likely have tried to stop her and things got out of hand and misinterpreted. No excuses there, as they all should have stopped, but booze and puberty were involved.

    One also has to ask her if she drinks today, for two reasons. One, was the event terrifying enough to swear her off booze; and two, does she have a low tolerance to alcohol?

    I question the latter because my system will not tolerate alcohol. Just a few sips and I am as drunk as had I been on an all night drinking binge. My speech is slurred, I cry over my mashed potatoes as if they were my best friend who died, and I can't walk straight. Thus I could easily find myself in a position where I am not cognizant of reality. Thus I learn very quickly on, not to drink.

    So considering everything, Ford's story does not hold up as she tells it. It is highly unlikely to have happened at all with Kavanaugh.

    If something did happen, it is more likely under totally difference circumstances with other people and her imagination coupled with booze and youth added to the passing of time and you are left with unreliable chaos of the mind.

    Not to be cynical here, but she could also have been tied up in a lie. Meaning she has declare herself as having marital problems that sent her to therapy. Perhaps she lied to her husband and had to follow through. She tells a therapist, without naming names, which builds the foundation. She relies on the lie when she needs to pull it out, and eventually it becomes a fact in her mind. The next thing you know today has arrived, Kavanaugh is in the news, and she gets pushed and shoved onto the world stage.

    Add in that she was one ditzy woman. One minute she is talking about cerebral functions instead of using common verbiage, and the next she has to have lay-terms explained to her. The whole situation and woman do not add up.

    No fair-minded person would destroy a man's life and career over a tall tale like hers, no matter how much you might feel sorry for her, unless you have ulterior motives and are sadistic. We know the Democrats have both in abundance.

  • Leon Epperly

    09/30/2018 01:45 AM

    Mr. Huckabee,

    I agree with you 100%!! The Democrats are desperate... trying every trick to delay...with no regard to tarnishing Mr. Kavanaugh as a person or his career. It appears that as a collective body they have no moral compass or professional integrity... nor dignity.

  • Brenda Newton

    09/30/2018 12:48 AM

    I still have a difficult time understanding why they waited from July until now to tell this story. If Dr. Ford wanted to truly be credible, she should have gone straight to the authorities. Not the Democrat Party.

  • Diana Lagasse

    09/30/2018 12:38 AM

    Mike- I always read your newsletter and appreciate your thoughtful comments. Re: the Ford testimony, I have not heard one person comment about her statement that she went into the Safeway where Judge was working, about 5-6 weeks after the incident, and went up to him and said hello. She said he looked ill, white in the face. I do not believe that if the assault was as traumatic as she described, she would knowingly go anywhere near where she knew Judge worked. Her story fell apart when she said this. I do not believe her, and am open to the idea that she was coached by Feinstein's staff and her attorneys, to add details, to whine throughout the opening arguement, etc. She appeared disheveled, not at all consistent with her position in the university where she teaches, nor her high level of education. Her testimony did not seem credible to me at all. So far, from what I've heard, only Michelle Malkin agrees with my suspicion that she was set up and coached by the attys and Feinstein.


  • Laurie Halasz

    09/30/2018 12:35 AM

    I have emailed my Senators in Illinois to ask them to confirm Brett Kavanaugh. Unfortunately, it has fallen on deaf ears. I would like to tell Senator Dick Durban that I am disgusted by his actions, and remind him that when he points his index finger, he has three fingers pointing back at him. I pray that good comes out of this mess. Judge Kavanagh is a good man, and he doesn’t deserve this. I pray he gets confirmed to the Supreme Court.

  • Samuel Smith

    09/30/2018 12:32 AM

    Maybe she made a mistaken of identity, I do not think so. First of Dr. Ford is an psychologist her self she would know and understand these things too. She like Sen. Feinstein have a hate for Pres. Trump that runs so deep that is controls their lives. Just look at how actives Dr. Ford has been about Pres. Trump. Just like it was in the Garden of Eden, the devil had know he could not get to Adam, so used lies and deceit to get him by the way of Eve. Christ told us in the end times it would be like this bad would be good, and good would be bad. The devil knows the only way he can bring in the one world government is to take this country down. We are the glue that holds this world together, we go down the world goes down too. Read Matthew 21:33-44 Have even though that Dr. Ford might be pathological lire? I enjoy your news letter, the best part of it when I get to the bottom after reading all the dad news, we get to read the Bible versa at the end, I was ways get a warm heart after reading God's word.

