January 17, 2018

There were four state-level special elections Tuesday, and the results carried some ominous warnings for Republicans not to take their majorities in the House and Senate for granted this November.

In what was considered a safe Republican state senate district in Wisconsin which Trump won by 17 points, Democratic candidate Patty Schachtner won by 9 points, even though she was outspent by her opponent. As the linked post notes, she ran on local issues, fighting the opioid crisis and as a pro-hunting mom, not a Trump-hating liberal. Meanwhile, Republicans won the three other elections in Wisconsin, Iowa and South Carolina, but the Democratic vote total in their usually lopsided districts was much higher than anticipated. It wasn't so much due to the districts turning blue as to the fact that more Democrats than usual turned out while Republicans stayed home on the couch. It shows that liberals are fired up and raring to vote after a full year of 24/7 anti-Trump vitriol from virtually every media outlet.

Ten months is a lifetime in campaign terms, and it’s possible that the results of the GOP tax cut on paychecks and job creation will wake voters up to the very personal costs of handing power back to the left. It’s also true that turnout in special elections is often skewed toward those who are extremely politically active, more so than general elections.

But Tuesday should serve as a chilling warning to Republican voters or to any Americans who think that the nation was headed toward a cliff after eight years of job-crushing domestic policies, open borders and weak defenses and world leadership and who were relieved that Trump is backing the car away from the abyss. With the margins in Congress so close and the Supreme Court balance in flux, we are still just one election away from shifting back into drive and heading toward the canyon's edge again.

Next November, if you don’t want to get stuck in the back seat with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer (the Thelma and Louise of Washington) at the wheel, you’d better get thee to the polls.

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  • Ann Guymon

    01/24/2018 01:15 PM

    Mike Huckaby, you are, without a doubt, my favorite politician. You are a strong Christian, a welcomed humorist, and an accurate evaluator of the news. May God protect and keep u and your strong and intelligent daughter. Loved your articles today.

  • Amelia Little

    01/18/2018 11:53 AM

    They need to pay attention to their capitulation to the democrats (which is what has gone on for a long time) and remember people voted for President Trump and many of the Republicans to get certain things done. To be held hostage to the minority democrats with a threatened government shutdown is ludicrous and won't be garnering them votes in their next elections. One thing that came out recently was a democrat who said, we will shutdown the government if we don't get our way with DACA. Of course, if it does happen it will be touted by them and reported by the press that the Republicans shut down the government, even though this fellow said WE (Democrats) will shut down the government. And, of course, they (of both parties) would never vote on doing the right thing during a shutdown--which would to be to stop their salaries (not delay, but stop) instead of payments to agencies and giving government employees what is essentially a paid vacation. I think Republicans will never learn that when Democrats say to "compromise" with us on this (and we can see they aren't looking for a DACA compromise, they want the whole thing their way) and we will "compromise" with you on (insert next issue here.) And, when that time comes, no one seems to remember their "promise." Of course, there are too many RINO's in Washington.