When the New York Times published its expose on “American spies” handing over a cash down payment of $100,000 for stolen NSA cyberweapons (otherwise known as “hacking tools”), along with a promise of dirt on President Trump that the spies claimed not to want, its look into the shadowy world of international espionage provided a look –- perhaps inadvertent –- into the shady and questionable nature of information given to the FBI by Christopher Steele.

In my mind, the question becomes –- and so far I haven’t heard anyone else ask this –- “If our CIA and NSA had good reason to distrust information from Russian sources about Donald Trump, how could our own FBI trust the unverified material handed over by Christopher Steele, which had origins just as dicey?” (I’d argue that they might even have been dicier, as much of that “dossier” may have originated not from Russians at all, but from longtime Hillary henchmen such as Sidney Blumenthal and Cody Shearer.) Answer: they couldn’t, and yet they used it front-and-center in their application to the FISA court to spy on Trump campaign advisor Carter Page –- who says he’s never even spoken with Trump --- and, by extension, other members of the campaign team.

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Recall that when Trump claimed to have been “wiretapped,” he was loudly ridiculed in the media, but this travesty is exactly what he was talking about. What happened to his campaign in 2016 is reminiscent of the foiled attempt to bug the Watergate Democratic Party headquarters during Nixon’s run for re-election, only raised to the tenth power because it incorporated abuses of a vast privacy-invading technology that didn’t exist in the early ‘70s. Spies no longer have to pick a lock, trespass on private property and physically install a wiretap; if they have a FISA warrant (obtained by any means necessary), they can just listen in on anything they want.

When the Fourth Amendment was put into our Bill Of Rights, our forefathers never dreamed that “searches and seizures” might someday be carried out in this all-encompassing way. It was beyond imagination. Even the dark world envisioned by George Orwell didn’t include the digital technology we have today that’s capable of capturing every word of communication. So the Fourth Amendment is even more critically important now.

When the Russian seller met the American go-between for payment and the handoff of the promised cyberweapons, he reportedly didn’t have them but did produce “unverified and possibly fabricated” information about President Trump: emails, bank records and what he said was Russian intelligence data. According to the Times story, our agents were distrustful, thinking this might be a ploy designed to entangle them in a Russian operation to create discord inside the American government. (Do you hear that, FBI?) And they were concerned about political fallout in Washington if they were found to have bought this kind of information on the President. (Again: hey, FBI!)

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The Russian claimed to have video of Trump with two prostitutes in a Moscow hotel in 2013, though no evidence of this was offered. There’s just a 15-second video, with no audio, of a man in a room talking with two women, but the footage is so grainy that there’s no way to confirm it’s Donald Trump. That bit of worthless video was screened for the American go-between at the Russian embassy in Berlin, which in itself casts doubt on its authenticity. Don’t tell me CNN wouldn’t run with it, though!

Anyway, the point is, this kind of information from such disreputable sources –- whether Russian agents or those equally shady Clinton cronies --- is so unreliable that the FBI should never have presented anything of the kind to a FISA court. (It’s hard to understand how the FISA judges could have taken it seriously, but perhaps some light will be shed on that in the coming weeks.) I have to wonder if the New York Times realized it was making this point about FISA abuse with their new story.

If you like fascinating reads about undercover agents in exotic locations, passing off suitcases of money in five-star hotels, you might want to check out the details of the Times story. Or, just pick up your favorite spy novel.


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  • G. D. WELKER

    02/14/2018 02:54 PM

    We observe corruption running for cover when a ray of truth or light threatens to expose those void of understanding "what is best for America", and by those who show "no respect for the American individual". They pretend to be right(eous) because they are legal, never so much giving consideration to their greater moral failures. Agenda trumps truth. Lies become necessary cover to mask artifices of deceit. Walking hand in hand with darkness is their only truism. Libs look but can not see; they listen but do not hear. Holdovers from prior administrations yet loom to proliferate. It will take time to purge a respectable number of crevices. Keep up the commentary and good work.

  • Randy Butler

    02/14/2018 12:59 PM

    GOVERNOR, my American government OBAMA"S cronies has figured out a way to spy on regular Americans. This is more dangerous for our REPUBLIC . Now my government yes I'm a TRUMP supporter, is paying enormous amounts of tax dollars to determine if the RUSSIANS tried to use TRUMP as an inside agent. Here is the issue regular Americans KNOW that the Russians are meddling in every election across the Globe! AND especially in the American elections. HOWEVER they "the RUSSIANS" must be laughing because we the USA government is spending absolutely NO money to FIX this problem. HOW STUPID we are going to spend billions of dollars with Mueller just another SWAMP WASTE. Mueller should be drawing unemployment payments just like the rest of us!!!

  • Charles M

    02/13/2018 12:56 PM

    The FBI geniuses must have been munching on Tide Pods with their DNC buddies before the decision was made. What has been the cost so far of the Mueller dog and pony show - how many millions?? Fat City for the connected lawyers and cronies is the real result, along with citizen's permanent disdain for and distrust of a corrupt DoJ and FBI.