  • Patrick Dowd

    09/30/2018 12:23 AM

    Dr. Ford had two traumatic experiences that may have combined or transferred information. One being the sexual assault and another a court proceeding where her parents lost their home. The judge in the court action was Brett Kavanaugh's mother. Dr. Ford may have assigned Brett Kavanaugh's identity to the sexual assault experience as a result of the trauma of the loss of her parent's home.

    Another possibility in addition to or in place of the theory stated above is her therapist, reportedly, conducted memory reconstruction through hypnosis. Judge Janine had a guest, NY District Attorney William Fitzpatrick, who said the results of hypnosis to recover memory is not reliable.

    In any case, my opinion is Dr. Ford believes what she says is true but it is, in fact, untrue. Brett Kavanaugh is telling the truth.

  • Peggie Hawkins

    09/29/2018 11:41 PM

    Hi Mr Huckabee
    I wanted to thank you for your time vested in the Judge Kavanaugh case. I am praying for his family and him that God will use this in a positive way some how for him.
    It has been a disgrace what he has had to deal with and how he has been treated. I felt so ashamed to call this my country as I watched the treatment he received. Please continue your efforts for a more American and Godly leadership and I am still praying you will choose to seek a political seat. Thanks you

  • Carol Beckler

    09/29/2018 11:40 PM

    This whole situation is just wrong. How terrible for our Country, our history, our people. I believe Ms. Ford might have been in the experience she said, but the wrong person accused. She did not prove her accusations, did not prove it enough to ruin a mans life, and we have seen the Democrats accept many, many sex problems of men in their party, from the President down. I pray that they should prove what most people with an open Christian mind, end this hate they have created. They have proved they are old, been in government way to long and have lost the reason they even got elected. They have mentioned $900,000 raised on GO Fund Me, if you look there are 17 requests for funds through the GO FUND ME , program. Her lawyers said they were Bro bono, so she doesn't have fees to pay them. I'm sure George Soros paid them. I believe this was all set up by the Democrats, we have seen how they have been to Trump. It is time they lose big time!

  • Randy Krannig

    09/29/2018 11:31 PM

    I for one are with you on this, both seemed sincere. The Democrats are doubling down on this. I am with you that President Trump should release the names of the senators who were guilty of sexual misconduct.

  • Stephen Osterday

    09/29/2018 11:17 PM

    I can't believe Ms. Ford came up with Kavanaugh's name out of the blue assuming your theory is true. I believe she was coaxed. Perhaps her therapist was looking for such a person for just this reason?

  • Frank Chavez

    09/29/2018 11:14 PM

    Dems don't care, they want to hold any nomination until and after the mid terms then will hold any other candidate until after the next presidential election.

  • Alan Frum

    09/29/2018 09:57 PM

    Any chance the FBI will investigate Dr.Ford's history and her bank account? Might be interesting to note her employer as well.

  • Sketter C

    09/29/2018 09:45 PM

    One of Dr Fords comments really concerns me... why would she try to be friendly and say hello to Kavanaghs friend Mark at the Grocery store afer the “attack” ?? Any one who has experienced an attack would not be friendly to the attackers!
    I believe something happened to Dr Ford, but I do not believe it had anything to do with Brit Kavanaugh.
    We all need to continue to pray for our country and it’s Leaders.

  • Sketter C

    09/29/2018 09:43 PM

    One of Dr Fords comments really concerns me... why would she try to be friendly and say hello to Kavanaghs friend Mark at the Grocery store afer the “attack” ?? Any one who has experienced an attack would not be friendly to the attackers!
    I believe something happened to Dr Ford, but I do not believe it had anything to do with Brit Kavanaugh.
    We all need to continue to pray for our country and it’s Leaders.