  • Sandra Hartle

    02/13/2018 11:06 AM

    The Russian story is getting old fast. The truth is they had little or nothing to do with the activity on social media. FB was unable to find more than a few times they purchased advertisements and Twitter has yet to provide any proof that it was actually Russians that kept #'s at the top with pro-Trump Memes and comments. There is a reason for that. Originally it was only hundreds of us that joined together to work for Candidate Trump, all of us determined to keep Hillary from becoming president. It quickly grew to thousands, and then by extension of our followers combined millions. We worked together night and day making memes. (Prior to our efforts most of what you saw being used in the image function were pictures of dogs, cats, and family, or some smart aleck comments using the image of an animal or child.)

    We collectively were determined to make sure Hillary did not win the 2016 election, we were all very tired of the liberal policies that put us in a state of non-progress in our country. We were tired of being overrun by people from other countries who put small businesses owned by Americans in the housing industry out of work by underbidding them and showing up with larger crews who were here illegally. We were tired of being taxpayers and treated as second rate citizens, second rate to those who had no business being in our country in the first place. We were tired of all of our manufacturing jobs going to China or Indian sweatshops, thus reducing any opportunity for Americans to compete.

    The corruption is just now becoming clear to some in DC because they are so removed from what is going out in our country that they actually believe their own lies. WE DON'T believe any of them anymore, nor do we believe the MSM who seems to have taken up last centuries propaganda we saw coming out of the USSR and other countries where socialism led to the death of more than 200 million people. It is hard to understand how the children of American's can be so easily convinced that socialism/communism provides a better system for their lives when history clearly indicates all that is wrong. So we must assume that the propaganda is being taught to them in our schools, schools we taxpayers pay for just to have them do everything they can to turn our children against our values.

    We are tired of "special" classes of people. MLK was not looking to be "special" he wanted to be "equal". This movement was hijacked by liberals and now we see where in some cases these protected classes are now looking not for equality but superiority provided by the protections of unconstitutional laws provided by the Federal/State government. These protections are now being used to destroy the lives of people they simply disagree with, from the bakers/florist/photographers to men who may have misbehaved at a time in our history when morals were under full attack by left-wing activist and the feminist movement. The problem with all this is the young who did not live through those times absolutely refuse to believe that much of what happened to women in the 70's was self-inflicted by the feminist "sexual revolution" which led to many women acting in a manner that was only talked about previously as behavior of sailors who had been trapped on a ship for months on end without any sort of female contact. IE the saying, "She/he is behaving like a drunken sailor on leave". The goal of the 70's feminist movement was to destroy what was left of the nuclear family. According to the divorce rates since then, their plan was quite successful. My parents argued, they did not cheat on each other. My parents stayed together for the "sake" of the children the brought into this world despite the fact they had grown apart to some extent. They saw their responsibility to their children and lived up to it.

    Those who are pushing the Russia fantasy look like fools, and they tend to make us think they think we are fools. Russia had little to do with the activity on Social Media, I have been a resident of Washington State since I was two years old, I am now 73 and I worked harder for Candidate Trump than I did when I was actually getting paid for my work. I put in up to 14 hours a day supporting him on social media. I don't have millions of followers, but those who do follow me share with others, and they share with others and they share with others. We worked together to keep the positive stories up front. I have followed DT since the 70's because I was also in Real Estate, he inspired me to keep trying. He is a good man but sadly we all have some baggage and he is a man that grew his life during the turmoil created in the 70's, not by the men but by women. As I woman, I hereby want to voice my opinion that few are are qualified to be leaders, they are taught to compete and do so rather viciously. As is indicated by the final takedown we are witnessing now. Nevermind that any man would be nuts to want to be involved with any woman who displays this superiority in her life. Where I was supported by the men I worked with and encouraged, men now days are terrified of women. You can't defend against accusations when so many are willing to declare you guillty without a trial. Women are now in the process of guaranteeing a life of being what we used to refer to as an old maid, because who in their right mind wants to marry someone with the power to destroy them if the marriage falls apart?

  • Dale Deiser

    02/12/2018 05:26 PM

    We have known for a long time what Hilary the Dems and the FBI did but nothing has happened
    except Muller keeps on investigating President Trump. We know that it looks like Uranium One
    evolved Obama and down all nine who voted know what the FBI knew, but nothing has happened her either? In your opinion will anyone ever have to answer? Will President Trump really drain the swamp?
    It seams to me the reason it is going to cost so much to rebuild the Military is Obama's fault
    I remember that he gave tons of money to bail out business fired a bunch of Generals weakened the Military, we are not sure where all that money went but that's Trumps mess
    to clean up now...
    One more thing, I hope President Trump will address the Gangsters that run the FDA, they are
    killing us with their ties to BIG PHARMA and complete control of our Medical world. They only
    treat disease for profit not to cure.... That is why medical care is so HIGH...
    Thank You for what you are doing God will Bless YOU.....