  • Gill McNicholas

    09/29/2018 09:37 PM

    Very interesting!
    What is the chance that she could have been"coached or brainwashed" by her legal team or others!
    I believe the Judge is a really good, sincere man! Thanks

  • Jennifer Grace Kirby

    09/29/2018 08:59 PM

    I have thought the same thing that possibly because she has had a difficult situation with her past and because of her political leanings, and with her lack of memory and anxiety about the long ago event, that she has identified Judge Kavanaugh as her perpetrator because she views him as a person with great power similar to the one who took advantage of her when she was young.

  • Beverly Morgan

    09/29/2018 08:33 PM

    I've had the same thoughts about the possibility of mistaken identity. I'd like to know how Ms. Ford knew Kavanaugh, for how long, and how often she spent time with him before the incident. I'd also like to know why testimony of the 'witnesses' has been dismissed. Every mother with a son should be frightened of the possibility of such accusations against their own child. Especially if this unproven accusation is allowed to stand against Kavanaugh. Just recently a young man was released after 6 years in prison for a rape he did not commit. I stand against sexual "misconduct", but I also fear for the future of any man if this case is made a "standard." I believe Ms. Ford's claims are rooted in mistaken identity.

  • doris dewey

    09/29/2018 08:28 PM

    I would like to speak out about women who make assault claims against men years after the event occurred. I believe I have the right to speak on this, as I was a victim of a brutal attack in October of 1972.
    When I was 17, I went to a haunted house. I was at the end of the line as we passed through the first room, and just before I went through the second doorway, a man who was working for the haunted house reached up, grabbed my right arm, twisted it behind my back and pulled me down in a pit. I screamed my head off, but everyone else in the building was screaming, too. (what a perfect set up for a pervert)
    As soon as I figured out the Calvary was not coming, me and this guy began to fight like two junk yard dogs. (I forgot to mention I was a farm girl with an older brother, so this was not my first knock down drag out fight) I found a board in the darkness and smacked him right across his face, I kneed him in the groin at least twice, found the board again and cracked him across the knees and the back of his shoulders. He had me by the neck and was shaking me for a while, he pulled out a chunk of my hair, ripped my shirt to shreds and left long deep scratches down both of my arms. Finally I body slammed him up against the wall and was trying to climb out of the pit, when he grabbed me by the waist and pulled me back in, and I proceeded to kick and hit and bite until he decided I was more trouble than he had bargained for, and he threw me through a door where I tumbled down some concrete steps and came to rest on the lawn. He came out of the house and was standing on the porch under a light, and I still can’t tell you what he looked like, other than he was about 6’ tall, blonde and was wearing a local college sweatshirt. I know my first swing of the board got him good, because he had blood running down his face and it was all over my shirt as well. I jumped up and took off running for my car, locked all the doors, bawled n squalled for a bit, then drove home to get my dad!!!
    The police said the haunted house was sponsored by a local radio station, and that the local college had provided many young men to work as volunteers. They lined up five blonde guys, all wearing jeans and the same college sweatshirt, all with a bloody bandage around their foreheads and asked if I could identify my attacker. I could not then, nor could I today.
    However, let’s say one of the guys in the line up was now up for confirmation for the supreme court. A reporter finds out he was in that line up back in 1972 and hunts me down. He shows me pictures from the guys college yearbook, and current pictures of the candidate as well. Just to make it a little more believable, let’s say the Judge applicant has a scar across his forehead. The reporter asks me if I can identify this guy as my attacker—and I say “no”. So, then he changes the question, “can I be sure he wasn’t my attacker”? Well-no.
    The reporter “leaks” my story days before the confirmation hearing, and pictures of the Supreme Court nominee are plastered all over every type of media, stating it is possible, even probable, this man was my attacker. At the point this story hits the news, the truth no longer matters. The man’s reputation is ruined. The accusations made can never be put back in the bottle. He and his family will suffer forever and a day. His life will never be the same. His career is over. His kids must live with this hanging over their heads, their friends stop coming to their house for sleepovers. No one wants him to coach the girls’ basketball team anymore. Reporters are camped outside his home day and night.

    Now they haul me off to a congressional committee and corner me into saying that I am not sure he was not the attacker. They have me recount everything I can remember about that night, they prove he was working in the haunted house, they have documents where his friends say he frequently drank beer and he was a mean drunk. They find the other four guys in the original lineup and none of them have a scar on their face. They bring papers from hundreds of people who can say I have told them of this incident. (I tell everyone I meet not to let their kids go to haunted houses) They drag out pictures of me with a bloody nose, black eye, swollen lip and horrific scratches and bruises all around my neck. They believe my testimony—they show me crying on TV. They say I am wonderful as a witness, what courage, what a testimony! Everyone agrees, something horrific happened to me that night!!!! People feel sorry for me, they write me letters of support and tell me stories of their own. They open GO FUND ME pages and raise more than a million dollars to cover my expenses, after all, I am the victim here!
    Now, to prove the man was (or, God forbid, was not) my attacker, he must be investigated by the FBI! What defense does this man have? Yes, he was there. Yes, he sometimes had a beer. Yes, he was in the lineup. Yes, he has a scar consistent with my story of smacking my attacker across the head with a board. Yes, he attended that college but so did about 1000 other guys.
    The other guys working at the haunted house that night say it wasn’t him, they admit he may have had a beer or two, but they said they know he didn’t do it. They say he was working a different room and they don’t remember him leaving his station. The accused has an impeccable record for all the years of his adult life. He has never before been accused of anything so vile. Everyone who knows this man said something like this type of attack is not in his character.
    Still, it is obvious something terrible happened to me that night, and he could be the guy. That should be enough to destroy any attempt for him to sit on the supreme court, and well, that is all the democrats need. Just enough to question his character. No matter how many lives of common people have been drug through the mud. If anyone has the temerity to defend the man in question, they will be destroyed as well, and the body count will grow. Truth has no place in the U S government. They do not care if this allegation is true or not, only that it can be used as a weapon in their war against America.
    Have we come to the place that we are going to believe every accusation, that everyone is guilty until proven innocent? I believe most women could point out some man they have worked with who would be guilty of sexual harassment by today’s standards. I also believe most teenage girls could name a guy in their school who is a big flirt and tries to grab their bum at every opportunity. I do believe every complaint should be heard and investigated, but I do not believe every man is guilty until proven innocent. I believe most women are truthful, I know there are others who are not. I believe some men are liars, but I believe there are just as many, if not more, who are not! I also do not believe we should turn our heads when things are “leaked” to the news media and do nothing. I think the FBI should hunt those guys down and prosecute them!
    If we are going to concede that every man is guilty until proven innocent anytime someone comes up with a creepy story from ten-twenty-thirty-forty even fifty years ago, no decent person will ever want to run for any public office or take any appointment in service of our country! Who would want to put themselves, and their families, in the line of fire?
    Do all the members of congress believe we the people are too ignorant to notice every time a conservative begins to win any type of electoral race that suddenly some woman jumps up and screams “25 years ago he took advantage of me!” It is ridiculous. It has come to the place where democrats and republicans alike are so disgusting. There are a handful I think are honorable, but the majority are enemies of the people.
    If anything beneficial should come of this circus we are watching unfold between Judge Kavanaugh and Dr. Ford, I hope it is a new law that states after five years, if you have been sitting on some sexual assault information, it is null and void. The exception is for children who would have until age 25 to reveal their information.
    I know many women will say I am cruel and do not understand how painful their situation was, how they just cannot talk about it. If that is the case, I hope someday you find the strength to go to a place that can help you recover. If you are one of the few (who by the way, give legitimate victims a bad name) who feel they must hold their secret until they see their perpetrator on television or in a position of power, or want to jump on the bandwagon when someone else makes the first accusation, then I am less likely to find your story believable. Sorry.
    So, here is the thing. We need to make a more level playing field. If you are planning to make an accusation against anyone about pretty much anything except murder, from more than five years ago, the chances of them being able to defend themselves diminish greatly. I mean, how many of you know where you were, whom you were with, what you were wearing and what you were doing on October 13, 1972? Probably not many, other than me.